Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon - I showed up, I ran, I finished.

Oh how I had hopes of a PR.  My personal record for this race is 1:40.59

I had hopes of a sub 1:40. 


For those that know me, I have been under the weather since the Riverton half.  I haven't been able to train very well, and unfortunately have lost more weight than I should.  Been to the doctors, labs, tests -  so far no answers.

It was debatable as to whether I should run or not especially since Friday I went 3.1 and at the 3 mile mark starting getting woozy, seeing stars and things were going black.  Later that day though, I decided I would run the half.  Walk if I had to, but participate I would.

My besties picked me up early, I had my usual pre-race food and really went into it very calm, not a bit nervous or anxious knowing that at any time, I could stop or even *gasp* DNF.

The lines for the porta-potties so I started back in the pack about a minute or so behind the gun.  I love this course since it's primarily down hill.  Started with a nice pace and felt good.  I made sure to hit each water station and other than when I hit Liberty Park, actually felt fine.  Liberty Park was a little iffy, but slowing down helped until I could feel steady again.

Thankfully Lisa caught up (she started WAY after me) and having her just ahead of me, gave me the necessary motivation I needed to keep going.  

Never underestimate the power of your running friends.

We caught each other again on State street and finished up together.  I surprised myself by having some  strength left in me to sprint.  But then again, I HAVE to finish with a sprint.  It's just me.

After I crossed, I grabbed the rail to steady myself for a bit, and then wandered in search of water and food.  The food made me so nauseated, but I knew that I needed the sugar and the calories.

Poor Splenda Daddy, didn't really expect me to cross so soon, so he missed me by literally a minute.

No worries.

We found one another, a few pictures, some stretching and then home to ice, clean up and get to work.

Not my best performance by far.  A little disappointed I couldn't post a sub 2, but I am going to go a little easy on myself this ONCE.

Next up is the Hurricane Half, and based on the rumors I have heard about this course (I refuse to look at it before hand), could be another ball buster.  

Guess we'll see

Official results:
1638 place overall
796 place in women
127 place in my division

Barely respectable.
(it posted sideways even though the pic itself is right...grrrr..)

Keep your fingers crossed for me this weekend and Hurricane!


Mae Rae said...

fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you. I will even throw in a few prayers.

this is very respectable.

namaste said...

barely respectable?! that's pretty damn good for a girl who was not at a hundred percent. i hope you're feeling better.

good job on your run! :)

Tom said...

That's not bad at all for half marathon time. By the way your PR is amazing! I need to start running again. Thanks for the inspiration.

karen said...

I'm jealous you can do that AT ALL. Sometimes I dream about running, but when I try to do it for real, my joints rebel. I need to be content in cheering people like you on, and I will stick to my bike and my yoga, I guess. Best of luck in the Hurricane!

wendy said...

"barely respectable"....ARE YOU KIDDING. You have ALL my respect my friend.
I know it is kind of your passion, so stats etc mean a lot to you, but In my mind, it would be amazing to be able to say you even did it....which I never will
you'll keep going at it, cause that's how you roll.....
but seriously

Connie said...

Your "worst" is better than my best!!

You are amazing! You look great in the pictures!

Good luck in the Hurricane race. Will keep my fingers crossed!

tammy said...

It's okay to go easy on yourself. You did great and you need to take care of yourself!

Lara said...

Yes! Go easy on yourself. I think it's absolutely incredible what you do!

I ran a mile without stopping yesterday. And it nearly kills me when I do it. Baby steps...but I don't know if I'll ever do a half marathon!

Go you!

Sue said...

I want your skinny legs!

Amy said...

As always I am impressed. I hope you start to feel better. Take care of yourself.