Saturday, March 5, 2011

No wonder I'm tired tonight

Today was PACKED with one thing than another.

Woke up early, logged into work and tested the system after an upgrade. 

Hit the gym and upped my mileage a bit.

Showered, dressed and out the door with Splenda and Sis to an appointment with a visitation supervisory agency (not for us, for the other grandparentals - one day I am going to tell the entire story)

Grocery Shopping

Load up 4 cars with some wonderful women from my ward and head to BYU to see the Carl Bloch art exhibit.

So touched by one particular painting after I read about it that I  sit and look at it lost in thought for several minutes.  Go through the entire tour and then come back to the picture to do some more deep thinking.

Zupa's for dinner with the same group of amazing women.

Go home, grab Sis and head to the Iceberg for shakes with Karalee and her sweet Momma Leslie.

(can't get the cute picture of Sis with whip cream on her nose to load - can't stay awake to keep trying.  Trust me - it was cute!)

Spend time laughing, giggling, hearing about MCT graduation and catching up.

Home with a tired, cranky Sis - about 30 seconds until she is asleep soundly in her bed.

M-Cat wanting to read blogs and catch up around Facebook.  Fall asleep mid sentence, jolt awake to discover that perhaps she should just finish the post and turn everything off.

Add in a couple loads of laundry, the dishes, and a bank run, and well, you can see why I am exhausted.

Love these kinds of days.  Busy, but all filled with good things and great people.  I am a blessed girl!


Mamafamilias said...

Oh, how I would LOVE to go to the Carl Bloch exhibit.

I love, love, love that picture as well. If you haven't already, you should read the article in the January, 2011, Ensign "Carrying others to the Pool of Bethesda." It is so good.

Here's the link if you want to look it up:

Glad that your tiredness is for good reasons.

tammy said...

Glad to hear you were so busy since I was too busy with family stuff to hook up with you during my short trip there. Guilt gone.

That painting is beautiful.

tiburon said...

You forgot the part where you brought me ice cream. Cause you are just.that.awesome!

gigi said...

Sounds like my kind of fun.