Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chloeefornia Palooza wrap up

Okay, so I was doing so good and then something hit me Monday and I haven't quite been the same since.  Think vertigo-ish without nausea, can't focus eyes, feel "wonky" like I'm on gas at the dentist.  Monday was a complete wash.  Chloee went to school,

(celebrating St Patty's day with her Leprachaun trap)

 the kids went for a run and lunch, I laid on the couch trying to sleep whatever the crap it was off (with no success). Here is it 3 days later and I'm still "wonkish".

Anyhoodle - we stretched out Chloee's birthday a little longer by giving a present every single day.

(a shark bank from Tiburon - how cool is this? She loved it)

Enjoyed the last few days with the kids even if it WAS overcast, gloomy and cold.  This was one of those nice vacay's where we really didn't do much but just hang out.  Nice quiet time doing nothing but being together in the same rooms.  Love it.

Tuesday, Chloee went to school.  Corb went back to work.  Karalee and Splenda took a run and I tried to walk off the wonk's.

Hardest part is leaving when Chlo is at school. I wanted just one more little goodbye.  We showed her special BD present that should be delivered this week so it's kind of like dragging it out even a little more....yeah I like to milk them.

Overall, a great time spent with my favorite SoCal kids! Always love it on base.  Always love time spent with them just hanging around, playing, talking, watching the name it, we can make it enjoyable.

Now babysteppin our way to April when we get EVERYONE together for the nuptials!


tammy said...

Sorry you weren't feeling good. So glad you got to spend that time together though.

karen said...

Hope you're feeling better now. I'm with you: I think birthdays should last a week with a different gift or event every day. Your little Chloee is very cute - I'm sure it must be hard to be apart! I get to see 2 of my little girlies in a few weeks!

Pedaling said...

april is coming quick!

hope you are feeling better!
I HATE feeling wonkish!

presents every day... i like that idea!

DesertHen said...

Man, you guys really know how to celebrate! I just loved the whole Palooza thing and reading about all the special ways you incorporated her bday into each day! You are SO COOL!

I hope you are feeling better! I HATE the wonkies and how they make me feel! Blah!

I have a puppy post up and I have a baby lamb post coming up you can see some baby critters. =)

Garden of Egan said...

Love the pictures of that sweet Chloe!
You are such an awesome grams. Sorry you were feeling wonkish! No bueno!