Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

I know that lately all my posts seem to be rambling but that is kinda how I 'm rolling these days. 

So much on the mind - so little I can do about things,  so much frustration.

Yes, I've turned the corner and no longer feel anxiety constantly, but I did have some serious flashbacks when I had to get Jill's death certificate and review some of the motions that the other grandparentals have brought against us.  Just when I thought I had put a lot of those emotions under the rug, they came flaring like a bad case of herpes (well, like I imagine herpes would be, I don't really know for myself).

I intensely dislike liars.  My innate sense of fairness can't tolerate them.  On any level.  How does one cope?  Let me know peep's.  And don't tell me that truth will come out in the end because logically I know that.  I know we have documentation out the bahookie but how do you make your sense of truth and fairness be reasonable when you can't do anything about the lying mcliars?

Jack's hair grows faster than Jordan's.  He already needs another haircut.  But he's so soft, I want to just leave it for a little while.  Crap he is cute and we love him.

I love the fact that a friend stops by with a diet coke in the middle of the day because I happened to joke about it on Facebook.

Being private significantly reduces the comments readers leave.

I hope to go public sometime in April after all this shizz is over.  And I WILL blog the entire story.  It will prolly take about 10 different posts.  It'll be f.u.n.

Sissy had her first dentist appointment.  Blog post and pictures to come later.  Let's just say it wasn't her favoritest thing to do.

I calculated that following my reasonable training plan, I will barely make the mileage I need before my first marathon in April.  There can be no slacking on running days. Period.

Tiki Barber is coming back to the NFL.  Who is Tiki Barber?  Some dude I picked one year doing fantasy football.  I chose him strictly because his name was so cool.  Tiki Barber.  Say it out loud.  It's just cool.  He ended up having a heck of a season and doing me right on my fantasy team.  Yeah, I'm glad he is coming back.  Tiki Barber.  Tiki Barber.  Tiki Barber.

Is it wrong that I am enjoying the debacle that Charlie Sheen is making of himself?  Serio - dude is WHACK!

Speaking of crazy.  I made an interesting observation the other day.  It seems that almost everyone I talk to, I discover that there is someone or some situation in their life that is absolute whack-daddy crazy.  Like CRAZY.
It feels like much of the world and it's human race are in chaos.  Is it just me?  I don't remember crazy being so rampant 10 years ago.

I spent much of the afternoon gathering documents and fed-ex'ing them overnight delivery to the boy in VA.  $100.00 later.  : (

I have found that I enjoy Glenn Beck's morning radio program.  Him, Stu and the other dude are FUNNY.  I think it's their sarcasm that I enjoy so much.

I need a date with the Splenda Daddy.  Maybe this weekend.

Time to hit the sack.  Tomorrow is a running day.  No slacking. PERIOD.


Jewls said...

I suck at checking private blogs, sorry! I'll try to make a better effort.

As for the running...ugh. I'm glad my first race isn't til June, building up nice and slow! Good luck!

tammy said...

I hate people that lie, especially when you are telling the truth.

I'm glad some of the anxiety is gone.

Charlie is fun to watch. And I don't know why there is so much crazy lately, but there is. Sign of the times??

I love Beck's sarcasm too.

And I need a date too. Take me along?

Heather said...

I have no advice on dealing with liars, because I am like you - can't STAND a liar. Man, I'm getting all riled up just thinking about it.

Charlie Sheen's antics are HILARIOUS. I think he is certifiable. They weren't kidding when they had that commercial with an egg and said, "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs." However, now I think his publicist or someone is telling him to latch on to the cray-cray and even bolster it because it was so popular. I do think it was real initially, though.

Vanessa said...

Do you know you can email all of us when you post? Then we know you have posted.

I hate liars too. They go to hell.

I can't wait to hear the whole story.

Diaper Diva said...

I have no tolerance for those who can not put the needs of a child before their own, and I am not talking about the small stuff.
Speaking of protecting kids ummmmmm, Charlie sheen IS insane and just like a train wreck hard to ignore.
Date night? I wish!!

Pedaling said...

i enjoy glenn becks radio show more than his afternoon on the tube---lighter and funnier.

lying - my biggest pet peeve.

figured after some time passed you'd probably go back public on the blog.

Mrs. Organic said...

Just spent time catching up on everything. Go M-cat! I just want to say that you are incredibly inspiring, and those races won't know what hit them.

MommyJ said...

I have a terrible time keeping to my training schedule. Someone will get sick, and then I'll have to run a few extra errands, and then something else will come up, and then all of a sudden, it'll be a solid week since I've had any kind of a workout. Seriously? There will be no triathlon doing of any sort at this rate! I was back on it today though... an hour of spinning, then thirty minutes in the pool.

My lack of commenting is mostly due to my lack of reading. Cause I have to remember to come and visit since you don't feed into my reader anymore. I'm here now though, and quite happy to be catching up.

My family definitely has something CRAZY going on in it right now. I'm pretty sure we all do somewhere, somehow.

I hope all this crap ends well for you. I hate it for you and wish there was something else I could say besides that...

I would totally hug you if I were your neighbor.

And bring you a diet coke.

Jess said...

If you wanna go cheap on your date come see me ;o)

wendy said...

Gosh, I wish you didn't have this stupide court stuff to go through. I can't imagine the "other" grandparents being that phsyco that they would put Cissy's happiness in jeopardy...and after all she IS the daughter of YOUR son.

I too hate liars. I just want ALL of them to get their "dues"

running probably feels pretty theraputic for you.....I sometimes just feel like I want to go out ans SMASH things. Just get rid of pent up anger and feelings of no control.

hang on to Splenda, your friends, your bloggy friends, your faith....you know the drill

Missy said...

I spent four years in court with my ex husband and his family of liars. It was so hard and almost broke me. Documentation will be your best friend. Judges LOVE documentation.
I am hooked on the Charlie Sheen Train Wreck!!

Natalie said...

Ewww I hate liars too. Nothing worse than that! My advice is keep being who you are. That's all you can do:) I admire you more than you even know!!!!