Monday, March 21, 2011

I wish......

that my blog didn't have to be private

that all people were trustworthy

that I could say what I want to say without my words being twisted or misrepresented

that I was independently wealthy

that I could sleep a whole night again like I used to

that life was fair and just

that  I could go a day without crying

that I would always remember that Apollo Burger at 8:30 at night is a bad idea

that I was ready to run my half marathon next month

that I didn't have remove readers from my blog

that I had a maid to keep my house clean

that I didn't have to disable my facebook account

but mostly,

 I wish for



Jess said...

I wish all that for you too... one day things will ease up. Soon I hope.

" Hit It......." said...

I really wish your blog was not private too. This privacy thing is affecting your blogging mojo (I don't blame you). Any resolutions in sight?

btw - you will do fine in your race. You always do. :)

Natalie said...

I wish all those things for you too! Love ya :)

Susan Litster said...

And I wish for you the peace that is beyond all understanding.

Cheeseboy said...

So THAT'S why my facebook number went down?! Now it's all so clear. Well, that does suck.

Look at this, I actually REMEMBERED to come here and read this. And I had Apollo for lunch and then 5 Guys for dinner last week. I gained two pounds. Who would have thought?

wendy said...

I WAS WONDERING what in the world happened to you on facebook...then I tried to find you name and it was GONE. I was worried.........thought you X'd me.

Oh Melissa, I wish all those things for you too. I really really do. I miss your carefree self and spunk.
to hell with all those "trouble makers" and piss ants.
so there
Many many hugs....

suz said...

I'm wishing you peace.

tammy said...

Stupid stupidheads. They make me mad.

I hate all you're going through.


Heather said...

((hugs)) I am sorry for all your sorrows! I couldn't imagine being in your shoes. You are in my prayers.

Suzie said...

I really hate that you are going through this. I wish all of those things for you, friend.

gigi said...

I'm hoping that this will soon be over for you and that the coming spring will bring you lots more to smile about!