Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh so very random

I realized it's been a while since I've posted anything.

Not that anyone cares but since I use this forum to journal, and then after reading Ann's blog reminding me so, I decided it was time to work the keyboard.  Even if I have nothing of real value to say.

Do you ever read a blog and each time they post, you kinda fall in love with them a little more?
I did today.  I've been trying to link to her, but my computer fails me.  Sorry.  She's over on my side bar ---->  My Voice on the Wings of Change.  Check out Namaste.

Everyone loves Spring.  The excitement, the blossoms, the green grass, the sun and warmer temps.
Me?  I can't stand the bi-polar Springs we get here in UT.  Gah!  I love a sunny warm day, but then I'm wary since I know that later that afternoon or the next day it could be snowing again.  You'd think after 42 years of living here, I would learn to love it.  


Getting ready for a big Diva night at the store.  A women only event.  And I am TOTALLY stressing about it!  I want it to be successful, fun and worthwhile for both the ladies and the store.  

I fear failure.

I know I posted this on Facebook, but for those that haven't seen it (um, why are we not friends on FB) - my son and his wife gave the official word that they are coming home for a brief visit in June to be sealed together as a family in the LDS  Salt Lake Temple!  

I know right?!?!?  Best news a momma can ever have for her children.  For those that are LDS, it will make sense.  For those that aren't and are curious, leave a comment and I'll email you and explain it the best I can.

I need to start looking for a place to have a nice big party at.  I told them that if/when they did - I would hold a huge shin-dig for them!

So, yeah looking forward to June!  I wish they were going to be here a long time!  Just short.  Long enough to take care of the most important business of becoming a forever family.

Oh and have a trial with Chloee's other grandparents.  : (

Speaking of grandparents.  I think she must be the luckiest girl on the face of the earth.  She has 4 sets!  Us, Jill's parents, Karalee's mom and stepdad, and then Karalee's dad and stepmom.  All ready to spoil her.  Lucky, blessed girl.  

Lukie is moving later this month to a better apartment complex!  Yeah!!  So excited for him! Kid is doing well with school, his job...... happy life.  Happy momma.

And Tuffy and 'Tana?  Blissful as ever!  Cute little family with their puppy Jace.  Sometimes, I will hear the garage door open, some barking, someone walk into the kitchen and then all the barking goes out the backdoor into the backyard.  I know that Jace has come to visit and there is much happiness and rejoicing in the land!

And Splenda and me?  Loving the love we have with just the two of us!  We have our shows we DVR and watch together.  Our small meals, just the two of us.  The fact that we only have to run the dishwasher about twice a week.  I'm thankful that we are one of those couples that once the kids have moved out and on, discover that we still love each other and still have much in common and to talk about.  I can't imagine it any different, and feel bad for those couples that end up looking at each other as if strangers.

My gut hasn't been the same since the Riverton 1/2.  I'm finally breaking down and seeing a doc on Friday, but I have a feeling it's really nothing more than maybe an ulcer developing.  

Stressing about Diva night maybe?

Whatev's it's all good.

Could it be November and let us vote already?  Tired, tired, tired of it all.

PS - don't believe anything you hear in the media about Mitt and his religion (which happens to be the same as mine) - some of the "reporters" have gotten it COMPLETELY WRONG!

So frustrating and maddening.  

Finally, I love skype.  Gosh, with a simple click I can be talking to my Mom all the way in Sweden!  Another click and I can be playing with Chloee  - although her idea of skyping is just playing around and bringing me with her.  I have recently played hide and seek ( I was hidden in a drawer, while she counted and then came back for me), hung out in a tent of pillow pets and watched Zuzu sleep.  So funny.  And stinker has another loose tooth!  So fun....

So did I mention that today was just gonna be a ramble for journaling sake?



Ann Marie said...

I LOVE your Journaling today!!

I am more than thrilled about your happy -happy June news! More than happy!!

I am curious to why the court date? This doesn't make sense to me.. since SHE HAS a Father here.. I am curious.... You'll have to tell me why this is even happening.

