Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling - Thursday Edition

Holy time time flying by Batman!

Today is my Splenda Daddy's birthday! The yin to my yang, the vanilla to my diet coke, the A-1 sauce to my steak. I am incomplete without him. Gosh! We've been married forever and weathered sunny skies as well as brutal storms. And here is he, another year older, and I am just as in love with him as I was 27 years ago!
How will we celebrate? Prolly low key. I hang out at Wasatch Running tonight so we'll do something another night. The beauty of getting older is that you care less and less about celebrations.
Speaking of Wasatch Running. Loving it! What a fun gig! I am def learning much more about my passion than I ever thought possible, but it's the kind of learning that's enjoyable. That's fun and interesting. The staff there are also very fun to be with. Every last one of them are nice, decent people. But what does one expect from runners? : )
Got hit with a cold bug a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I was pretty sure I was gonna die. This morning, however, I think I turned the corner. Sick sucks.

Been obsessed with Breaking Bad. OB-SESSED! Did a marathon of viewing and finished 3 seasons in about as many days. Now eagerly awaiting some way to watch season 4 so I can be ready for season 5. The series is most def not for everyone, so don't take this as a recommendation, but if you happen to like real and raw - it's a goodie. Forewarned, the DVD's that you can buy are NOT edited. I repeat NOT edited. Must watch on AMC or Netflixx. Damn those boys of mine for getting me hooked.

Christmas is over, so there's that.

2012 looks to be a better year. I have a good feeling about it. I think. Cautiously optimistic. However, thanks to Splenda Daddy, we have a few things on the agenda to look forward to:
1. A cruise to Cabo in February for just me and him
2. A family trip to Disneyland in March

He ain't called the Splenda Daddy for has EARNED that name!

Due to my complete and total obsession with the above named series, I have gotten seriously behind in my google reader and staying up to date on all my friends lives and adventures. Catching up and commenting about Christmas seems lame. I'm sorry. I love you.
GOP debates and race is getting old. Tired of hearing the same old, same old.
Debating on whether or not to go back to acrylic nails. I've always had them, then got to a point that I was tired of paying for them and taking the time to get the fills. Now I am missing them and debating whether or not I jump back into that boat.  Thoughts?
We got to Skype my Mom in Sweden on Christmas. What would we ever do without Skype? So weird to think that we are talking to her, seeing her and she is clear across the world.

This is the first New Year's day that I haven't had to be up at the butt crack of dawn to do year end. Thinking I might actually get to go to a party of some kind. Or do a midnight 5k. Options are fun.

Moving to a 9:00am church however is not that fun. I like my sleep in Sunday's. Must come to terms with that in 3 days. Wish me luck.


Mae Rae said...

I wish you all the luck with the early church.

Sounds like a tiny smile in the back of all of this post. It must be the Splenda that brings it out.

Happy New Year.

Suzie said...

These ramblings are awesome and so are you.
Happy Birthday to your man. He's a keeper, for sure.

susette said...

I don't comment much but sure enjoy reading your blog. I hope that's ok. I so love reading about your running and exercise and even when you talk about Young Women's. It's very motivating for me a new runner. I don't envy your new church time. We just finished 9:00 am and looking forward to 11:00 am.

Happy almost New Year!

Pedaling said...

commenting on christmas posts is lame...
Happy Birthday to Splenda Daddy.
It's been fun to kinda get to know him through you and the bloggio.

Glad you are lovin' your new gig!

Yay for a brighter year ahead!

Chief said...

not acrylic. I "heart" my Angel Love nails. Strong, yet thin. only have to go every 3 weeks.

I dont know.. I guess I have nothing else to comment on here cuz I forgot what I just read.


Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like Splenda is pretty stinkin' awesome. You are getting spoiled. I guess that's ok.

We go to 9:00'church and I am giddy! Heck I get up at 0500 every other day. Sunday is sleeping in!

I am so glad you are are having fun at Wasatch running. Sounds like it is totally perfect for you.

Happy New Year!!!!

Jamie said...

