Friday, May 1, 2015

A couple of races - Snow Canyon 1/2, Turkey Day 5k, St George 1/2 and Lake to Lake Relay

Again a little late, but hey -  at least I'm getting them journaled.

I went with some running friends and family over the past few months to get some races done for the Runner's Series so I have a sure "in" for St George marathon as well as our traditional Thanksgiving family run

The first was the Snow Canyon 1/2:
Brenda and I went down and ran this one with her niece.  I was still dealing with the neck and back pain, but still thought is was muscles so I just ran through it.  Not my best time, I was just glad to have it over with.

Traditional Beaver Big chair pic

Beautiful sunset

Just as pretty sunrise that morning

On the bus ride to the start line

Love meeting up with running friends at the start - hi there Chanda

My official time.  Not my best, not my worst but all things considered, I'll take it

As a family we did the Thanksgiving day Turkey Leg 5k and even Chloee ran the kids 1k race.  
Family selfie

my crazy girls

Me and my running bestie Brenda

Corb crossing the finish line

Getting ready to run with my little bff

Just missing Tuffy and 'Tana

Gibby keeping track of the finishers

Luke crossing the finish

Kar crossing the finish

Joe Joe working the tent

Mind's crossing the finish line

My work bestie Alex

My work family - Darrell, Alex, me, Joe and Gibbs

Splenda Daddy triumphantly crossing the finish line

Chlo and I coming in

I LOVE running with this girl.  She has a competitive spirit about her when it comes to running and that makes my heart swell with happiness

Next up was the St George half marathon in January.  By this time I knew I had a bulging disc, but hadn't started any treatment for it yet.  Another race where it was just a matter of powering through to get it checked off the list.  This time we had Karalee, Brenda, Mindi and myself.
a beautiful sunset on the drive down

road trip

traditional shot in the Beaver big chair

at the start

Doug and Melia - my own personal cheering section each time I come down there.  I love them so much!

Yeah......this is how it was towards the last mile or so

Crossing the finish line

Before heading home, we met up with Doug and Melia for lunch.  
Such a great time, and even better to get this one crossed off the books

And finally, the funnest one of them all - the Lake to Lake Relay!
By now, I not only knew about the bulging disc but was starting treatment and trying to figure out the best way to get it taken care of.  I was in no shape to run, but I had captained this team and no way was I going to miss being with my girls and friends.  Thankfully, my team members took most of my miles for me, I allowed myself to run 3 miles at the very end and then knew my running days were over for awhile.
Traditional Beaver Chair pic
Mindy, Joni and Karalee in the back
me and Brenda up front - love these girls

Joni rockin it!  She was seriously our ace in the hole.  I wanna be like her when I grow up

Beautiful scenery for this desert rat

Mindy tackling the hill

more beautiful desert scenery

Karalee coming into the exchange

Seriously Brenda is a running rock star!!

Kar and Mind's catching some wonderful sun rays.
And yes, there were sunburns

Just a quick shot of me bustin out those 3 measly miles

Not too shabby for an injured girl.  I'll take it.

Seriously love these girls.  Like SERIOUS love
Brenda, Mindy, me, Karalee and Joni

Our team name was Girls on the Run but apparently there was a letter missing
girls on the un - pretty cool

and finally, saw this on our way home through Hurricane.  
Custom built trailer.
Only in Hurricane.

So there we have it.  A massive post with all my races in one re-cap.  If you've made it this far - good for you.  I can now rest knowing I got these caught up.

I have to admit, that looking through these pictures while I'm recouperating from surgery has made me even that much more anxious to get out running.  Still not cleared to do that yet, but I am walking my butt off and by June - I'll be posting about Ragnar.
Until then.....

happy running yo

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