Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Not just another remembrance post - My own words are inadequate

There are millions of blogs today devoted entirely to the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country on 9/11.

I've already seen many videos,  FB posts asking to be reposted, news programs,  and special documentaries.  There is an endless variety of information to soak in regarding that awful, awful day.

For me to post any of those things out there in the mainstream seems silly since it will likely be something you've already seen or read.

Instead I'm linking to two blogs of gentleman whom I respect a great deal.  One I've never met IRL - but there is something about his wit, his humor and now, reading his last post, his background, that tells me he is a person worth knowing as a friend and learning a great deal from.

The LG Report

He was THERE kids.  First hand knowledge.  Sharing his experience via the written word is compelling, humbling, and drives me to my knees in gratitude for good people everywhere and for the safety and well being of me and mine.  You need to experience this.

The second is a buddy from work.  A trusted friend.  A sci-fi writer whose intelligence leaves me standing with my mouth open catching flies most of the time.  I knew he served in the Army, we talk military sometimes, he hangs a flag outside of  his cubical.  I now understand why.  9/11 did for him what it did for a lot of us, but he had the gonads to take it step further and do something about it.

B Torgerson

As I said, Brad is super intelligent and with my all-lacking knowledge of sci-fi, I generally don't get half the stuff he writes about.  But knowing him IRL, I see the genuine thing.  The man who wants to do something for his country.  The man that was inspired to extend himself beyond mediocrity.

Read them both won't you please?  Brad's is a quick read.  You'll gain an appreciation of all the heroes who called their recruiting offices in the days and weeks after the horrific attacks.  His words will help you understand at a new level why and how hard it was.

LG's is gonna take some time.  MAKE THE TIME.  You will be right there in lower Manhattan when the first plane strikes.  You will hear, smell, visualize and FEEL what occurred.  It will humble you.  You will be moved.  You will want to reach through the computer and hug those people. 

On this most sacred day, and yes I will use the word sacred, I hope and pray that every single American will take the day, not just a moment or a few hours to watch the documentary that a news program is airing, but take the whole damn day to remember. 

Remember where you were, what you felt, who was with you.  Let the anxiety come back for a little bit because, we are no means done with Al-Qaida.  Cry.  Cry some more.  Gather your loved ones and thank your God (in whichever form you believe) that you are here.  Plead with Him to bless those who lost their lives.  To let them know we will never forget them.   Beg Him to comfort those left behind  with the peace that life goes on after death and we CAN and WILL be with our loved ones again.  Pray for the strength in yourself to always remember and honor.

I believe the best way we can honor is continue the example of kindness, bravery, selflessness and camaraderie that was so abundant that day in NYC, Washington DC and Shanksfield, PA.

Let us look out for one another.  Pray for one another.  Be a little kinder.  A little more understanding.  And above all be more patriotic.  We live in the best country on this entire planet.  We are a blessed people to be here with the freedoms that we have.  May we honor this privilege more.  Fly our flags, thank our troops, become educated on the changing political winds and exercise our right to vote.

Love God, our families and our Country.

God Bless you my friends and family....... and God Bless America!


tammy said...

I posted to LG too. His story was amazing. Going to read the other blog now. Thanks!

" Hit It......." said...

Thanks for the link to the blog...I am going to read it now as well.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm headed over.
Thanks M.
Love and hugs to you and your family as well.
Love your military "boy"

wendy said...

Thanks for linking us to these.
I think all of us are still a little "numb.stunned" from that whole experience.
Don't laugh, but that next week when I was at work, we were all still a little traumatized by it all....and I felt so helpless. I said to my Judge...."I feel like I need to make cookies or something"

sounds dumb I know, but I felt such a NEED TO DO....anything.

So what I can do, is love my country (yes still America) and thank God every day for our freedoms. And I will always pray for our military.
Big Hug my sweet friend

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing the links. It is indeed a sacred day.

Diaper Diva said...

Loved reading the LG account and excerpts. I need to head to the other one. Thank you, and I agree God Bless America!