Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things that are making me happy

As most anyone who is close to me, or has had to be within blog or FB reading distance, knows that I am more than a little blue lately.  Okay, for most of the past year I've slipped into a leeeetle bit of a depression funk.  It's all good, nothing stays the same and I fully expect to kick this to the curb soon.  But for now, I am kinda, sorta letting myself wallow in sadness.  I post this not for sympathy, but to journal the fact that the ever happy mCat had a period in her life where she wasn't quite so happy. 

Each day I am trying to find at least one thing that makes me smile, even if for a minute.  I try to take a pic and then go back and look at it again to feel that "happy" for a sec

Getting a paycheck to do something I love

Lunch with besties (missing you Ree and Ana)

A niece who isn't afraid to demonstrate her newly learned skills on the guitar

Ella's big blue eyes

Ella and Colson exploring the wonder of the Christmas tree

Ella and Splenda's smiles

My cute lil Bird singing with her school choir at our ward party

Biscuits at Ruth's diner

Breakfast with Nicole and Tib

Getting Adam and Nicole to put those lemons in their mouths like that.  I bet their teeth hurt for hours after

A vegan dish that was better than any bacon and eggs

You can tell I hardly liked it

Cleaning under the bed and coming across one of Chloee's socks. 

Having a bestie bring a fun new ornament hoping it'll help me find some Christmas spirit

Happy Mail!!

Love notes!

Yup - all things that brought or still bring a smile to my face.  One small kick of these blues at a time.


Mae Rae said...

hugs from miles away being sent your way today! and most every day.

Mrs. Organic said...

That last one is best of all. Happy Christmas!

tammy said...

If you say that's better than bacon and eggs, I'll try to believe you.

I love happy mail.

I need to find some happy right now. And some energy.

Garden of Egan said...

Those are beautiful things to make you smile.
So cute!
Those are some beautiful Blue Ella Eyes. You need to bottle that color up!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Hugs!

Connie said...

You got a check for running? That should make you smile!
Not too many things better than mail with a child's handwriting, especially if that child is a granddaughter!

Keep kicking it to the curb.
Hugs to you this Christmas season!

Amy said...

All good things to smile about. I love the ornament. And love notes form a child are the best.

gigi said...

I love your happy pictures!! They made me smile too! That pink mail is the best! Merry Christmas, M-Cat!

Sue said...

But even when you are in a teeeny tiny depression funk, you send vibes of gratitude and love.

You have had a rough year, which can bring rough edges.

Not for you though. Your goodness and love for your family have carried you "smoothly" through.

p.s I found my big girl panties, they just don't fit anymore!! haha

At least your still tiny and darling♥

Pedaling said...

mmmm- I'd like one of those biscuits! right now!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love your positive focus, even though your in a funk. Your Vegan dish is making me so hungry tonight and love your note! I happen to be friends with a Tracie Catmull in South Jordan. Probably not related, but had to check.

Ann Marie said...

Ditto Girlfriend.

Way to focus on some happy.:)

Now I want Ruth's Diner....

Hope you Have a Merry Christmas! Just keep going... and thinking Disneyland....

Cherie said...

Girl I hope you find some of your Christmas Mojo - I know you have it in you!! You are Super "M".
Love ya {{{Hugs}}}

Merry Christmas!!!

Jamie said...

Sometimes it's hard to find the good. Glad you are able too!
Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

Just SO said...

I'm glad that you can find some happy!

Heather said...

Clearly I am way behind on blog reading (and as a result have had to cut back on clicking out of Reader to comment), but I just had to say that I love this idea! When I've been in similar funks, I've adopted the ever-common gratitude journal, but taking a picture is such a good idea! I love it and appreciate your sharing.

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