Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you like what I like?

Years ago, we had some super fun neighbors that we were close with and we ADORED their children.  Their youngest son felt totally and completely comfortable just walking in the front door, getting something to eat, or finding something to do.  I think he might have been 3 or 4.

One day, he came in and went into the office to talk to Splenda Daddy.  Next thing you know, he's asking Splenda if he likes what he (the little boy) likes while absentmindedly slipping his hand in Splenda's sleeve to touch his arm.  We STILL laugh over that scene.  It was so odd, out of place and it kinda surprised us both.

Now, our inside joke at home is...."Do you like what I like?"

PS - I really hate cats, even though I am called mCat.  But I do think a laughing cat is funny.  As long as I don't have to live with it.

And today, is our first edition on the ole blog......

I like........

My bed.  Totally have the best bed of all time.  Cal-king, tempurpedic, heavy blankets and comforter.  Nice and tall, so much so that the dogs have to have their own stairs to get up. (yes I am one of those people)  I have a hard time getting out of it once I am in.  My bed freakin rocks.

A paid for home.  Serio - best feeling ever.  No mortgage.  I can't claim any credit for this, it's all Splenda Daddy's wise and fiscal responsibility.  But the feeling that if the whole economy were to collapse, I have a roof over my head is comfort indeed.

Food that I don't have to prepare.  I have to be the laziest person when it comes to food.  I want it fast, ready and good.  I hate cooking or putting any kind of time or effort into concocting something good to eat.  I enjoy a good driveup where I can yell my order through some garbled box, or a nice place where I sit down and people bring me my food.  Heck, I'm even good for a spicy dog that's been on the rollers for hours at the sev!  Just so I don't have to think it up, or make it.  Makes it problematic when we buy groceries.  Splenda wants to buy things we can make meals with (normal) and I want to just buy crap I can snack on without any kind of prep (not normal).  What's really scaring me is that Splenda mentioned that perhaps we should start growing some of our own food. I have two words for that......  CA - RAP!

Shoes.  I am such a girl shoe.  I wish I had 15 different pair of running shoes.  I wish I had 10 different pair of boots.  Maybe 8 pair of different black dressy shoes.  Several pair of flip get the idea.  I like shoes. Mucho!

Product.  In fact, you could say I'm kind of a product whore.  If there is a new mascara, or shampoo, or lotion, or perfume, or fancy gadget of some kind, I am ALL OVER IT!  New kind of hair goop?  Check.  New improved mouthwash?  Check.  New style of jeans or sweaters?  A new fad?  Check and Check!

Happy people.  I just like to be around happy people.  Whiners, murmurers, complainers, fault finders, I have no need for.  Listen guys, people in general have enough downers in their lives, that we don't need to go adding to it.  Be happy or get good at faking it.  If nothing else, STOP WHINING AND COMPLAINING.  'Cause that totally helps right?

My Kindle Fire.  A total surprise from Splenda Daddy and I.Am.Loving.It!  I downloaded some games that Chloee can play on it.  I'm kinda addicted playing around with it.  It rocks.  Fo shizzle.

When Jace comes to play.  Totally occupies Jack and helps to release his energy.  'nuff said.

In less than 24 hours, I will be in SoCal.  I like that Splenda lets me spend the money to go.  I like that the kids let me stay and play with them.  I like that I get to snuggle Chloee, and play barn, and hide in the closet, and play at her park.  Good times. I like it!

Sunday nights.  We usually get the kids for dinner and then movie night.  I like tradition.  I like routine when it comes to my family.  I like all my lil chickens gathered together.  If only 2 years and 8 months would pass by quickly.  Then I have them all.

Retirement.  Okay, sorta retirement since I'm working the gig at Wasatch Running.  But that is part time.  The rest of my days are filled with stuff I want to do.  Gym, hot baths, reading, sleeping, sometimes lunch with besties......stuff I want to do with people that are genuine friends whom I love.  So NOT overrated at all!

and finally......

I like my diet brown bubbles.  Every day.  Someone asked me last week  if I had a certain "drink".  Not really.  It just has to be diet, brown, and bubbly.  If it's coke or pepsi, then I'll add some vanilla.  Other than that, I am just a DBB girl. 

So there's the first of hopefully many "I like ...." lists.

Do you like what I like?


Vanessa said...

You have dog stairs but hate cats? Weird.

Garden of Egan said...

In spite of the fact that you are a cat-hater...........I love you!

