Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cooper Dean - much cuter than James Dean

Today Splenda Daddy, Tuffy and I all loaded up in the Honda and hit the I-15 north to Logan.  My little sister's youngest baby son was getting blessed and we were invited to be a part of it.  (baby blessings in my church are like a christening)

I was a little concerned about my legs swelling since whenever I spend more than about 5 minutes upright, they start to swell and ache, but once I was strapped in, I donned my compression sleeves and parked my tootsies on the dash.

The blessing was beautiful (great job Chet) and then as tradition usually rules, we all gathered at a large home for food, chatting and relaxing.

I got my dose of snuggling a fresh baby!!

And so did Tuffster - he's gonna be such a good daddy!

Loved spending time with my family.  All four siblings were there so a friend got some great pictures that I hope to get enlarged and framed in my home.

Such a delightful afternoon just sitting, feet propped up and catching up with my sib's.   I forget just how  much we like being with each other.  As it should be I think.  Interesting how you can go months without talking to each other, and then when you see one another, not a thing is lost.  You just slide right into your solid relationship.  Truly a testament to me of how important family relationships are.  Particularly with siblings.  Makes me appreciate not just mine but also the fact that my sons are good friends with each other.

Happy, happy, happy!


Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

And to think you made wisecracks about my feet....


gigi said...

I'm so sorry about your legs :( I hope things start to settle down for you soon. I felt kinda scared reading all about your running experience. Prayers for a quick get better.

That is one handsome baby boy. What a great head of hair. Cut pictures.

CountessLaurie said...

cute toesies :-)

Pedaling said...

that is one cute baby!

namaste said...

first of all, YOU look quite pretty holding the baby. and the baby looks so sweet and CUTE!

Sue said...

Love the name. Cute cute baby.

Sorry about your legs hurting.