Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter Peace and Perspective

First and foremost is my belief in Jesus Christ, His Atonement for us and the reality of resurrection and eternal life.

Second is my family and friends.  A warm spring day eating lunch in the backyard with friends, dinner with family and as always - movie night.

Favorite is getting pictures of the girl I love most of all

Yesterday I gave my little cooper a nice deep clean that it hasn't had in over 9 months or so.  As I was vacuuming out the back seat and cleaning things down, I came across some remnants of Chloee.  A little green ball that she loved to carry around.  Some sticky residue of something spilled under where her car seat was.  Finger prints on the window.

For a brief moment I was absolutely homesick for her.   I think this time of year the memories are so fresh.  Taking her to school in the sunny warm mornings, passing "our" ducks on the way, chattering about school and what the plans were for after.  All little delightful pieces of her life that I was blessed to be a part of while her Daddy finished up all his training and schooling.

I picture her now, in her bedroom full of pillow pets, Hello Kitty collections, and her pet hamster ZuZu and an overwhelming peace comes to my heart.  She is the happiest child I have ever come across.  Clearly, to her core, happy.  She has her Daddy and her Mommy.  Her life is stable with the most routine it's ever had.  She is surrounded by love and discipline.  Her family has goals that she is working to be a part of.  She has responsibilities in her family.  She is growing into such a beautiful, well rounded young girl that I am absolutely amazed at the transformation that has taken place over the past 18 months or so.

Today in church, the speaker was speaking of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I was reminded and this time it was ingrained in my soul, that He did not just atone for our sins, but for our heartaches, disappointments, grief, worries, failures, sicknesses........any time our hearts felt hurt or discouragement - He atoned for those.  He took on those feelings for us.  HE is the only one that can truly ever understand exactly how we feel.  It's such a personal miracle.  

And knowing that Chloee is exactly where she needs to be.  With the family that she is supposed to be with.  Doing all the things a 5 year old girl should be doing.  Losing teeth, getting ready for kindergarten, making friends, learning responsibility and rules.  All of that makes my heart feel something completely indescribable.

No doubt in my mind, that life is a plan.  Each of us have a purpose to fulfill and our job is to find it and fulfill it.  All the circumstances in Chloee's life are part of her plan.  Her Heavenly Father knows what is in store for her and prepares the way for it to happen.

When I thought of her today, and saw the pictures Karalee sent me, I felt peace.  Yes, I have felt peace before about my children, but today was something a little different.  Peace for Chloee.  Peace knowing that she has a divine purpose and she is in the right place to be able to fulfill it.

I once was told of a dream someone had of Jill.  She was in front of my house.  She was about 25 years old and looked beautiful.  Radiant.  Healthy.  She simply smiled and told this person to stick to the plan and everything would work out.  She then turned and walked into my home.

Yes, there is a plan.  For each of us.
Stick to the plan, and everything will work out.


Garden of Egan said...

M that was beautiful. I love that sOmeone shared a dream about Jill.
Karalee sounds like such a blessing

You are blessed my friend. You too have paid the price as a parent.

" Hit It......." said...

I agree with you. Chloe' is exactly where she is supposed to be. God had a plan, sometimes it's hard to understand.

You did a wonderful job with Chloe. The hard part now is letting her fly..(being where she is meant to be). I miss her for you too.

tammy said...

"Stick to the plan, and everything will work out." - I like that.

namaste said...

yes, what everyone one else has said. your sweet little chloe is where she should be. precious, peaceful post.

Mae Rae said...

This was beautiful in every way. Thank you for the blessings that you have given me.

Chief said...


wendy said...

Like all your other commenters...I LOVED this post too. You can just see the joy on her little face.
dang, sometimes I sure don't understand the plan, but the Lord's plans are sure a lot better for me then the ones' I come up with.
hugs to ya

CountessLaurie said...

very nice.

Pedaling said...

simply beautiful.

Ann Marie said...


Love the beautiful dream... and I totally believe it.

Mamafamilias said...

Amen and Amen.

Sue said...

The plan is working well for you and your family..

Have to say Chloee looks so big. How adorable is she?

I read once that the Lord compensates for every loss. I have seen many blessings given to your sweet Chloee, which make me believe that all the more.

love your post, thanks for sharing peaceful thoughts.

Jamie said...

Sticking to the plan, what great wisdom. I am so happy that Chloee is happy. You can see it. I love it!