Friday, December 9, 2011

mCat's Family Annual Christmas Card - 2011 version

Because I don't send out Christmas cards or letters, well, I used to when I was young and it all seemed romantic to me, and I had time, and I cared, the blog is going to serve as our Family Christmas Card and yearly update.

I know what you're thinking and I totally agree.  Lame.  Lazy.  And very scrooge-ish.
I'm okay with all of those adjectives right now, really.

All throughout blog land, and even in my very own mailbox, everyone has these beautiful professional pictures done and I can't even get my entire family in one spot.  Well, we did at Tuffy's wedding, but I was thinking wedding and not Christmas cards, on account I don't send them.  And since it will be 2012 before I get them all in the same room again, I had to improvise.

Behold - our beautiful Family 2011 Christmas picture!
back row - Splenda, mCat, Jordan, Jack, Corbin, Karalee, Chloee
front row - Luke, Tuffy, Montana and Jace

Aren't we a good looking bunch?!  And LOOK at our tree!  Gosh, you will be hard pressed to find anything else out there even comparable.  Really.  Isn't the touch of camo on Corb pretty cool?  And the pink skirts on all of us girls matching just so?  And we even got the all the dogs to sit still and smile.  A Christmas Miracle!!

Okay, if you can just peel your eyes away from the stunning photo, I will now commence with our family update for the year 2011

We began it all with a very rocky start by losing Jillian on Christmas eve.  2011 was going to be tough.  January was spent with Corb finished up his USMC training.  Luke enrolled in school in Orem.  Tuffy and Montana kept dating and working and finishing school. 
Jordan got fat
Jack got crazy.

Spring came,  Corbin finished up his combat training in CA, his specialty training back east and was getting ready to get established back in Camp Pendelton.
Karalee became a huge part of our lives.
Luke still doing school and working and dating
Tuffy and Montana still dating and working
Jordan got fatter
Jack got crazier

Summer showed up for a minute.
Corbin and Karalee got married on the beach in California.
Luke was working, schooling and dating.
Tuffy and Montana were working, dating and planning a wedding.
Jordan kept getting fat
Jack kept getting crazy

Fall struck too early.
   Corb working in the armory as a small arms tech stationed at Camp Pendleton. 
Karalee doing school part time and jewelry on the side. 
Luke still schooling, working, dating.
Tuffy and Montana got married and moved into a cute little apartment not from from here.
Jordan still packin on the ellbees
Jack still whirling around in his own craziness

Now it's winter and the end of the year fast approaching.
Corb's fam is doing fantastic in SoCal.  USMC is good to them.  They are good for the USMC.  Win-Win relationship
Luke is still working, schooling and dating.  I think he likes the dating part the most.
Tuffy and Montana got a new puppy and both working and loving the newlywed life.
Jordan is helplessly tubby.
Jack is hopelessly nuts
and Jace the new puppy is adorably cute.

And Chloee?  Well she spent the year being the cute, adorable, litte punkin that she is.  She justs get cuter every day!


So what have Splenda and mCat been doing all year?

*blink*   *blink*

*blank stare*


We are just along for the ride with our kids.  For us, that's what our world is all about.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

PS - if you are interested in the amazing pictorial art above, send me an email and I could prolly make one happen for you family.  Unless you have a bazillion kids and then most likely not.

PSS - if you need one for your fridge to hang up with all the other cute ones you get, just click the print button and make sure you have paper in your printer.

PSSS - This won't be the last post on Christmas so don't get your socks spinning yet, just needed to get the cards out you know!


DesertHen said...

I was just sitting at my desk at work thinking about Christmas cards and how I use to love to get them done early and mailed out on time....sigh! Then it hit me that I don't really care if I do them this year or not. Wow I just keep sliding further and further into Grinchville!

So if you woudln't mind and if you have time...Would you please design my Family Christmas card too???? Two adults, two adult children (boy, girl) three cats, one dog. I just want to get my order in quickly cause I have a feeling your gonna be swamped!! =)

Suz said...

Best. Christmas. portrait. ever.

" Hit It......." said...

I like your Christmas card! Besides that, I bet your whole family reads your blog.

Regarding XMAS cards..., I usually do them...this year, I don't think so.

Garden of Egan said...

You cracked me up.
Then I cried.
Then I smiled.

What you have been through is absolutely unbelievable this year.
You have broad shoulders my friend. You have been a rock for your family and all of your "new" family.

It has been a wild ride.

Love the Christmas card. I'm not sure I'm even going to get that far, so once again....I bow to your greatness.

Hugs and loves my sweet friend.
Hope the dogs are able to take off the ellbees!

Connie said...

Melissa, you are a real art-teest! I love that all you girls are wearing pink! It's so fun to see families dress in matching colors!
I think your Christmas Card is lovely and heart-felt. Seriously, I feel loved by receiving this card. You're way ahead of me! I haven't even thought about Christmas cards!

You're an amazing woman. What a year it has been for you and your family...many blessings and many sorrows.

Glad this isn't the last Christmas post! Keep 'em coming!

Sue said...

I don't do Christmas cards.
I don't do neighbor gifts (we do a family instead)
I don't wrap presents

What I do though, is appreciate a funny, creative Christmas post!!
You win!

It has been year for your family. I'm glad I have been there to see all the goodness.

wendy said...

ha ha..Best Card ev-ah.
I don't send out cards either...I should have thought of this.
Poor Jordan....I mean, still packing on the lbs???
(sounds like me)

This is a bit of a journey this past year that your faithful blogging friends have spent with you.
Hard things, happy things, funny things....lots of things.
For such a skinny broad like yourself (who doesn't eat cheese) you have carried a lot of things on your shoulders this past year.
You may have felt weighted down, but your spirit has been stronger.
WE....are always here for you.

Merry Christmas sweety, and if I get a chance, I'll get in touch with you when I get to Utah.
Big hug.

DeNae said...

Ba-RILLIANT! I love - nay, ADORE - the family picture! I may have to steal that idea from you. If I do, I'll totally give you credit.

It sounds like you're finding one silver lining after another. You're my hero.

Have a wonderful - and uneventful - Christmas.

Teachinfourth said...

One of the best cards EVER... it.

CountessLaurie said...

great post, girlfriend. you nailed it.


Mrs. Organic said...

I love it and may have to steal it. It's the only way we'll ever all be looking in remotely the same direction.

THis has been a year, eh?

tammy said...

I only have two kids and two dogs so would you do one for us?

2011 was hard wasn't it? I don't want to do that again.

Jamie said...

What, you don't want to make a card for all ten of us and our two dogs? I could sweeten the pot with a few neighbor kids if it helps!
I love your pic and your letter. You are way ahead of me. No cute pic and no card at all so far.I am glad your family is doing so well!
The image below is priceless! I have decided I need to read when you pop up on my blog reader because if I wait till I have no kids around I get to far behind to be able to comment.

Amy said...

Love the card. I have been having the internal debate on Christmas cards and not sending them won out.