Friday, March 15, 2013

Chloeefornia Chilly - Day Two of Chloeepalooza

It's frickin cold. was warmer today in UT than it was here.  WTF is wrong with that??

Chloee toddled off to school, I fell back asleep and pretty much napped the entire morning away.  Any time I opened my eyes, it was still gray, overcast and foggy so I just rolled over and closed my peepers again.

Finally, early afternoon, the fog burned off, the sun was out and it felt warm.  First thing on the agenda? A nice easy 3 mile run with the Splenda Daddy.

The sun felt magnificent.  The temperature was perfect for running, and the air here is delightful!  We got a decent hill, some pretty trail and I could have gone longer but it was almost time for Chlo to come home from school.

Keeping with the palooza - great timing from UT.  Chloee got  birthday prizey's from more grandparents back in the 'hood.

After presents, we loaded up and hit BJ's for birthday dinner's.  We celebrated both Chloee's and Corb's since his is a little later this month.

Most excellent food and a mighty fine Pizookie.

Some shopping at the MCX for more birthday prizes both Corb and Chlo and then I bedded down while the boys watched the U game and Kar did her thing decorating.  She is the BEST mommy!  She makes the day so special starting with decorations and little things to make Chloee feel special.  I love it!
(her new Nike kicks and stuffed animal now named "Rainbow")

Tomorrow's the big day!


" Hit It......." said...

Love the shoes. What a bummer that the weather is so cold. Chloe' looks so much bigger. She is growing up into a beautiful young lady. Have fun with your family. :)

tammy said...

Mmm.....BJ's. One of our favorites. The pizookies never disappoint.

Glad you finally got some sunshine and warmth.

I love seeing Chloee's smile.

CB said...

Looks like the party is rockin'!
And yes, California does get cold. But even Californians don't like to admit that in public - Ha ha!

Garden of Egan said...

It looks like some seriously good times in SoCal. Corb is a handsome marine and Kar is so darling. What a perfect mommy and daddy.
Ya done good M.

Sue said...

Love the FAMILY pictures.. Fun times.

Chloee is so stinking cute and BIG.. Glad you got to spend time with one another:)

wendy said...

Loved that family photo of the three of them. Chloe is surrounded by a lot of love.
Were her new Nike's from your store??
PARTY ON girl.....glad you got your run in