Friday, April 27, 2012

Hurricane here we come!

We are headed into a Hurricane

Hurricane, UT that is.

Have you ever been there?  It's little.  Tiny.  I think one main street, but I could be wrong. 

I DO know that Splenda Daddy and I are going to run there.  He's gonna take the 5k and I'm gonna take the half marathon.  I need it so I can guarantee my spot in the St George marathon and we all know how I feel about that one.  

Speaking of feeling.  I am on the mend.  Vague, default diagnosis of IBS but am treating it aggressively and getting the flare up under control. 

 Note:  Peppermint capsules are highly recommended in the treatment.  I however, highly recommend you read the instructions before you take any.

Since knowing that there is nothing seriously wrong with me, all racing bets are off now.  I'm going into this half marathon with both barrels loaded.  No taking it easy or letting the HILL intimidate me.  I've been hydrating all week, attempting to properly fuel and looking over last years times, if I can post a sub 2:10, it will be decent and I'll be okay with it.

It will be a quick trip down south.  Overnighter and then back tomorrow.  Some might wonder why drive the four hours down, spend one night, run for two hours and then drive four hours home.  Why?  Because we can.  Because life is short and if it's something we want and can do - then we are gonna do it.  No regrets.

Plus, I like to spend time with Splenda.  

And for any freaks that think my house is empty.  Well, you know the drill.  That just doesn't happen.  The house and dog sitters will be there.  So make other plans.

Like plans to send good thoughts and wishes of luck to us or if you're in the area, come say hi!  Splenda is the tall dark and handsome one, I'm the one that runs ugly!


Mae Rae said...

*sitting here smiling*

Cherie said...

Have fun on the run!!!!!

" Hit It......." said...

Have fun. I would like to see a pic of Splenda running.

btw - I was diagnosed with IBS too. It's like the catch all when they don't know what to do with you.

tammy said...

You're probably running right now so I'm sending good thoughts stat.

Jamie said...

Yep, we used to vacation there.... No joke. My Aunt and Uncle lived there. it was always our half way stop. Lots of good memories. Hope your run was good.