Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Marines, jinxing and dishonesty.....and a whole lot of other crap wrattling around in my head.

It feels like a long time since I've just rambled.  Let me clarify, that I've just wrambled on my blog.

The past few weeks has been intense.  Huge family changes.  Huge life changes.  Lot's of support from all kinds of people.  Some hate from other's.  I guess you can say we've experienced the whole range of feelings and I am sure we will experience a whole lot more.

'dawg goes back to So.Cal next week.  I've been impressed with how kind the Marine's have been.  I hope that all this emergency leave doesn't come back to bite him and that he has to make it all back up.  If he does, it could be another year or more before he gets to come home again.  That would suck.  Rocks.

I have jinxed us. I did that great post about Sissy sleeping in her bed, and how smart her daddy was with his idea....blah  blah blah......yeah totally worked for a little while.  Not so much now.  She is afraid of being alone.  Plain and simple.  She hates going to bed alone.  She hates waking up alone.  She hates sleeping alone.  She is afraid.  And no matter how much we stress how safe she is, leave the door open, use a nightlight - you name it, we're doing it - no go my friends.  So for now, she lays down, closes her eyes while me or Splenda tells her some fabulous story involving her, us and something fun.  She drifts off.  At some point in the night, she wakes up - cries and wanders in with her pillow pet and prayer bear and needs to be snuggled.   I really don't even care.  When I was little, I was afraid EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  Serio - I had nightmares every single night of my life until about the time my first child was born.  Some recurring nightmares, some new - but always scary dreams.  Due to my own Mom's health, we were not allowed in their bed to snuggle when we were afraid.  I think because of that I swore I would never turn my kids away.  So I didn't and I don't now.  They eventually grow up and stop needing you and all is well.
Lesson learned?  Be careful what you blog about - you could totally jinx it.

I have got to get back to the gym on a regular basis.  Seems like one thing or another gets in my way, but I have so much on the agenda this summer that if I don't get serious in my training, I won't be able to do any of it.  Stressful.  Besides, I need the endorphins bad. 

We've been watching the HBO series The Pacific.  I'll do a whole blog review about it when we are finished, but I have to say I am loving it.  Especially with my built in censor.  'dawg has already watched it, so when there is a scene that is simply there for gratuitous stimulation, he skips the chapter and we get right back to the violence and F-bombs.   The real Marine life.

Jordan and Jack have become best friends.  Had I known our life was going to get upended, I would have held off getting Jack when we did, but now that the housebreaking is getting under control, he is settling in as a member of our family quite nicely.  And Sissy loves him. 

Sunday, I was teaching a lesson about challenges and adversity in our lives to my Young Women.  I asked them to tell me what kinds of challenges they were facing. The first answer that came was "drama at school"
I had to smile only because, it seems that 'drama' never leaves.  As adults we are still susceptible to being sucked into drama and crap that drains the very life out of us.  In fact, I have been thinking about this a lot.  As I look back, every single relationship either in my own life or the lives of my friends or family, any relationship that has failed has had it's failure originate in dishonesty.  Half truths, gossip, wrong perceptions that get portrayed as truth or bald-face lies all lead to ruined relationships.  There is no way around that.
Lesson learned?  I can spot a dishonest person much quicker now, and am learning to keep my distance.  I am also MUCH more cognizant of how accurate my own speech needs to be.  I don't like my words misunderstood or misrepresented so the more accurate I am, the less chance there is for that. 

Discovering how cool NickJr is.  Really.  I had no idea that Blue's clues was actually educational.  Sure, Joe is a bit over the top - but hey, it beats that Caillou kid.

Guess I should go pull some rolls out to go with the roast in the oven.  Yeah, I said roast.  And it's not even Sunday!  Ssshhhh...don't let out the secret that I actually cooked a meal.  I don't want anyone to get any unrealistic or incorrect expectations!


gigi said...

I feel like I have lived a life of my words being misunderstood or misrepresented, I HATE IT!!!!

I'm sorry about the bed thing but you are right they will out grow it and they are only little for a while. They do grow up so fast. Starting them off in their own bed seems to be the best way of doing it though.

I was wondering how your puppy thing was going. I think once the training is done you will be so glad you got him when you did.

Way to go for cooking :)) Keepining you all in my prayers. Hang in there girl! You can do hard things!

" Hit It......." said...

Consider putting a sleeping bag on the floor for Sissy. That way, she can feel/hear you guys! You and Splenda will then in turn, get a good night sleep.

I understand what you mean about censoring your words. One of my daughter's friends confronted her that I swore on my blog! Imagine that...! I used nothing stronger than the "B" and "A" word and now I am damned to hell! (What about my 1st. Ammendment Rights?)

Show a picture of the "Dawg" and Cissy.


tiburon said...

Ahhhhhh what I would give for a little less drama. I want to start blogging again but seem to have lost my mojo and desire on account of a couple of losers that have ruined it for me.

Drama sucks. Dramatic people suck. Unless they are on a Broadway stage.

You do what you need to do for Sissy - it will all work out.

And I heard a rumor that you got cocky about that roast and it burned. Fact or fiction?

tiburon said...

P.S. I liked Steve better than Joe. Just.saying.

dubb and dawni said...

hang in there GURL.... YOU ROCK

Missy said...

I am glad to hear that you are allowing her to come to you with the sleep issue. She will gain independence and will be sleeping on her own soon. I am so glad that she has you.

