Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling

Apparently I am breaking a cardinal rule of blogging by posting twice in one day.

I'll get over it.

So will you.

Didn't get any warm fuzzies from the GOP debate tonight.  I was hoping for someone to stand out and grab my attention.  It's a for sure that I can't stand Ron Paul or Michelle Bachmann.  Both of them totally creeped me out.  So far Romney is solid.  However, would be great to see Chris Christie jump in.  Throw Marco Rubio on as VP and I think we might have a winning ticket.  Still early in the game, guess we'll see how things go.

Was surprised to see it on MSNBC.  What's coming next?  Pigs flying?

Already getting bored of the blonde hair.  I know right?!?  Such a fun and dramatic move and now...over it.  Prolly have Chief pull some brown through a cap or something.  I dunno.

I dunno on a lot of things lately.  Decision, decision, decisions.  None are easy.  None are to be taken lightly.  Maybe that's why I am so flippant about my hair.  It's a none essential decision that can be easily changed again.

I fantasize about being so wealthy that I can live in a motorhome and travel the entire United States stopping at every MLB park to catch a game.  I like that fantasy.

Top of Utah marathon is coming up.  Training plan in place.  Get up and go to the gym every day this week.
Next week, run every day while in St George. Cycle Thursday. Take Friday off. Be faster than 4:50 on Saturday. 

That's the extent of my training plan.

Chloee and I skyped last night for over an hour.  Bet you didn't know that you can pretend anything over skype.  We were on adventures.  She had me smell her breath and pet her moosie pillow pet.  We pretended to eat dinner together and then she had me walk around the house with the laptop so she could see everything. Even outside.  She wanted to pet Jack, so I held him up while she pretended to pet him.

I don't think she could be any cuter.

I KNOW she couldn't be any cuter.

You know what's awesome?  Opening the cupboard and finding a box of dingdongs that you forget was there.  Yeah.  That's awesome.

You know what else is awesome?  Having your 23 year old son call you while he's doing laundry in a whole different town just to check on you 'cause he knows you're having a hard time.  Completely and totally awesome.

Spent some time this morning with a friend-soon-to-be-family, talking about the wedding and planning a bridal shower.  Later this afternoon, I realized I had better start working on my few items of business.  Every day gone is another day closer to 10/28. 

Gah......*heavy sigh*

I need a vacation.  Far far away.


Cheeseboy said...

I know I am going to catch major flack for this, but if I were a Republican, I'd vote for Leavitt. Also, I have no idea how to spell Levitt.

I have yet to Skype, but when I do, I will skype you first for helpful hints on how to skype.

Garden of Egan said...

I didn't watch the GOP thing.
Don't hate.

Love your blonde, it's so awesome.
Brown will be gorgeous in it though.

Your training schedule rocks.
You are so my hero.

Loved the random.
Love that the princess wanted to tour the house.
That's gotta feel comfortable for her.

Amy said...

I didn't watch the GOP debate. We watched Big Brother instead. I would have liked to watch it but I wasn't in control.

I think a little brown through the blond would look great. It's fall, time for warmer colors. Just had mine done; added some brown and a little red that looks kind of purple. I like.

Sounds like a fun Skype visit. My brother Skypes with his family while working out of town. It has been great for them.

Mom of 12 said...

There was a GOP debate tonight? Man, I gotta get a life...I miss all the excitement.

just call me jo said...

I'll let those guys fight a little more among themselves before I get on the bandwagon. I just hope one of 'em manages to be strong enough to really lead our country out of the swamp. I'm sure Obama's speech tonight will not do it--jobs--yeh, we've heard you before, sir....I haven't Skyped either. Daughter said it's free. Really? I'll be that was so fun. I'm all for brown lowlights or whatever you call them. Go for it!

Mae Rae said...

i don't know how you do it. two weddings in no time at all. I know you're the mom of the groom but it must still be stressful.

Lindzena said...

Oh I do enjoy your rambling. I hope you are holding everything together alright!

CountessLaurie said...

You crack me up. How many ding dongs? Not that I am judging... I would have eaten three.

Skype is an amazing tool for keeping up long distance. My kids skype with my parents in Florida. That way, they won't grow up strangers...

Have a great day. Stay strong, stay blond. I am partial, you know!

tammy said...

10/28? Also Luvpilot's b-day. Now you'll never forget it.

I think you should try some lowlights in with your hair. I think it'd be fun.

Chloee is so damn cute. I'm glad Karalee is blogging so I can see cute pics of her.

I need a vacation too. And a massage. And some happy pills.

tammy said...

Oh and silly me....I saw everyone posting about the debate on FB, but I couldn't figure out what channel it was on so I missed half of it. I'm such a dork.

Pedaling said...

I enjoyed the debate--Perry did well --I think we really have a great group--except Huntsman. Can he please go away, now. What a joke.

You are the best grandma, ever. It warms my heart to read your sweet posts filled with so much love!

LKP said...

you could come vacay here! it's not mexico or hawaii or sandy beaches.... well there IS sand on the ranch (lots of it), and just on the other side of the highway (so a matter of yards) are some railroad tracks, and on the other side of THOSE is the columbia river.... and river's have shores which are like beaches.... and every now & then through the gorge there are what one can pretend to be exotic... cause there's beach + sand. just sayin'. it's not glamorous, but people'd leave ya alone so you could get some peace & serenity. :D love ya! ::hugs::

LKP said...

hey, serio. check out the book review on my blog. i thought about you while i was reading it. you'll cry. a. lot. but it's soooo good. helped my heart feel better. ::hugs::

Mrs. Organic said...

So I am way behind on blog reading/commenting but can I just say that your comments make me happy? Because they do.

And I did the same thing with my blonde hair. I'm going to try chestnut next week.