Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chloeefornia partying - Day 3 of Chloeepalooza

Today was the day!!  Her 6th birthday!!

She of course, woke up early - excited to get on with the day.

Karalee did an AWESOME job decorating (as always)
Look at all those presents!

Karalee left early for a run while the rest of us slept in.  
Then it was time for the birthday girl to open her presents!!

 Corb, Splenda and I snuck away for a nice easy run along the coast.  Spectacular!

We came home to a package from Grandma Leslie and Grandpa Jon so she got to open those 

And then it was time for the party!!!

okay so I joined in the fun and yes my hair looks like medusa's.  So what.

Karalee did a STUNNING job with the cake as per usual

Chlo wanted a pink shark, so a pink shark she got!

And a shark PINATA!!  HELLO!!

Holy smokes!  I think it was filled with 6 lbs of candy and the kids were in heaven!
Cake with ice cream and opening presents kinda completed the gig

After everyone left and we all sat down to catch our breath, there was one more important thing to do.

Corbin's party guy had brought a helium tank for balloons which we never really quite got around to, but before he took the tank and left he filled up one special balloon
(I love you mommy Jill)

(I love you Casey dog)

(I miss you)

We went outside and Chloee made a quiet little ceremony of thinking special thoughts and wishes and then sending the balloon to heaven for Mommy Jill and Kasey

So touching.  I have to give serious props to Corbin and Karalee for making sure Jill's memory is kept alive for Chloee.  They are so good about talking with Chloee, letting her share her feelings, helping her keep memories and always having pictures of Jill for Chloee.  I know that throughout her life, she will need and GET all the understanding and help she will need.  They are amazing parents.  I just couldn't be happier for their family!

A few more palooza presents from Mimi and Poppa (we are stretching it out all week long)

and then it was wrapping the night up with dinner (Subway for Kar and Chloe - Chipotle's for the rest of us) and Jamba Juice to top it all off

Aren't they just the greatest little family?  

Happy Birthday Chloee!!  

Her traditional video to come.........


tammy said...

They are the greatest little family. I'm so happy for them, and for you.

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing this Melissa, it's fun to see how the party went and how cute Chloee is. Wish we could have joined you all...

Suzie said...

This is so neat to see! Yes they are the greatest little family. I wish them the very best. And Happy Birthday Chloe!

Viki Bailey said...

That is adorable! And you are like the size of one of those 6 year olds! Holy Cow - that jump house looks fun! What a fun memory for you to share with them! ;) Jealous of all that sunshine! ;)

wendy said...

Can I make you the party planner for my birthday in September??
What fun.
This is what is fun and what I love about this little lady...who would have thought, she wanted a SHARK on her cake.
How cool is that.
so lovely sending off the balloons. made my heart happy

Pedaling said...

so love watching this cute little fam!

totally dig on all the pink!

What a perfect party!

and yes- it's always a disappointment when you go to cali, only to have the sun not shine!

Sue said...

What a darling family. Everything was decorated so cute.

"6"?????? I can't believe it.

So touching about the balloons for mommy Jill.

That cake looked yummy, and so creative.

Happy Birthday Chloee♥