Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My dilemma

Okay, my uber cool, cycling mama, photo-shooting, and smart-about-all-things-political-friend Pedaling is hosting a give away.


I already did my part today by leaving a comment, but I get another entry if I post about it and link over to her RIGHT HERE.

Here's the dilemma - if you aren't already following Pedaling then what the crap is wrong with you - wait that's not MY dilemma is it, that's your dilemma is this.  If you leave a comment, then it decreases my odds of winning.  SELFISH - I KNOW!  But serio - it's for 'dawg who is a HUGE Jazz fan, okay, our whole family is, but he sorta, kinda has this man-crush on D-Will and our goal was to make sure he gets to a game sometime during the week that he is home.  Pedaling has tickets. 'dawg needs a game.  See how this relationship could work? 

So, here's what ya do - go check her out if you don't already know her, and then, if you really love me, you'll leave a comment but tell her NOT TO COUNT IT so I can increase my odds of winning.

Shameless begging for my kid?  Uh - yes.  Will she actually not count your comment?  I have no idea - she's all about rules, and you know, being fair and crap.  She's upright and honest, and benevolent, and blah blah so I doubt I can convince her to rig the drawing, but I figure I'll give it a shot.

And what crap are you still doing HERE?  GO- NOW!


Connie said...

I'm on my way. Would you believe me if I tell you I'll give the tickets to you if I win? How's that?

gigi said...

Well, good luck to you! We love the Jazz too but a ticket wouldn't do us any good here in Georgia :( But I will still check her out.

M-Cat said...

Connie - I would love you forever!!!!!
Gigi - but if you win you could go with Connie's idea....just saying.

Oh, now I am just getting pathetic aren't I?

wendy said...

OK Melissa, I did....I went THERE and begged, groveled, pleaded...for her to pick ME....for YOU!!!!
Even though I'll be in Utah then, I'd give my tickets to you!!!
Yes, I have been known to exude a little Mother Teresa from time to time.
It's just what I do.

she better pick ME.....for YOU

Erin said...

I'm on my way over - just for you...

" Hit It......." said...

I love you both! I enjoy the heck out of both of your blogs. I posted it on mine too. Need your help my friend. I am retarded and can't link it in a cool way like you both. Show me your secrets?

b.t.w. I want to win... bad!!

Cherie said...

Just so ya know - and I wouldn't do this for just anyone - I saw this on Ped's blog, I am participating and if I win I will give YOU the tickets!! Cause your cool n stuff (and cause i can't go - ha ha).

Cherie said...

Holy Crap I just went back and read the comments and Connie already beat me to the sucking up - Oh my gosh, so did Wendy and so did Erin - and I thought I was original and crap.
Good news you have 4 chances to win now!

Pedaling said...

You are pathetic....but super funny!
There are no rule saying you can't "work" it...people can do what they want with the tickets-- even give them to you! Good luck to ya all! :)

Lara said...

I entered her contest, but since I really have no hope of making it to a Jazz game (unless she's buying my plane tickets, too), I will happily give them to you if I actually win. :)

Good luck!