Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Nuptials Part III

Every good wedding has a video that plays at the luncheon and then loops around playing at the reception.   At least any good Utah Mormon wedding that is.

Luke chose the songs, the kids both chose pictures and Splenda Daddy put it all together.

I realize it's 12 minutes long and prolly not as interesting to any else as much as it is to me, but hey, my blog

Gosh I love these kids....

And yes, two IS better than one


tammy said...

They are so cute. I hope I end up with such great DILs as you have.

namaste said...

me too! i hope to end up with such great kids-in-law. i LOVE these kinds of videos. i actually almost got misty. so much love, i love all the love! 1 Corinthians quote was perfect. rascal flatts broken road is our theme song too :)