Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Open Letter.......

Dear Melanie,

Yes.  You!
I just wanted to tell you that you COMPLETELY and TOTALLY made my whole day today!  Maybe my whole week!

Thanks for saying something.  Thanks for being kind.
And thanks for letting me hug you!


**Never underestimate the power of kindness.  A simple kind word or two goes a loooooong way**


tammy said...

Don't know who Melanie is, but I couldn't agree more. I can be having an especially down day, and someone in a store or something can smile at me and make a kind comment and it totally helps my mood.

Flat Tired said...

Wow. You have now totally made my day and week. As I told you....I have stalked you for a few years now. You lived up to every expectation and more when I talked to you yesterday. Even for the few seconds we chatted. You are who you are in real life and in the world wide web life. How freakin fantastic is that!! Maybe one day we can chat for longer than 30 seconds. You and Tammy should both get to know me....just sayin! - Melaney