Sunday, August 28, 2011

BFF's; Bees and Bantering

It doesn't getter better than this.

A Salt Lake Bee's game (triple A team for the Angels)

with your besties

and smack talk all night long.

Apologies to the young man we teased all night hawking "aaaaaallllllmmoooonnnnddds"  But dude, if you are gonna sing it, it's gonna garner some attention that you might not appreciate. 

Apologies to the family sitting in front of us.  I know Tib gave up her golden weiner to your son, but placing the foam finger in the position you did, was going to get some feedback from us.  That wasn't gonna go ignored.

Apologies to Colby Dewitt, whom I mistakenly called Cameron.  I think he wanted to junk punch me since I don't ever get his name right.

Apologies to the woman in the Chicago Dawg line who I kept staring at.  Really...those earrings?  I thought your earlobes were gonna pluck right off.  I just couldn't turn away.  And the fact that they kept falling in your beer made me giggle.

NO apologies to the stupid Red Sox fans who thought they needed to say something.  Really?  IT'S AUGUST YOU MORON'S!  Don't talk to me about scoreboard until the end of September.  And then don't get all irritated when I mention the number of WS rings each team has.  Saying something about the Yankees paying for them is the stupidest thing I ever heard.  Steinbrenner has the money, those are the league's payroll rules.  Stop being bitter and get an owner with more money.  Quit being the annoying little brother who is constantly trying to be as good as the big brother.  Red Sox good will NEVER equate to Yankees great.  The. end.

The best part of the whole night was after the game while setting up for the fireworks show, they brought a young man out for a contest. He had to throw a ball into a hole on a board. Poor kid had to have only been about 12 or 13, and he just couldn't even get close. They even gave him extra chances, but he couldn't do it. You could see the disappointment and maybe a little embarrassment on his face but the announcer was cute and let him know that he had won a prize after all and to turn and look on the big screen.  He and his mom and little sisters turned and there was his dad in his fatigues talking to them.  The audio was cutting out, but watching that families face needed no words.  Dad's talking was only a minute and the next thing you know he is walking out of the dugout and towards his kids!  Seems he returned after a deployment to Afghanistan and surprised his family! Seriously the moment of the night!

Capped off with fireworks and it's a perfect date!

Thanks Erickson's for having the Catmull's out for a night of fun!


" Hit It......." said...

Looks like a blast! I love the surprise homecomings...they always make me cry.

wendy said...

Meliiiiiiiiiiiiisssa.......I love your hair. Looks very cool on ya. When did you do that.

what a great night you had. That Red Sox fan apparantly had no idea WHO he was dealing with...when trash talking your Yankees.
I'd be afraid, very afraid.

earings dangling in the beer, I'd be giggling.

and that surprise ending for the family is totally AWESOME. I love stuff like that.
good times. fer sure

wendy said...

and p.s.
I had to scroll down and do some catching up
The Cure Ride photos were a blast.
I LOVE YOUR HAIR.(oh yeah, I said that already)

Garden of Egan said...

You are a sassy little thing aren't ya!
I sorta wish I would have been in the crowd just to watch you schmack talk!

That is so cool about the military moment. I love stories like that. I bet they got a standing ovation.

Amy said...

The military homecoming definitely sounds like the best part of the night. I love seeing those and hearing the stories.

Kelly said...

Love the daddy homecoming part of the game. I bet everyone was in tears! Was up with the blonde hair? Did not recognize ya!

just call me jo said...

Talkin some trash, huh? You're trouble makers for sure...Sounds like you were the life of the party. Rock on!

tammy said...

I love surprise homecomings. Gives me chills and makes me tear up.

Sue said...

awesome surprise. How cool for that family.

Gotta love your comments to all the people around you. Ya crack me up girl!

Mae Rae said...

i certainly hope that "stupid" was not a collective stupid and was just meant for those that were there. I don't want to have to hunt you down.

LKP said...

i didn't get to snag a single one of our games up here. :( sad. no time. well and just when i think i'm getting a handle on things and i'm gonna find more time, someone i'm related to dies and the chaos just compounds! btw, lovin' the new do & color, blondie! ::hugs::

Pedaling said...

good dumb people watching...the dumber the better! sounds like you hit the jackpot!

gigi said...

Sounds just like what the DR. ordered for you! Good times!!