Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 - it just keeps getting better

 So, yeah - like a whole week late but whatev's.

And before I even say one more thing, let the record reflect that Mother's Day gets to be freakin AWESOME when you're kids are adults.


For reals.

Sure, the macaroni necklaces are cute, and the primary singing in church is always fun.  But we also tend to heap guilt on us because we're women and we just hollered at the kid in the car on the way to church.  We might have even threatened a beat down or two, so when we hear all the butterfly kisses and unicorns pooping rainbows on Mother's day - we convince ourselves that we suck and then book a first class ticket on the guilt cruise.  Been there, done that.

Maybe your husband isn't a great gift giver.  Sooooooo, it kinda sucks when you hear about all the cool things/services your friends get and at your house, you get a head nod and fist bump while he cleans the kitchen all the while you might be secretly just wanting something sparkly to wear.  Or a massage for crying out loud.

I get it.  Although Splenda has always been good in the prize giving department, I have friends who aren't that lucky and so I understand.

I will however, testify loud and strongly that once those snot nosed, mouthy kids grow up and become adults - IT IS WONDERFUL!

First, you look at them and see that they actually turned into great, upstanding and contributing members of society.  They got their brains back and you see all the smarts that you knew were in there the whole time and instead of guilt for allegedly threatening to "crack some skulls",  you get the reward of seeing that they actually like you again and you enjoy them as your best friends!

Second, even is husband isn't super great in the present department - your children (now adults) will be.  You freaking get AWESOME prizey's!!

So to all my younger mom friends - hang in there.  I promise you it get better.  So.Much.Better!!

For me this year?  The day was wonderful.  Yes, I missed the boys being little and dressing up as waiters.  Taking my breakfast order and serving me in bed, but Splenda took care of that and I was treated to eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, biscuits and diet coke on the rocks.  Pretty stellar.

Church was delightful.  Couldn't have had better speakers and then our ward gave us these treats:

After church, I came home to Tuffy and 'Tana waiting for us with a huge gift bag:
(exhibit A that my kids truly know my loves)

Splenda attended his ward for High Council and then we headed over to his Mom's (meeting up with Luke and Mindy) for a visit.
They spoiled me too!:
(exhibit B - more things that my kids know I love)

Then it was all of us over to my mom's for a bbq with my brother, my BFSIL and all our kids.  John grills a mean steak and the dinner was delish!

At one point (it's kind of blur now) I saw an unattended phone.  I played with it.  My BFSIL (pictured directly above) blogged about it.  Click here to read her story.  She's a much better writer than I am (proof is, she's published 4 books whereas I have not)

After that hysterical fun, my little chickens all gathered at my house for movie night.  I loved getting to talk to the SoCal kids a bit and love the prize that came in the mail yesterday:
(exhibit C - it's an ELEPHANT!  my kids know what I love)

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the temp was warm, my kids were here, we laughed, we shared memories and Splenda was at my side.  Simply beautiful.

I usually take flowers over to Jill from Chloee, but I didn't get a chance on that day.  However, I did make a couple of recent visits and shared some flowers with her.

 I think she's pretty proud of her little Chloee right now.

Last order of business for the night was a funny Mom's day card and gift card from the Splenda Daddy.
(exhibit D - with strict instructions that I could NOT purchase anything for anyone else but that it all had to be for me.  Splenda knows me so well )

So, another Mother's Day in the books.  Hope yours was wonderful and if it wasn't (let's be honest - sometimes they aren't) - keep on keeping on and HANG IN THERE - they get better.  So, SO much better!


namaste said...

jealous. jealous. JEALOUS!!!!

oh! did i mention being a little bit jealous? yah! texas roadhouse gift card? nice. i totally enjoyed my mothers day too. and then i came over here and read about formerly mouthy kids, previously guilt-ridden mom and you being super spoiled. you totally deserve it, cuz you're awesome. but still... i know, hang in there. i will. great post! glad you had such a fantastic day! :)

Pedaling said...

sounds super spectacular!

it does get better, you are right...i l like the adult kid gift giving

and we had a great meeting on sunday too, though i do envy your treat...a pink frosted cooking---mmmmm

looks like the perfect day!

" Hit It......." said...

Looks like you had an awesome day. I agree with you; Mother's Day gets so much better. Can I tell, as I was reading I was having flash backs of me yelling at my kids in the car (he he).

Your hubby makes me laugh; I get the same speech from Troy about not buying anyone anything but me.

Glad you went to Jill's grave.

DesertHen said...

You are so right about Mother's Day being so much better when the kids are grown! I had one of the Best ever this year! My kids treated me to some special of them is something I can carry concealed! =) Post coming soon about that! Anyhoo...I'm so happy you had a fab day and what a haul you got in the goody department! Happy Belated Mother's Day to you!

Also congrats on all of the happy events that have taken place recently in your life. I just caught up on reading all of your posts. Hope those legs are feeling better now?

tammy said...

Glad you had a good day and that your family treats you so well.

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Jenny Lynn said...

This is some really great news to know...I want to know what age exactly do they start doing all these amazing things for me? My Hubby had to call our 21 year old son to remind him to call me. Except he sent me a text.

Glad that someone got pampered and taken care by their family. :)

Viki Bailey said...

You give me hope for the future! Looks like it was a fun day! ;)