Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chloee's Birthday Part I

Warning - picture overload.  Feel free to skim...unless you are Cheeseboy and then I am going to need a very meaningful comment.

She goes to Challenger school.  SCHOOL.  Let me be clear, this is NOT a daycare.  It is a SCHOOL.
They had Spotlight moment for her, and it gave me a chance to bring in some pictures and share some fun things about her.

Showing a picture of her Mommy and talking about her

Showing a picture of her Daddy and talking about him

Miss Christie checking out Chloee's dogtags

Standing up ready to sing

Happy Birthday to you cha cha cha

Choosing a prize

Love this girl!

Huge thanks to Miss Christie for stepping us through the spotlight process and to Miss Juliee for taking all the awesome photos!

The birthday celebration is just beginning......


Pedaling said...

Challenger is such a great school. She's going to get such the head start there. What a special day to be spotlighted. she looks so big and cute sitting in that chair next to you,

you are a busy grandmama! And an awesome one, at that!

Missy said...

That is such a great idea for the children! Love the last photo!

wendy said...

That was fun...It looked like, about half way through those photos, that there was one of you looking like you were feeling a little emotional?? Your lips were squeezed kinda tight....just wondering, Cause I think it would be almost impossible for you to talk about your love for Chloee and then talk about her mom and her dad...without feeling a huge swelling of emotion and love.

I love your Marine t-shirt and her Marine kid t-shirt. Great pride there as it should be.

Looked like she was listening very attentively.

and,ps the dentist story was funny

tammy said...

I seriously love these photos. The sweet innocent looks on Chloee's face, Gram being overcome with emotion...they tell so much.

Diaper Diva said...

Happy Happy Birthday Chloee girl!!

Vanessa said...

You can tell her teacher loves her!

tiburon said...

That kid had one heckuva birthday! Happy Birthday Chloee!!

Suzie said...

her little face is just precious in these great shots. I wuv them.

Ann Marie said...

Such a sweet post.
I am sure she had such a happy birthday.
I am so grateful she has you....