Your must take a photo. Preferrably of it unoccupied as I know this is a family friendly blog.

Yes, brown bubbles. I'm a bit more discriminating though. It must be Pepsi.

Glad you are enjoying retirement doing what YOU want to do !

Have a blast in Chloeefornia! LUCKY! Snuggle with her for me too.

Uh, the will really love it.
Then you need to get some chickens. Your life will be complete.

tammy said...

You can't have the best bed because I do.

Actually they sound pretty much the same. I have contemplated buying doggy stairs...

Cats are evil.

I like my diet brown bubbles too.

I love fresh veggies, but hate to garden. I think it's from my parents forcing us to weed when we were kids.

I wish our home were paid for. Upgrade time can't come soon enough!

And yes, food I don't have to make is the best! But 7-11 thank you.

" Hit It......." said...

We are a lot alike. I hate to cook and I really hate coming up with ideas on what to eat. I get tired of being in charge. I ask my kids what they want to eat and they say "food." It makes me mad!

You go and have the funnest time ever in Southern Cal. Give Chloe' a kiss for me.

I am also glad that we share the same love for diet bubbly. My boss told me the other day that I drink more of that beverage than anyone that he has known. I am also on a first name basis with the gals at the 7 Eleven. I know...I have serious issues!

Merry Christmas. I love you.

Jenny P. said...

I love my bed.

I love food that is already cooked.

I love nondiet brown bubbles... if I'm gonna drink it, I'm drinking it straight.

I love shoes...

And I do love cats, but I still live without them cause they make me sneeze.

just call me jo said...

Well, of COURSE, the diet brown bubbly is tops! (I sort of lean toward Diet Coke but I would drink diet caffeine anything at times.) I don't have a good bed but I like just the thought of bed and sleeping. Sleeping is the best. Yes, retirement is heavenly. I think it's adorable that a little boy would inspire this list.

Pedaling said... you like what I like?--so funny.
let's see, I like laughing cat pics, yes.
paid for anything, right now it's our cars. Yay!
hair product,
happy people (definitively!)
SoCal, where those I love reside as well!
Sunday nights, much the same way as you.

about my bed...ted and I hate or cal-king tempurpedic- it's so hard. we have another kind in the guest room that is so cozy and soft. We like it so much better.

I loved this post!

namaste said...

i like the title and concept of this post. my oldest daughter used to like to stroke my arm skin. felt so weird to me as a grown-up, but she loved it from toddler to 6th grade.

i LOVE happy people. can't stand whiners.

i wish my home was paid for, so i can relate to you liking that.

i like letters and words... very much. i see acronyms in everything.

Amy said...

I like what you like...mostly.

I hate cats.

I love my bed.

I like to cook but only when I want to not 'cause I have to. I even like the dogs at the sev or maverick. Maverick nachos with jalepenos work for me too.

I have a lot of shoes that I never wear. When we moved back to our own place my son laughed when I was petting my shoes and telling them how much I missed them.

I love my brown bubbles. But not diet. And I prefer Coke to anything else.

Have a great time with Chloee.

Loralee said...

My oh my how I have missed reading your blog regularly - I am gonna have to change that! I like everything you like, except I like OUR cat, but not all cats... :-) and I like that my daughter Noelle is such a mommy to her kitty. It's gonna make her a good mommy one day. I don't like any kind of bubbly drink though, although I will down a good root beer float on a hot day. I am soooo jealous that your house is paid off - I want that - but I am with your hubby. What are you gonna do when the world goes to hell and you are sitting in your paid-for house with no food to eat? Just a thought :-) Love you, and I hope I am back!!!

Teachinfourth said...

So many good things here, M-Cat...

I'm not a cat fan, either.

Mom of 12 said...

I like tradition too. I also love Sunday nights except that my sweetie sometimes gets a little moody because it means work the next day.

Jamie said...

I like cold rainy days that remind me of Ireland
I like my kids, most of the time.
I like english toffee
That is just a few.
Oh and cats, have no use for them at all!

Shell said...

Food I don't have to prepare tops my list right now!

Plain Jame said...

Your house is paid off? Um, hells yeah, that is pretty freakin awesome!
Why the hate for cats so much? What do you have against pussy? (sorry, totally couldn't resist that one.)
Ima gonna go now...

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I just want you to know that yes, I DO like what you like!!

Sue said...

gotta say I love your list.

Have a Merry Christmas my bloggy friend.

You make me smile.

Yes, I like what you like and I like you too!