Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hurricane Sissy - what does it leave in it's wake?

When I crack a joke about Hurricane Sissy hitting land - I am only kind of joking.  She is a BUSY girl, with the attention span of gnat and creativity beyond words.  Sissy like to re-organize.  And by re-organize I mean get into stuff and put things away in different spots.  We didn't have her this weekend, and it ended up being a good thing on accounta we are all sick, but she did spend an hour and a half with me Thursday morning before school.  It's now Sunday and I'm still finding little remnants of the storm left behind.

She loves my dresser top.  Even though I remind her a gazillion times to stay out of my jewelry box, she is drawn to it like a flea to a dog..  I have resorted to hiding my good stuff underneath the drawer of the box and leaving the many wristbands on top for her to play with. 

(they are now Buzz's necklaces)

She also dislikes barrettes in her hair.  Even though we all tell her how cute they are and how it holds her bangs out of her eyes, she doesn't care and as soon as my back is turned she slips them out and ditches them. 

(what do you mean a hair barrette doesn't go in the pantry with the jello and ravioli?)

She also doesn't like to put things back where they belong.  Even though I remind her that if we don't, we won't be able to find them when we want to use them again.  Instead, when reminded it's time to put things away she rushes to find a "safe spot" and declares it good enough.
(and Nemo totally belongs in my nightstand drawer.  With the icy/hot, ace wraps and other assorted aches/pain relievers)

Sometimes her stashing of stuff is a matter of convenience.  As in:
"Honey, grab your coat it's time to go now"
"Can I take my baby ball wif me to schoo?"
"No, we have to leave it here, there will be toys at school"
It then becomes much more efficient to stash your prized item in something that no one else really pays attention to so that you know it will be safe.
(see that little green ball to your left?  that's her baby ball.  Dropped into a Halloween decoration that has yet to be put away.  Betcha 10 bucks, that the minute she walks in my house Tuesday morning, she will go right there and retrieve her baby ball)

Sometimes, the leaving objects in strange places is merely a result of the gnat attention span.  You know, you have something in your hands, you start to do something else.  Next thing you know, you can't remember what happened to whatever it was in your hands.
(the magnetic x soon lost it's place when she was distracted by the fruit snacks in the pantry)

And some remnants of the beloved Hurricane are nothing more than the fruits of a 3 year's imagination and creativity.

(not quite sure what she was working on when she put the scale in the hall and lined shoes up on it)

At any rate.  I have two days to get my house cleaned and ready for the house sitters.  Meanwhile, I should call the FAA, the Coast Guard and prolly Homeland security to warn them of what is headed to CA later this week.
Hurricane Sissy - she'll likely be a Cat 5 since we "go big or go home"

**Preemptive apologies to any fellow passengers aboard our Southwest Flights, the other families staying in our hotel, and to all MCRD employee's, recruits, and family members.  No need for panic or fear, just batton down your hatches and prepare. 


Mae Rae said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the pics. Without the pics I don't think most would understand.

Cherie said...

Your little hurricane sounds so fun - I miss the little ones around the house - their messes are alot cuter than the big kids messes - ugh!
Have a super fantastical time in CA - I cannot wait to hear all about it and I totally mean that!! It is going to be awesomeness to infinity!!!

gigi said...

Yeah, our two tornados blew thru today and I'm sitting here just looking at the mess. I refuse to fix it today. Monday morning messes to take care of.

Garden of Egan said...

So hilarious!
I think you should come to my house when I have 7 Cat 5 hurricanes over. It's disasterous beyond belief.

Have a blast this week. I'm going to be watching CNN and Fox to make sure you (or Sissy) on the FBI mosted wanted.

" Hit It......." said...

You are so funny! I loved the picture of Buzz Lightyear with bracelets around his head!

I love how innocent and random Cissy is. If she makes too much noise on the plane; oh well! She is 3 1/2 and cute.


Mrs. Organic said...

I love finding stuff in the strangest places. Somehow we always end up with magnets in the freezer. And those little white caps on the ends of the doorstops? They're all missing.

Anastasia said...

I love the shot of buzz with his eyebrow raised, like "seriously lady? necklaces?"

Amy said...

Cute story and pics. I watch my nephew a couple mornings a week and always stumble on something he left in an odd spot.

Jillybean said...

So funny!
My kids used to do stuff like this, but have grown out of it.
It always gave me a chuckle when I would find things in odd places and wondered what on earth the kid was thinking when they put it there.
She's too cute!

tammy said...

As a parent you wonder if you'll miss cleaning up after your little ones but I would always chuckle at some of the things I'd find in places.

One evening we couldn't find Taylor's pj top that I had just brought downstairs to put on him. It seemingly disappeared into thin air. We searched everywhere. A few days later we found it stuffed into Connor's garbage truck.

So far Luvpilot's not flying on Wed, but there is a chance for your ride home. I'll keep you posted.

Missy said...

Tues and Layla do the Same Thing! We have hair bows in every corner! They call it "cleaning." LOL

LKP said...

sissy SOOOOO reminds me of daisy. even still, i'm trying to get her to unlearn these random placement habits! :) wednesday's coming quick! woot woot.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my lil Savy pants at times. They're a joy and I wouldn't trade these times for nothing!!!

God bless your travels.

Viola of

Cheeseboy said...

She sounds awesome. She is like me: anything that is out of sight is put away. Drives my wife/mom crazy. (Wait, just realized that came off wrong. My wife is not my mom. I should have said: drives my wife and my mom crazy. I guess I could have changed it rather than write this explanation, but not as fun.)

Sandra said...

haha! Hurricane Sissy...for a second there I thought you were talking about a real hurricane. I was a little confused...dont' worry, it doesn't take much to confuse me!

Together We Save said...

Oh my... she sounds like a precious little hurricane!!

carma said...

Sissy is such a joy!!! I love that she finds spots for her important stuff like Nemo

Plain Jame said...

She is a spunky cutie pie! I told myself a few weeks ago that I really have to start documenting corbins destruction. He's still at the stage where it is constant. My house just looked like I was a burglary victim. It was ransacked and heinous.

HOpe the graduation ceremony is amazing. Cant wait to hear all about it!

LKP said...

sooooo curious how everything many tears of honor were sea world went....and how your turkey day prep is turning out!
::massive hugs::

tiburon said...

Hopefully we can get her downgraded to a Tropical Storm soon...