Sunday, August 28, 2011

Having Fun while working to Find a Cure

Remember when I begged and pleaded for your support

Yeah, well the event went on anyway and while the turn out was disappointing, those that came and were involved had a great time!

Met Tib and Adam at the crack of dawn and started setting up the tents, food and prizes.
Gradually all the volunteers came by and Ken got the route all marked up

Lisa and I were set up at the first aid station, and dang if a couple of the riders were too fast and were weren't there for them when they passed by.  No problemo though, we were there for them on their way back

In the meantime, TeachingFourth came by and hung out for some good times!

and then I let him take the camera for a bit while we played around and encouraged the riders

My cute, cute Alexis - my one YW who braved this all on her own and ROCKED IT!! 

JZ is seriously a FUN dude and added so much life to the party there at our little aid station.  I was sad he had to take off.  If you're not a reader of his already, you should be.  You will find him

After that Lis and I were chillin, talking to the runners and other bikers along the trail, offering water, garnering some donations and basically having a great time. 

Lisa and James - James was part of the SAG support. Grateful those guys since there were a few flat tires along the way

I guess not everyone found the ride so exciting : )

Ana and her daughter Lindsey.  Another young lady that took the ride by the horns and showed it who's boss! 

By about 12:45 or so, we had all the riders back off the course, tents taken down, food put away and prizes given.

It was a fantastic event and in all honesty SHOULD have been much more well attended.  However, as any event organizer knows, the first year is hard.  It takes a couple of years to get the word out, people involved and have it grow - I'm banking on next year.

Tiburon did a fantastic job.  After watching her work her butt off for weeks to make this come together, I was disappointed for her that we didn't get more riders but my admiration for her grew as she handled the occasion like a pro.  As word gets out and more people understand what a great cause they are donating their time and resources for, I've no doubt it will become THE kids ride to do!

And if you are still interested in donating


just call me jo said...

Look how enthusiastic you were! Sorry the attendance was sparce. You'll get 'em next year. Love the fun pictures.

Pedaling said...

again, i am sorry i missed such a good cause. thanks for linking the donation button though. made it so easy to contribute in some small way.

Kristin said...

SooooOoo many seriously cute photos!