Splenda does Rock!
I happen to love that we have 8:30 church. Not looking forward to the early morning, just SO excited to not have 1:30.

" Hit It......." said...

I agree with Jamie..Splenda Daddy is the bomb! Two trips in less than three!

What to you do at SLC Running besides run? Are you working there?

I need to start bum is getting too big.

btw - I thought of your family on XMAS this year. I hope 2012 will be much brighter for you.

Lazarus said...

M-Cat, sounds like all good things are coming together, glad to hear it. The Feb/March vacays sound like fun and well-timed to get outta the cold. Do something crazy on NYE and have a double Diet Coke or something wild like that! :)

tammy said...

Splenda is the best. So excited for your trips. Luvpilot is taking us to Disneyland in Apr/May. I have 4 reservations made depending on his schedule and flights. Maybe I should just go 4 times! I earned it.

I'm hoping 2012 is better for all of us. 2011 was a hard year.

My BIL requested the Breaking Bad DVDs for Christmas, so that's what we got him.

It's weird that we change church times in Aug./Sept. I don't know why AZ does that. It was supposed to be like when school starts, but now our school starts at the end of July. Weirdness.

Cherie said...

Here's a toast (holding up my fake margaurita!) to 2012 - May it be a GREAT year!!!

So happy you have your Splenda Daddy - True love and devotion there :-D

I don't like 9:00 church either - I'm glad to be changing. Good luck.

Jillybean said...

A cruise right now sounds fabulous!!
We're starting the 1:00 church schedule. I will miss 11:00.

Amy said...

I would love a cruise. I think it is wonderful that you still love your husband so much. It seems so rare in the world today to find couples that last. Congratulations.

Mom of 12 said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie. I'm not looking forward to 9:00 church either.

wendy said...

I DO NOT DO EARLY mornings. (said it)
well....not willingly anyway.
YES MY DEAR FRIEND, lets hope for a great 2012. Something magical perhaps, or just LESS DRAMA AND STRESS.
Spenda daddy treats you wonder you've kept him for 27 years.
Saw my first hubby AND second hubby...both were at our family Christmas party while in Utah.
We are indeed a rare breed.
I am thinking of installing Female Polygamy....I've had 3 hubs, no biggie. (tee,hee) I could handle it.
I thought a lot about you on Christmas Eve. That may seem weird to you...with all the excitement and FUN that I was having with my family....when all was quiet..
and I was saying my prayers
and thinking..reflectin
on many things
my Matt
I thought of you and the heartache that evening was for your family last year. Yes I did.

What is Breaking Bad about??
We have Netfix I'll have to look it up.
BIG HUG my friend
I sooooo wish we could have connected while I was in Utah, but wow, it went so fast and I had little time to do much aside from family.
Ann did drop over one morning (to my daughters house, I was tending as she had to work that day) and we had a nice little visit. shared a few tears together.
OH HOW I LOVE friends who I can laugh and cry with.

Mindi said...

melissa--breaking bad is my absolute end-all-beat-all single FAVORITE show on television right now.

seriously, how much do i love walt and jesse? TOO MUCH.

just wait until you see season four. each time after the show ended, i would just be incredulous that they managed to top the previous week. GENIUS writing.

DesertHen said...

Happy New Year to you!

Wow, a cruise and a trip to Disneyland! You are gonna have some serious FUN!

Have not seen Breaking Bad...yet. Now I feel like I'm missing something!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I've been choosing TV over my reader lately too. I just finished watching a marathon of that new "Once Upon a Time" show. Now onto the Bachelorette. I'm not proud, but I am entertained. :)

Glad you like your job! And your trips sound so fun. I'm hoping for Disneyland in the spring. :)

Connie said...

Obviously, I've been doing other things instead of commenting on my friends' blogs.
I hope you had a good time celebrating Splenda Daddy's birthday and I hope your cold is completely gone by now.
We have the 9:00 in the blessed AM church, too! I was liking the 1:00 gig. Oh well, 12 more months and the time will change again.
Hope all is well.

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