Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor day weekend = Love with my family weekend!

I've been excited about this weekend since we left CA in August.  A month ago. 

And then I looked at my calendar and realized that I was on call for work and unless someone took pity, wanted the money, or just was going to be nice to be nice, I was going to have to reschedule and miss my weekend with the kids.

Thank you Evil Genius for your kindness.  It was and IS greatly appreciated!

YIPPEEE!!!!  That means we get to spend Labor Day weekend in California with my favorite Marine, my favorite official daughter-in-love and my favorite granddaughter!!

Splenda and Luke left Friday after work and drove as far as Las Vegas.  They crashed at Splenda's brother house who was generous enough to let them slink in late and leave early without so much as taking him to dinner for a thank you.  And of course, can the boys be counted on to take pictures?  Nope.  Imagine a dude that looks like Splenda (except not quite so tall), in a beautiful home in the suburbs of LV aaaannnnnnddddd - yep that's it.  You got it.

The Shark picked me up at the butt crack of dawn Saturday and dropped me off at the airport.  Thanks Tib!  Did I get pictures?  Noooooo.  But if you've been around here for very long, you know what we look like - yep that's it.  You got it.

I landed at Long Beach, texted the kids, and then sat on the loading/unloading curb to wait.  And people watch.   People are odd.  I freakin love airports for just this very reason.  Every kind, every sort, every color, every language.  I dig it all.  Did I get pictures?  Noooooooo.  Imagine the young thug-looking kids that just about got their car towed because they left it unattended at the curb (because apparently the rules are for everyone else), the Asian family traveling with a frail grandmother that I honestly thought was gonna code any second,  the family with their 18 bags and their little dog too, the dude with the boxes of fish, and the young couple with a screaming toddler who DID NOT WANT TO GO ON AN AIRPLANE!   So much fun.

And finally, I saw them pull up.  I was practically vibrating with excitement!

Yes.  Yes I know I am a freak.  And that I am much more animated than a tired 4 year old.  ; )

Right away I had to show her all the fun presents that Mimi brought her!  And yes, there will be presents. Every time.  A lot of them.  'Cause that is how I roll.

Moosie the new pillow pet

All her pillow pets

And of course Mommy and Daddy!!

We got back to base and the playtime commenced while we waited for Splenda and Luke to pull in. 

A bite to eat at Chipotle's.  Did I get pictures?  Nooooooo.  Imagine a HUGE burrito filled with chicken, rice, guacamole, corn salsa and lettuce - yep that's it.  You got it.

And then a shopping trip to the commissary on base.  This is one gal that digs the commissary.  Everything you need for grocery shopping at a very reasonable price.  We got stuff to make kabobs on Sunday and snacks to make it through the weekend.
And yes, we got a picture. 

What I should have captured was video of Chloee and me dancing in the frozen foods section chanting "best day ever!  best day ever!"

Saturday night was pretty chill.  Playing with Chloee, watched Rio and then crashed.

 Chloee is working really hard on sleeping all by herself, so I stayed on the couch until the middle of the night when I heard her crying and calling "Mimi!"  I couldn't resist.  I snuck in, snuggled her close and we both fell back asleep.  Sorry Corb - I really just couldn't resist.

Sunday was more playing and then getting all 6 of us ready for church.  As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints, we have a three hour block of time that we devote to worship.  The main meeting is where we can partake of the Sacrament and listen to speakers or as was the case this week, share testimonies.  It was awesome.  Their ward is off base and it's a mix of military and civilians.  Old people, young people, and everything in between.  And HUGE!  I absolutely loved it.  Chloee went to Primary (class for littles) and we went to the adult meetings.  I loved the diversity of the people.  We don't have that here in lil ole Utah.  The MotherShip of the church.  I think I might prefer it there.

After church, more playing and then dinner with the missionaries.  Two cute young men.  One from Rexburg ID, the other from Texas (I forget which city) - devoting 2 years of their lives to serve other people and teach the gospel.  I dig them.

More playing.  Poppa and Chloee went to "her" playground while we watched Limitless, and then more playing.  When Chloee went to bed that night she asked if I could sleep with her.  After much negotiating with her dad, it was deemed a special occasion and ONLY for special occasions.  We snuggled, told stories and played the "remember" game.  She loved to list out all the things that she could remember about Utah. 

Monday morning came too soon.  We knew we had to be on the road before it got too late in the day so it was a quick breakfast at Denny's and then the dreaded goodbyes. 

It was raining.  Perfect for the moment.

I hate this part.  I hate seeing her eyes get sad.  I hate feeling my eyes get wet and my heart wrench.

I think it makes it all the more sweeter when I get the chance to go back.  Which should be in October if all goes as planned!

Thanks Corb, Kar and Chloee for hosting us this weekend!  For the fun, talks, laughs and good times!  I just can't get enough of you guys!!


Connie said...

I have a feeling Chloee would be excited to see you even if you didn't have presents! So glad you could go. Looks like fun for ALL of you!

Sue said...

I love all the gifts. Thats how g-mas roll with their little ones.

I can feel the love leap from the page into my heart. That little Chloee is deeply loved and you can see it in her eyes.

What a fun getaway♥

Does Chloee love your new hair do.

Cherie said...

That was the cutest post - I loved every word and every picture! I think I was as excited as you were to open that car door - So glad you had a video!!!

Great Stuff Toots!!!

Amy said...

Oh, I want a moose pillow pet. Cute post. I love all the pictures. Glad you had a wonderful time with the family.

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Grandmas are the best I was lucky like Chloee and so are my children, these memories and feelings will last her a lifetime. I'm so glad that you got to see her and that you get to be her grandma.

tammy said...

I used to love to go shopping with my sister at the commissary!

I love how much you love each other. I hope my DILs will let me be close to my grandkids. I worry about stuff like that.

Pedaling said...

Glad you got that important visit in. Sweet pictures full of such emotion. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Wards outside of Utah--Oh, so much better. Ted and I comment, all the time, how we miss them.

Vanessa said...

How did you fit in the bed w/all those pillow pets?

LKP said...

what a beautiful weekend you had indeed! i wish you could remember the elder's name from rexburg.... i wonder which part of rexburg he's from... seriously, been spud-sick lately and in need of some R&R back in the 'burg. :)

Kristin said...

Hee hee hee - that Chloe is too adorable! And so is her Grandma lady :)


Mrs. Organic said...

First off - I am in love with your hair - in love! And that goodbye kiss picture is too sweet for words.

DesertHen said...

I loved that video! I listened to it twice on my daughter's fancy, smancy, surround sound headphones! Loved all those presents! Pillow pets Rock! Sounded like a wonderful, fun filled weekend!