Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Holy freakin cow, it's Wednesday!

I've lost track of days.  Literally, I have to LOOK at the calendar to know what day it is.  Sorta nice, sorta pathetic.

I like home projects.  Ones that I can actually help with.  Last week, I spent the week organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning.  So cathartic

This week has been a little project I like to call "make a bathroom".  We had a plumber come in (still waiting on the bid), but in the meantime, I have started taking down drywall, ripped up carpet, removed baseboards..... who knew that a hammer and a flathead screwdriver could be so much fun.

And feel so good.

So I'm talking to the dermatologist today (full body check), and she of course notices my nasty rast feet and immediately knows I run.  She has run the Marine Marathon TWICE!  I am oozing with jealousy.  She got all choked up just trying to describe it to me!  Corbin and I HAVE to do this next year!  If it's the only race I ever run next year, I WILL DO THIS!

And maybe I'll get a chance to meet my peeps in DC - hollah!

And, and she took a thingie off my arm.  Most def not melanoma, but it was bugging me, and she wanted to see what it looked like under the microscope.

I dig my doctors.

My family practice doc?  Dude is a freakin saint!  My "talking" doctor?  LOVE HER!

I got good ones.

Wedding plans are in full gear.  Making address lists.  Finalizing family shower, the DJ, the wedding luncheon.  Tagged along to visit cake lady.  Then pictures on Sunday and work on invites, flowers, decorations.  I am grateful I only have a small portion to do.  But luckily, Montana and her family let me tag along and enjoy all the fun things too.  I couldn't be happier that those two kids are getting married!  Little peas in a pod they are - and her family is so fun to be with!  I don't think I could have arranged a better one if I were a professional matchmaker!

Speaking of happy kids.  My Corbin, Karalee and Chloee!  So happy!  Such a cute family.  I think about them all the time and am so glad that they have found each other and have made such a beautiful, strong family. 

Luke is starting his own business.  Stay tuned.  I will most def be pimping him out here!

It's good to feel happy about your kids.

Splenda Daddy got a special little thingamajig for the computer that records our old VHS tapes to files on the PC.  He started one tonight, and oh my holy hannah!  How fun is it to see the boys when they were little.

It isn't fun seeing me 20 years ago.  Aye carumba!  I certainly was one to embrace the 80's.  Could my hair BE any bigger?  And Splenda's mullet?  OH EM GEE - we have giggled all night watching.

It's also been sweet to see videos of his Dad.  We miss him and all his funny quirks.  It will be fun to take these videos and make some DVD's with them.

At least I think it will be fun for Splenda.  I'm more into taking down drywall right now.

Getting muy nervous for St George this weekend.  I've had a sore tendon/calf issue and it's not really getting better.  Icing, taking it easy, antiinflammatories both topically and orally......... still not getting where I feel good about it.  Hopefully, my dear Cassandra and her magic will get it under control tomorrow.

I just realized that if I can do this in 4 hours or less, I qualify for Boston.  That means shaving 33 minutes off of  last years time.  It feels like it's just within my reach, and yet so unattainable.  I guess we'll see Saturday eh?

Halfway through SIL"s next book.  Just the draft.  Loving it!  I smell another success..... and the fact that there is a reference to Mimi in there made me smile!

Did you know that a six pack of Lynn Wilson burrito's makes the perfect ice pack?

Now you do

Peace. Out.


CountessLaurie said...

Hey, you qualify for Boston and I will give you a place to stay, a grand tour of Laurieville, and a personal cheering section somewhere on the route.


Oh, sorry, i have a vested interest in getting you here :-)

Mrs. Organic said...

I love edible ice packs! And dud, I check out for a month and bam! a wedding. Congrats!

Mom of 12 said...

So glad things are going well! I think weddings are fun. My sweetie thinks they are torture...

gigi said...

All of this made me smile :))
Keep finding you and enjoying life.

Sue said...

Bathroom, Dermatogologist, wedding, old vhs tapes, marathon, Lynn Wilson burritos.

whew! days are busy for you girl.

Good luck on the marathon.

We did the vhs tapes make over.. cry me a river! nothing gets you more than 80's hair.

Hope all goes well with the wedding.

mackenzie said...

if you come to dc, i can give you a place to stay!!

hope you guys are doing well. :)

Ann Marie said...

Is it wrong that I am gitty about your destruction.. organizing.. and de-cluttering? lol!

I NEED to get a full body check done too. Thanks for the reminder.

I want to see these 80's pictures!

Garden of Egan said...

Wrandom for sure.
I like it.

Hope the muscles and tendons and all that stuff you go going on gets all better.

Good to hear that the newlyweds are all good.
Yay for another wedding. It's so nice when a plan comes together.

Yikes ..... a bathroom remodel. My hubs did everything for ours. It took 18 months. I thought I would lose my mind.
Maybe I did.

tammy said...

My MIL is always using random frozen foods for ice packs.

So the bathroom, is it master bath? Guest bath? Downstairs? I want pics when you're done. I would love to redo our master bath.

Good luck this weekend! Doesn't all of SLC flock to St. George on conference weekend?

I should go to the dermatologist. It's been awhile. Something about standing there almost naked while they look at every inch of your body....

Pedaling said...

is it Dr Forsha's office. If so, I know that Dr. Lady...forget her name- but she's super nice.

wendy said...

now you are sounding like ME...never know what day it is. don't even really care about the time either, just doesn't matter much in my world.
Love to hear of your busyness (as I mentioned on your personal blog) and always working on something.
You are one motivated woman.

be sure you always get those "spots" checked for melanoma. My 2nd hubby , before I left him asked me about a small mole thing on his arm and should he get it checked out. OF COURSE, I said.
come to be it WAS Melanmoma.
On his left forearm and boy oh boy, did they have to DIG OUT a huge chunk of his arm. It was pretty traumatic. He is such a great guy, I was very worried.

so run baby run...around your house, through life, or just down the road.

Amy said...

I see no reason why you can't shave those minutes off of your marathon time.

Are your topical anti-inflamitories over the counter or prescription? I need some for my foot. I just flat out need to go to the podiatrist. Need to find a good one in Utah county.

My current "ice pack" of choice is a frozen bottle of water which fits perfectly in the arch of my foot snuggled up to my heel. I can also roll it to get a little massage. Is it terrible that I have to do this almost every night?

Tearing things down IS cathartic. I loss a lot of stress when I have a hammer in hand.

Glad everything seems to be going well with the family and wedding plans.

Oh and did you know that according to legend, Pheidippides, who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens fell over and died after he made it to Athens. Just think, you have more stamina than the "original" marathon runner.

DesertHen said...

Busting things up with a hammer and screwdriver is so therapeutic! Have fun with that project! =)

Good luck this weekend and I hope you shave off the needed time so you can qualify for the Boston! Will be waiting for the update!

The wedding planning sounds fun! Enjoy! =)

Teachinfourth said...

Sounds like you're pretty was great to see you at Christmas in September. Thanks for taking the time to come down.