Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month - Why it's so important to me

In one word?


My beautiful daughter-in-love.  I known her since she was a little girl and I never imagined she would grow up and marry my son and yet, here it is, a dream come true.

CLICK HERE to read in her own words on her fundraising page for this month's Great Strides 5k walk program and PLEASE (yes, I'm begging) donate - even it's just a little bit.

I watch her struggle.  I see her bad days.  But I also see her happy, in love, running, serving other people daily and working at a job that is meaningful.  We as a family choose to see the good in life and not dwell on the negative.  However, the fact is this:  The only thing holding us back from finding a cure is funding.  Plain and simple it's money.  This foundation doesn't get the press and print attention that others do.  Yes, everyone knows cancer and there are several charity foundations from which to choose and they get a lot of attention and federal funding.  Same thing with say, diabetes.  With CFF, they have gotten lost in the funding black hole.  Is it because it's genetic? It's progressive?  It's fatal 100% of the time?  I'm grateful for the advancements in medicine that have greatly improved the quality of life and the life span of a Cystic Fibrosis patient, but the reality is they need more attention and more money.  We need a cure.

Know this:  I will work every day of my life to continue in the cause.   I will fight for federal funding as well as personal fundraising.  My goal is for my son and his wife to enjoy their marriage long into their old age.  To have children, raise a family.  I will fight for her to have the blessing of being a mother and heck, a grandmother!

This is my cause.  My reason to be involved, raise awareness which leads to raising funds is quite simply my family.  It's personal and we'll Fight Until there's a Cure Found.

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Oh my God! Your words and story has given me Goosebumps seriously. I have rarely seen such loving mother in laws who care so much of their daughter in laws. May you be successful in your goal and she have a speedy recovery and a healthy life.