Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday PFC Corbin A

I'm a little late with this post obvio, since his birthday was Thursday, and I hope he'll forgive me.  We didn't even get to skype on his big day.  In fact, his birthday at school was one of the worst days he has had so far.  Boo.  On the bright side?  He was made class leader and that is something to most def be proud of.  Another leadership billet for him!

And now, I present the top 24 reasons I dig my oldest spawn:

24.   He introduced me into my world of motherhood.

23.  He is smart.

22.  He is more driven than anyone I know.

21.  He is a natural born leader

20.  He is loyal

19.  He is tender hearted when he needs to be

18.  He is tough as nails when required to be.

17.  He can figure anything out

16.  He can read a person's heart

15.  He's extremely intuitive.

14.  He's not afraid to have tough conversations.

13.  He is rational

12.  He will never allow anyone to offend his family and those he sees as family

11.  He is a good friend

10.  He loves true and deeply

9.  He works hard at every task he is given

8.  He is respectful.

7.  He doesn't waste time on people who prove themselves untrustworthy or unhealthy.

6.  He learns from his mistakes.

5.  He is willing to sacrifice now for the better good.

4.  He sees the big picture

3.  He loves his girlfriend in a way that others envy.

2.  He loves his daughter.  He knows and wants what is best for her.  And is willing to fight for it.

1.  He was patient with me as I tried to learn how to be a mother and he loves me despite the fact that I wasn't perfect.

Happy Birthday son!



Karalee said...

This is all SO true. He is simply amazing! <3

suz said...

That sounds like quite a guy! So what went wrong on his b-day? :(

Ann Marie said...

I loved your 24 things..
So many great qualities...
I especially love #3 and #7!!

Ann Marie said...

I loved your 24 things..
So many great qualities...
I especially love #3 and #7!!

Mrs. Organic said...

What a great tribute.

Pedaling said...

great list.
i think our kids can't hear enough of our happy thoughts regarding them.
Happy Birthday Corbin!

Teachinfourth said...

Those all seem like pretty good reasons.


Diaper Diva said...

What an awesome man you have raised. I think that list says a lot about you too. Happy Birthday Corbin.

Sue said...

What a blessing for you to have been a part of his life.( a big part might I add)

Corbin, may I give you 24 Birthday wishes for being a great young man?

carma said...

I like #17 - send him this way since I could use someone like that around here!!

Heather said...

What a great guy!! You must be proud!
Happy Birthday to him!

tammy said...

Sorry his bday didn't turn out as planned.

That's a pretty amazing kid you got there.

Missy said...

Love this!