Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Graduation and life milestones

At the end of April, my oldest son graduated from our local community college with his Associates Degree.  For long time readers, you may remember his last graduation which was from USMC boot camp earning him the title of United States Marine.

You can read about it here, here, here, here and here.  Yes it took FIVE separate posts to capture the awesomeness that it was!

I wish I had pictures back from his high school graduation.  I'm sure I do somewhere on our desktop in some folder but when I asked him about doing this post, I don't think he was eager for his high graduation pictures to be posted.  He's not as happy as where he was in life then as he is now.

As his mother, I am proud and loved him no matter what, but I'll respect his wishes.  Plus, I don't have the patience to dig around on the desktop.  We gotta lotta stuff on that bad boy.

Back to Corb.  SO proud of him!  He finished his four years with the Corp, then moved his family back home to Utah and immediately enrolled in school.  I think he took him just a little over a year to finish his two year degree.  He went to school full time and for part of it he also worked full time.  Add to that, he was Young Men' president of his ward (a very large time commitment) and of course, his own family.  The kid was stretched to the very edge, but he hung in there and finished with high honors.  So happy for him!

I love how our family has grown in the past 5 years!

Next up for Corb?  He's taking the summer off from school, working full time and they are house hunting.  He starts back up in the fall at Westminster College and I have no doubt he'll go into and kicked butt.  It's his MO

Congratulations Corbin!

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Many congratulations on this success! You must be a proud father of successful son. This is a great moment of joy for the parents.