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like things are settling down to a dull roar at your homestead.

Sissy will be fine. I never turned the kids away either. There's a lot to be said for feeling secure.


I need to take your temp, I'm pretty sure. What kind of thermometer do you want?

Love and hug ya!

Ann Marie said...

I feel TERRIBLE about your drama.
I so wish we didn't have to deal with it.. ever.. but sometimes it seems to follow us at times in our lives.. like the plague.

I know you go to the Temple often.. but I put your name on the roll as well.. just because I thought of you as I was standing there. ~ And I believe that the more people that do it.. the more prayers anyways. :)

Hope you make it to the gym.. so you can prepare for your "thons"...

~ And you SOOO jinxed blogging the roast. haha...

Kelly said...

Nice Ramble. I enjoyed it. I have had too much drama myself this week...

Ordinary Miracles said...

Not a lover of drama either. Life throws enough at us all with out having to make it bigger.

I have been known to watch a little too much Nick with the kids myself. Glad sissy has you and I like the sleeping bag idea.

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Thanks for the Wednesday. I think it is a huge step forward that Sissy is starting out in her bed. I also have bad dreams so I totally get that. She will grow out of it but it doesn't have to be today. I still think her Dad's reasoning is flawless. As for can't pass up Puppy Love.

Mrs. Organic said...

Yes, I'm always up for a little more wrambling, and you're right kids grow up and out of their need. I had recurring nightmares for years and worked out a system, yes even when I was 16 (occasionally) where I could come in and wedge myself in the bottom corner of my mom's side of the waterbed. I just had to be able to open my eyes and see what was real in order to be able to close them again. SHe'll be okay.

Katie said...

Hope my words don't get misrepresented ;) I really just don't like that show at all.

Your such a sweetie to let your kido's sleep with you. (But hey your sweet anyway... it goes well with all that spice!)

Love and prayers!


tammy said...

I always jinx myself too.

I miss having the excuse to watch Nick Jr. Some of those shows are the best.

Sorry for the drama. I hate women that won't grow up.

I've had my words misunderstood too. Mostly from a new girl at the office (when I worked) that just decided she didn't like me and wanted me out. Yeah, that sucked. Especially when she'd do most of the damage to me when I wasn't there to defend myself. I hate mean people. They will get theirs one day. It always comes around.

Don't stress the sleeping thing. Sissy has had a lot to deal with at her young age. Connor likes me to snuggle every night and he hasn't had any trauma. Sometimes they just need to be spoiled.

Just ME the MOM said...

You've done such a wonderful job with your blog posts from the last month. I feel like I've been off the face of the earth lately, but wanted you to know I've followed along through your experiences and I have to say that I think you're amazing. We have the most unexpected lifes curves thrown at us from time to time. It's inspiring to see the way you've responded and reached out to everyone.



LaurieJ said...

I read this after your facebook post about your roast. I apologize for having a good laugh at your expense ;-)

Caillou made me want to put my fist through the TV screen, which has got to be counterproductive of the shows message? BUT, years ago I dreamt that I ran away with one of the Kratt brothers. Is Kratt's Creatures still on? That was a great show :-)

Hang in there and remember Dr. Seuss-
'Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!'

Plain Jame said...

I think you are doing the best you can do with the sis. If she is scared at night, and you dont mind an intruder (like it's not affecting your health, your rest, your REM cycle, your sex life) then you're fine! I know that you're not goin soft on her, you're firm in the places she needs - and always soft when she needs a cushion to fall.

The Drama is part of life - it just will never go away. I have a hard time getting close to other people because I've been so burned by people so hell bent on trying to make the universe revolve around them. I dont like the feelings of rejection, and I certainly dont like feeling kicked to the curb, so I figured out that I keep a safe distance from people. Sad, huh?
It involves less drama though.

I hope dawg gets to come home sooner than a whole freekin year! That would be catastrophic!!

Melanie said...

I understand how Sissy feels. That's why I sleep on the couch. :)

Glad to see Dawg was able to come home and be with you all and that the Marine Corps is taking care of him.

I'm getting better at spotting dishonest people too. To bad I couldn't have that trait 4.5 years ago.

Lindzena said...

Let's be honest, I'm STILL afraid of sleeping alone at night. That's why I play stupid cartoons on my computer to help me sleep. Probably. Way to go blog-ranting, it's so much fun to do...

tammy said...

I saw this and it reminded me of your post:

When people talk behind your back or cut you down, remember they took time out of their pathetic lives to think about you.

Pedaling said...

hey, i thought i left a comment here??

Drama is crazy bad. Seems like some thrive on it.

I admire you for all you do. What a blessing to have a grandma or memaw like you.

Misinterpreted words are people looking for something to harp on.

there are lessons to be learned constantly.

carma said...

GAH! you spoke too soon about the bed situation... that's too bad but I imagine it will all work itself out in good time

Natalie said...

Adult drama is the worst! You have had your share lately. We will pray for your boy while he is gone.:) Wish he didn't have to leave but are so proud of him for leaving! And yes Nick Jr. totally rocks.

CountessLaurie said...

@Tib - you are clearly crazy. JOE ALL THE WAY...

I let my kids in bed at night. Last night I turned one away. I don't know who cried harder... me or her... let's just say, that won't happen again. There will come a day when she will stop her nocturnal visits and I will be sad. So she gets to stay and I will invest in a bigger bed.

Hang in there!!