Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

It's been a long time since I've rambled.  Outloud.  Publicly. 

It could be scary since I am having a freakin headache that seems to only get worse and not better and now iamforcedtomedicatewithprescriptionsthatihangontoforthesejustincasescenarios

Read that however you want to.  Go ahead and judge. 

Actually stop your judging.  The bottle has mysteriously disappeared.  Someone is going to die.  Or I hid it somewhere and can't remember where.  Sucks to be me.

I smell like roast.    I put a roast in the oven for dinner tonight (hey!.....I can put the big box that gets hot!)  and now the smell is clinging to me.  A good smell to be sure, but Jack won't leave me alone.  It's like I'm his own lick and chew stick.

Speaking of Jack, I don't know what the hell he got into in the back yard, but it's stuck in his beard.  That means it's gonna take about 4 of us to hold him still while I cut it out.  That should be all kinds of fun.

The wedding plans are in motion for Tuffy and Montana!  I have my to do list and I thank Heavenly Father every single day that I only have boys.  Tender mercy indeed.

Three more sleeps and I get to cuddle that little bundle of love called Chloee!  I get so excited just thinking about it!

Found a new blog that I am liking.  Dude is funny!  Anyone that will videotape his sister climbing through a doggie door and lives to post it, gets serious props.  Check him out.  Tell him M-Cat sent you and that will make him laugh and wonder who the hell I really am.

My mom is galavanting around Europe!  Serio?!  She goes off to serve a temple mission with her cute husband and for the two weeks that the temple closes, they need to amuse themselves around Europe.  She is at the Sweden temple, but I think they are heading just about everywhere.  One day I will be that lucky.  Galavanting - sheesh!

Met a dude Saturday during our fundraiser that was telling me all about the Marine Corp Marathon.  It's October and of course already sold out - but mark my words.....I WILL DO THIS NEXT YEAR!!!  He is with an organization that assists disabled vets to complete the marathon.  Last year he pushed a vet who lost his legs.  The ENTIRE marathon!  This year, he will be helping someone who lost his sight. 

A best friend hacks your blog and fixes your pictures.  And then texts you and tells you she did.  Crap I am lucky.  What would I do without my Shark?

Speaking of friends, one of my BFF Diva's is moving to Minnesota.  MINNESOTA!!  Who the flagnon lives in Minnesota?  Sure that's where her wife got a job, but STILL, do they have to leave us?  Starting to have some panic about it all when I let myself think about it too much.  I don't like my BFFs leaving and going far far away.  Pisses me off.

You know how everyone does the FML?  If you know what I'm talking about then you know what the F means.  I'm not gonna spell it out for the rest of you lame-o's, this is a family blog.  Most of the time.

Anywhoo - I decided instead of FML - I am gonna start typing and saying LML - love my life.  Isn't that so cheery and uplifting and happy?

Okay, I'm over it now.  Whew !......That was a close one.

Did I mention that in 3 more sleeps I get to see, hold, smell, touch, snuggle Chloee?  Have you ever physically ACHED to hold someone?  Yeah.   It's like that.  And not to be misunderstood, I am excited to see Corbin and Karalee too, but I'm SOOOOO not snuggling them.  Just Sis.

And for freaks that think my house will be empty?  It's not.  Not everyone is going to CA morons, so go pillage someone else. 

Guess I should go check that hot box in my kitchen and the pan that I put in there earlier and make sure it's okay.

Peace out girl scouts!


" Hit It......." said...

I love that you are counting "sleeps." Giver her a hug for me. You make me smile lady; you are the best grandma.

Tell the Shark hi. I never talk with her anymore. I still want to buy lunch. Invite her to come.

wendy said...

YES I know what it feels like to HURT when you want to hold, snuggle, and smell someone so much (or whatever)....cause that is exactly how I feel about MY grandkids, and even my kids.
I am happy for you that you get to see her.

I had never heard of the FML....but I think I figured it out when you modified it to LOVE MY LIVE. much better

wedding plans can be difficult, but I LOVED all things of preparation when my only daughter got married.
So, I say ONLY daughter, with a sigh of relief. (tee,hee)

I totally think you need to run in that Marathon. It would probably be a very moving experience for you Ms. Marine Mom.

I am so glad you know how to work the Big Hot thing in your kitchen. Even if you smell like a roast, and the dog will lick a rash on you.

Lastly, YES it is awful...and pisses ya off.......when those you love move away, or if YOU end up having to move away from those you love.
Enough Said.
love you

gosh I talk a lot

just call me jo said...

OK, so I hope Jack is a dog cuz otherwise that sounds really creepy. Especially if you have to hold him down to cut stuff out of his beard. What is a Shark? Who took your meds? That's really not funny in my house. Don't take my drugs! I wrote you an email earlier but I was on my phone and it didn't go through. It said, "If I'm running, call the police." So you can tell I don't run. hahaha

Diaper Diva said...

My friend just moved to Minnesota too. I say watch out ladies there may be an epidemic, Just saying... Oh and pot roast is way better than the bacon smell, or at least I think so.

Garden of Egan said...

Wow, just when I couldn't think you would be any funnier, you get funnier.
Sheesh. Not even drugged out?

Minnesota is one step above Idaho ya know.

I hope the headache stops and YES I know what it feels like to physically want to hug a grandkid.
I'm pretty excited for you.

Amy said...

I bet Chloe is counting the "sleeps" until she gets to be held, snuggled, and smelled by her Grandma.

The Marine Marathon sounds great. You go!

If someone hid my drugs there would be serious damage to ones body parts. There are some things you have to have and major headache drugs are one of them.

You crack me up. I had a pork roast smell on me all day until I went to water aerobics then it was all washed off by icky public pool water.

J.J. said...

Hello!?! Minnesota here...
Let me know if she wants to chat and I can give her the Minnesota lowdown.
I'm happy to help in any way I can!

Sue said...

you must have taken your happy pills. because this post is cracking me up!

Mrs. Organic said...

Love is such a better four-letter word. I'm going to start using it more often..."Oh, for the Love!"

Sorry about the BFF moving. Yay for Skype.

tammy said...

I know that hurt. I hate that hurt. I'm glad you'll be squeezing the stuffing our of her soon.

I hate smelling like food. And it really gets in my long hair.

Off to check out funny dude.

Pedaling said...

my sis in law, the mother of boys,told me weddings for her are easy....all she has to do is wear beige and blend into the wall!

love your comment about the teacher this year who let all the kids take a text message/facebook break. that is awesome!