Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/10/10 Happy Birthday USMC - 235 years

(photo courtesy of google.  Marine EGA logo)

It is true.  They are the Few.  The Proud.  They are an elite group of individuals who, through diligent training and sacrifice become a cohesive band of brothers who serve on our behalf.  I am proud to, as of right now - this day, becoming an official part of the unique family.  My son is earning his EGA as I type this post.  This makes him part of that elite group.  This will make me the Mother of a Marine.  A title I will hold dear, cherish and honor.

Happy Birthday and Oohrah!

Semper Fi


tammy said...

I got chills watching this.

Kelly said...

Marines are super tough! I have known a few in my lifetime : )

You should be so proud of your son.

Martha H. said...

So freakin' awesome!

carma said...

did I mention I dated an ex-Marine once ?? I probably should not expand on it though :D

Mel-Rox said...


Just so you know Carma. No such thing as an EX Marine.

Anyway. As for the Commandants Message, my new friend Al Debnar was our oldest Marine at our cake cutting ceremony at the glorius place I work. Here is his response to that message and him being our oldest Marine.

"Regretfully, I had to leave right after the cake cutting but do want to thank you Melanie (**that's me) and all your staff involved with the ceremony.
I didn’t realize I was that old until I saw the movie. Ed King is the president of our Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Chosin Few. I was the
Treasurer and then VP until early this year. Trowbridge, Basham, Kenny are also member of our chapter. Sadly, Kenny passed away
a few months ago and was interred in Arlington. I have also met with Hector and Kurt. Again, thank you for the Birthday ceremony.
I don’t know how many more I’ll be able to attend as I’m not too steady on my frost bitten feet anymore and the wounded back still
gives me problems.

Cheers and Semper Fi.

CWO-2 Al Debnar
“C” Co. 1st Engr. Bn.
1st Mar Div
Korea, Oct 1950 – Nov 1951

tha malcontent said...

Semper Fi My Friend