Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

If they could JUST get another touchdown, you could be an Oracle

Our amusement is much more important than the self-esteem of that young man.  That's what his therapist is for.

Quit flaunting your pickle at me

If she's gonna leave them on the table, then I am going to look at them.  And now, there just isn't enough brain bleach.

From now on, you're just Mr Meat Man

Keep making that face and you'll get some all day long

Well, that didn't go over as funny as I had planned in my head.

A stick of meat and a bag of corn nuts?  And you expect me to keep my mouth shut?

Please don't require me to respond to that question.  You are NOT gonna like the answer. 

In my defense, I didn't realize anyone else was home too.

I'm too tired to move.  How about I just lay here, and you go wash my face and brush my teeth for me.


CountessLaurie said...

good ones !!!

(what was being left on the table?)

Mae Rae said...

sounds like you spent a lot of time with males the past week.

Pedaling said...

You do know you are a crazy woman!?

tammy said...

I know that tired.

Remind me not to leave mine on the table.

Amy said...

The last one reminded me of the time when my Mom asked my son, "Austin, why don't you go to the bathroom for me. I don't want to get up." It was so out of character for her, I nearly fell off the chair laughing.

DesertHen said...

I am in such a funk today and these made me smile...thanks! =) I have actually said that last line a time or two myself but it doesn't seem to Loved line two!!!

Sue said...

you are fun...eeeee

and cra....zeeeee

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sounds like pretty good..

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Mrs. Organic said...

And heaven knows therapists need jobs.