Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling - Friday edition

I know right?  Here it is already Friday.  Where does the time go?

So.......  officially on FMLA.  Until December 1st.  No deets on this public url, but if you know me,  you know why or you know how to find out why.

If you care.

It's all good.   Good choice on my part.  I think by jove I may have done something right for once!

Marathon number 4 is tomorrow.  3rd of the season.  Top of Utah.  All downhill.  It's not a steep grade so there won't be major pounding of the body, but right now it's raining and I think it's supposed to rain all weekend.

That's gonna suck.  I don't particularly care to run in the rain, and cold.  And when the high is supposed to only be 63 - yes, that means it is cold.

'sokay though, the running will feel good.  Is it weird to say that I look forward to the pain in my legs?  The stiffness in my joints and muscles that I know I will be feeling in less than 24 hours?
Does that make me weird?

On second thought, don't answer that.

We are empty nesters.  While Tuffy "technically" isn't moving until he gets married....HELLO?!  They have their own apartment, like he's gonna stick around here much?

On one hand, it's kinda cool to walk into the house and see that it's clean just like you left it.  And it STAYS clean.

On the other, it just feels......weird

I badly need a new cell phone.  My clumsy self has dropped mine once too many times.  Now I can only hear people if I put them on speaker.  Lame sauce.  Not scheduled for an upgrade until November.  Lame sauce with a side of ticked.

You know what I am gonna enjoy the most this weekend besides causing myself bodily pain and suffering?   Being in Logan.  Eating at the Firehouse and cuddly my new nephew Cade - whom I have never even met yet!  Yeah, so Taylo and Addi? BACK OFF  - AUNTI M's TURN!

Today is my Luke's 23'rd birthday.  He is such a good kid.  I've gushed about him before here.  When I asked what he wanted to do this year, well..... it involved a lot of things with friends.  *sigh*  That's how it goes.  We saw him last night for a wedding and we'll do his real celebration Sunday.  Gosh I love that kid.

My friends and family are the best.
And I think that's all I have to say about that right now.

I have lot's planned during my time off.  Sleeping.  Organizing my house.  Sleeping.  Going to visit Chloee.  Sleeping.

I can't stay caught up on my Google reader but that's another thing I hope to spend some time enjoying.  Know this, I am reading you.  I might not be commenting everytime, but

Virtual friends are awesome.  Isn't it cool how someone you've never even met can say JUST the right thing at JUST the right time to lighten your day?  Make you laugh or validate you?  Yeah I know, it's way awesome.

Did I mention that I am kinda excited to pound out 26.2 miles and FEEL it?

Yeah, I know that makes me weird.


Garden of Egan said...

You are going to just kill it in Logan!
You are my hero once again!

Loved your randomness.
Sorry about the cell phone. I can't figure out why they just can't let us get a new one whenever we feel like it.

Hugs my friend and GOOD LUCK!

Connie said...

I can't wait to read about your marathon! I didn't run the TOU, I've only done Hobble Creek and Spanish Fork. Hope it turns out well and the rain lets up until you're safely at mile 26, then that last .2 miles it can pour and you'll be done!

I need to figure out what you mean by no deets on your blog...or you can just tell me since I'm clueless.

Too bad about the cell phone. No more private calls for you OR anyone else who calls you!

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Mae Rae said...

26.2 miles is about 26 miles too long for me. You on the other hand will KILL it. Run like the wind.

wendy said...

YES my dear...YOU ARE WEIRD. Anyone who LIKES to run 26 miles and doesn't like cheese, is weird in my book.
but hey, you know I love ya.

good luck with your run tomorrow.
and happy to hear you are taking that FMLA and I DO HOPE you get all the sleep you need, and all the "everythin" you need.

I think you will have a great fall.

wendy said...

FALL as in Season...NOT fall as in run/fall.
sheeesh, had to straighten that out.

Heather said...

Oh wow I am surprised to hear of the long fmla. Sucks that you need it but I'm glad you're able to take it. Hope everything is okay. I'm sure the time will be beneficial for recovery or the past crummy year!

And yes, I think you are a little weird with looking forward to the hurting, but it's an admirable type of weird. :). You'll be awesome, I'm sure. Looking forward to reading the race report.

Kelly said...

Shall I tell you what you said in this post that was the just the right thing to lighten my day today?

"Lame sauce with a side of ticked"

That was pure awesomeness!

" Hit It......." said...

Your already running your race right now; but good luck! I will call you on Monday. I am worried about you.

tammy said...

That picture always makes me chuckle.

Hope it's a great weekend. Good things are in store for you, I just feel it.

Amy said...

I guess I need to figure out how to get to your private blog to get the dets for your FMLA. Last week I seriously considered trying to get FMLA. Complete and total burn out will do that to a person.