I'm not sure how big of a place you need.. but I know people that have used "The Gathering Place" at Gardner Village..and the Old Rock church over there.

I am glad your going to the Doc.
Best to make sure M-Cat is well!

Best of luck to your Diva night. I don't know why you worry-- you are such a fun lady-- and it makes people want to be near you...

I think I could have an Ulcer once this election comes in November too. It's going to be hard to read the negative -- that will come with the positive. Go Mitt!!!!!

Happy Weekend M. Love ya♥

tammy said...

I am so excited for your family! I'm sure that makes your mama heart happy. I never realized just how much joy/pain our kids can bring us. Now I feel bad for all I inflicted on my parents!

Namaste - yes! She has great posts. Glad she's back. She makes a lot of sense.

I'm anxiously awaiting Nov. too. I just hope we like the outcome. Otherwise I'm going to have to up my happy pills.

I'm sure your Diva night will be fabulous!

All Our Fun said...

All too excited for the Forever Family date! What a Proud Mama Moment - I would say PMM but nobody gets it when I make these acronyms up. ;) May that joy and pride last a lifetime!

Mae Rae said...

This is such an awesome wrambling. Keep us posted on what happens with the big party deals. i had a dream about you last night. It was such a realistic dream I woke up wondering where you had gone. I'll tell you all about it sometime.

about me said...

I hope your search for a plac eot hold th ebig shindig starts at my house. I woul dlove to host anything, anytime for them

namaste said...

i'm excited for you about your son and his wife coming in june! sounds like it's going to be a wonderful reunion of family and friends!

yes, skype is awesome! when hubby and i visit our oldest daughter, we skype with her sister who's away at school, and the four of us play charades! so ya, i know what you mean.

talk about falling a little more in love with someone?! you and splenda make my heart sing!! i don't gush about my hubby as much as i'd truly love to, cuz i don't want to sound braggy. but until this post, i've never said out loud just how much fun my husband and i are having with our empty nest. like you guys, we dvr and watch all our fav shows together. but our latest "t.v." routine is to sit on the couch nightly, turn the t.v. off for at least half hour and just chat! i LOVE that you and your hubby are such good friends, m.

thanks so much for your kind, uplifting words about my blog. i have this sweet circle of friends in you girls (you know who you all are). i love you guys and your friendship means the world to me!! :)

gigi said...

Cool and a great chatch up for me. Happy Easter weekend!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so happy about your kids being sealed. I had that experience 3 years ago and it was one of the best days ever. I didn't know I owned so many tears.

Sorry about the gut. Quit stressing.

I love the way you talk about Splenda. It does get better doesn't it?

Sorry about the other grandparents.

Jamie said...

Yay for ramblin,g and yay for all your happy kids. That is really great news! I have a special place in my heart for ther blessings of the temple!Good luck with Diva night you will do great.

wendy said...

ahhh. lots of thoughts
but mostly...just love you

Cherie said...

That is SUPER news about the the Temple!! Definately THE BEST news a momma and a papa can get :-D I am so happy for them and for little Chloee - she will have a happy life with all those around her who adore her. Especially her Mimi :-D

Spring stinks! Baseball season has begun and so of course it is windy and cold. I sat out at my first game tonight - 2 hours - Frozen fingers - frozen toes and I think I peed Sonic Ice when I got home - Gahhhhhhhhh!

Lazarus said...

mCat, just stopped in for a quick look, I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading lately and trying to make amends. Would be interested in the "sealing" info, I'm always curious about various religions. Also, are you still thinking about my interview questions or has that been bagged (won't be offended if you want to pass...) Hope all is well! :)

Amy said...

I love your ramblings. That is good news about your son and his wife. You sound truly happy, my friend, and you deserve to be. Happy Easter!

Pedaling said...

great ramblings!

Such happy news with your fam and the temple and love! Makes for a happy life. Joy. I love joy- and the bitter makes it all the more sweet!

The weather is Crack!

Everyone should read 'My Voice on the Wings of Change.

Go Mitt!