Friday, August 26, 2011

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

"Don't stop!  My pants are still down"

"That movie was awesome up until the point that we turned it on and pushed play"

Chloee: "Mimi - my boobs are gonna be bigger than yours.  And longer!"

"Take it out and lick it off!"

"That's where your kind shops"

"I'm glad you can enjoy my son so much"

"Honey, daddy had a repressed childhood, try to understand."

"Your hair glows in the dark - someone put Melissa up front"


just call me jo said...

I won't even ask on some of those. I do like the one with Chloee and your boobs. (yeh, me too...)
Good ones.

tammy said...

Hair that glows in the dark could be very useful.

Chloee cracks me up.

Jenny P. said...

I've seen lots of movies that were awesome until actually watched. And oh, the boobs... so funny!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

I finally made it to friday...and thank goodness for your hair.

Just an Idealist said...

HAHA :D this totally makes my day :)

CountessLaurie said...

Yay, I love Funny Bone Fridays!!
Who is using you for a light now?

Diaper Diva said...

a little girl needs a goal to shoot for in life, Go Chloee....

Mrs. Organic said...

Chloe cracks me up!

Amy said...

Chloe is hilarious with the boob talk.

Found you on Facebook!!!

LKP said...

i love today's quotes of wisdom & hilarity. :) wanna hear the one i witnessed today? was coming out of the mall and saw a cute couple of kids come around the corner, followed by their pretty mom. it was apparent there was a straggler i hadn't seen quite yet. mom paid me no mind and said to the little one still dragging feet, "well, you shouldn't have gotten IN the water if you didn't want to have wet underpants." she glanced at me just as this dismayed little boy came into view, and he's trying to keep the clingy wetness pulled away from his skin. it was priceless! i couldn't help but say, "but isn't that just how life always is?" she chuckled and we went out separate ways, both still giggling. it was cute, but also very thought provoking. it may reappear in an introspective post sometime soon. got my rusty cranium wheels a-turnin'.

lol, love ya! no pressure. you're just one of my faves and a must-read for me. so, that's why you're on my list.

as for last week, yeah it would've been lovely to have caught up with each other & our families, but i know things have been crazy busy for ya. plus i was seeing all sorts of race stuff everywhere i went so i figured i'd have been massively interrupting.

By-the-by, had a really wonderful experience while we were there. i plan to blog about it soon, but things aren't materializing as quickly as i'm thinking them. :)

again, just how life is, i guess.

::massive hugs::

Cherie said...

Have you been visiting Melissa? Those quotes are hilarious - is it her new blond hair that is being talked about.

Chloee is just too funny!

Allright I wanna know who is enjoying your son and why his pants are down (wink!!).

Erin said...

I'll bet Chloee is the light of your life. What a (funny) sweetheart!

Garden of Egan said...

I want the entire story on every one of those twisted comments!!!!
Put some Melissa up front?????

Pull your pants up my friend before they do put you up front.

Pedaling said...

you are like a glow worm!
"and longer" that is the best!