Sunday, November 28, 2010

When a Hurricane and the Trailer Park collide

*because I have had a few requests for pictures*

Okay, we all know I don't REALLY live in a trailer park, just my decorating skills do.  I have the same decor year after year and the same items go in the same spots every time.  I have no imagination, nor creativity.
And really, I'm okay with it.  Usually getting all the Christmas decorations out is a chore that I do strictly out of tradition.  This year though, we had Sissy for a little while.  That certainly added a new twist.

And so I present - M'Cat's Christmas-y decorated home with the help of her Hurricane Sissy

Start with the wreath on the front door, but forget to take the picture the day you put it up and wait until it's snowing to leave the door wide open so you can get a shot.

Put something on the inside of the door, but nothing that is going to clang and make noise when the door opens and shuts - it just irritates everyone.

Put down the floor mat that Luka made in grade school.  And for sure don't fix the picture to be facing the right direction.  That would be too classy.

There is crap now strewn about the living room and Splenda has gone to Target for lights so move into the kitchen
Hang one of many Christmas-y themed dishtowels that will hang cleanly for about 30 mnutes  Afterwhich some dumbbutt will grab it to dry his hands and thus ruin the whole thing.

I do have a lovely banister, so let's wrap some garland and string some lights.  The best touch is leaving the cord dangling. 

Speaking of garland's, the mantle in the living room should have one as well, with lights and stockings hung with great care.
Don't spend the time to actually center the hanging socks.  By now, you're getting bored so just hurry up and get done.

And lookie - there is space at the bottom of the fireplace, because heaven knows we won't ACTUALLY be building a real fire there - it makes too much of a mess so, might as well throw some of the decor down there
The little wooden manger has some straw in it (from a gazillion years ago).  The Hurricane thought it would be great to dump it all out and place baby Jesus upside down.  No worries - sitch rectified and all is well in the manger.

Now, you've got two end tables - better do something with them
Exhibit A - my favorite is the new Marine Corp ornament.

Exhibit B - my favorite is the Candlebreeze that blows lovely Christmas smells through my home!

And of course the coffee table to display our incredible Nativity scenes
Now try not to be too jealous over my nativity scenes.
On your left is the cute little one I got with a purchase at Deseret Book either last year or the year before.
The one on the right came as a gift the first time TNT went to Cancun.  Straight from the flea market it is!
I love them both oddly, especially the one from the flea market.  Maybe because it's a reminder of a place that I love so much.  But my favorite thing is the ceramic in the middle.  Santa kneeling with his cap removed in front of the baby Jesus.  Love this one!

Now it's on to the center of the room and the main event.  The tree!  But before we reveal it, there are two side chairs that need a little somethng as well.
Throw a Santa pillow in the west chair

Some other sort of Christmas-y pillow in the east chair
and then turn your attention to the piece de resistance!

Once Splenda and I got the lights on, the Hurricane blew right in and began her work.  Of course, one must always decorate the tree in your undies.  Clothes add too much class
I love her intensity.  Hurricanes are NOT to be messed with - they have serious work to do

The final product?
(the skirt?  An old sheet - NO LIE!)

My favorite parts?
The special touches that only my Sis can leave behind
mulitple ornament stacked together.  She liked grouping things.

And really, where else can you find Mr Lizard placed in the tree with the other ornaments.

It was a long tough morning, putting this all together  Such decor.  Such fnesse.  Such detail!
Think I'll grab a mason jar and drink me some hot cocoa.


Becca said...

Every time I see a post with Sissy in it I think that she and Sarah could be the very best of friends-they have oh so much in common.

Lara said...

You make me laugh. I love your decor, and I especially love your attitude. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too uptight about my decorations. My poor children are probably scarred for life.

Congrats, too, on your new beautiful baby niece!

veronica said...

I think it's perfect.
Tell Sissy I said, "Well done!"

Mrs. Organic said...

I love it. And seriously, who doesn't do their best work in their underwear?

" Hit It......." said...

I love your decorations and I wish I had your fun personality. You always make me laugh.

Hurricane Cissy is a hoot. At least she keeps you all on your toes. Keep the picture of her in her underwear; it will come in handy when she is a teenager!

tammy said...

I love Sissy's touches the best. You've got me beat....haven't even broken out one Christmas ornament yet. Normally I'd be all decked out by now. Maybe I can get Luvpilot on that today.

Pedaling said...

Look at you go!
I haven't even started yet on my christmas decor! Looks even better than last year! :)

Garden of Egan said...

Hilarious! Yes, Hurricane Sissy does decorate with flair. Martha Stewart should be calling any second!

Love the decor.
Now get your butt over here and decorate mine will ya?

gigi said...

You are one lucky lady to have a Hurricane Sissy to do all the hard labor for you. The last few years i have had 0 flare. Lucky to even get the tree up. I'm gonna try and do better! Promise!

Mamafamilias said...

It looks fabulous dahling. Sissy is a natural. Doncha just love the finished effects of the pre-schooler Christmas tree. My neighbors all think I'm Jewish 'cause it takes me so freakin' long to get around to the decorating. I need Sissy here to help. I'd love to see what she and my 2 Wild Things could cook up. My daughter didn't even bother putting up a tree last year.

P.S. My favorite thing is my Santa kneeling at the manger, too.

And the picture hanging over your mantle - my absolute favorite.

Mae Rae said...

You are too great! I love the decor, it is kind of like my house only bigger and more decorations than i have up right now.

Suzie said...

I wuv that she is in her skivvies.

I haven't even got my crap out yet.
Do I hafta?

Cherie said...

You are so funny and you don't give yourself enough credit. Your decor looks great and best of all your sweet granddaughter will always remember you letting her have her way with the tree and loving it! Awesome!!

P.S. I have not even started on Christmas decor so you are WAYYYYYY ahead of moi!

CountessLaurie said...

I love it. Well done.

P.S. I am trying not to covet your vacuum cleaner. It looks hott...

Sue said...

Look at you go girl...

And you said you didn't have talent or any decorations..

What I saw was pure Christmas at it's best..Women's day or style magazine would love to feature a real home, like yours during the holidays..

Sissy in her drawers hanging ornaments..priceless!!

Missy said...

You are so funny!
Oprah will be calling!!!

LKP said...

my favorite parts?
mostly of all: mr lizard in the tree!
secondly: that you have lovely ornaments & decor from your life. stuff that's accumulated. not perfectly themed colors/decor so it looks straight out of martha stewart living!
i heart you, your decor, & your hurricane sissy. ::hugs::