Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chloeefornia Dreaming - Day One of Chloeepalooza

Everybody should have not just a birthday, but a birthday week.  A palooza week!

Splenda Daddy and I flew in late last night, got here in time to hug, kiss and squeeze on Chlo before she went to bed.  A nice visit with the kids and then we hit the air mattress exhausted.

The air mattress was having none of us.  Poor kids, I think they had to hear us refill it no less than four times during the night.  Shopping for a new one stat.

Woke up to fog and a damp chill in the air.

Whu??  I was expecting sun and heat!

We do have a pretty sweet rental.  A Kia Soul.  I think it's great.  Splenda fears he may start menstruating when he's driving.  A tich bit emasculating.

Walked Chloee to school and then I headed to San Marco to meet a FB friend for lunch.
Monique and me
(who btw, is just as cool in real life than she is on the fb webz)

Home in time to pick up Chloee from school, lots of playing, riding her bike and I may or may not have fallen asleep.

In keeping with the Palooza, she opened her first birthday gift today:  A Hello Kitty themed bathroom!  Just what every girl should have.

She also had a very specific request, and after googling it and finding that it would need to be ordered, it's clear that her palooza will last well into next week when the BIG gift arrives.

The kids headed off to the temple to do a sealing assignment so Splenda Daddy and I were left in charge.  Dinner, a movie, some playing and bedtime since it's a school night.

Someone loves her "new" bathroom

And a random shot that Kar sent me when they were shopping for some steaks at the commissary.
When it comes to meat:  Like Father, Like Son

Here's hoping for a little more sleep tonight.  Some sun and warmth tomorrow and time for a good long run!


wendy said...

Oh my, this is going to be such a fun trip for you.
I laughed out loud about your hubby possibly menstrating with driving that vehicle. FUNNY!!
The pictures of you and Chloe are darling.
How fun to have her very own Little Kitty bathroom.
Always fun to meet up with a friend when you travel, someone from FB or Bloggin.
I think I am down with the whole birthday Palooza idea.

namaste said...

chloe's a lucky girl to get a palooza-birthday! LOVE the hello kitty bathroom!

yup, that kia looks like a pretty sweet ride.


Jamie said...

HAppy Birthday Chloee! Wow, she is getting so big. California is defined by sun and sand, hope it warms up.

DesertHen said...

A Birthday Palooza COOL!
A Hello Kitty COOL!
A Glow Pup COOL!
That Kia Car...Priceless!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to Chloee!

Have a great visit and I hope that air mattress situation gets resolved so you get some restful sleep, cause it sounds like you are going to be busy, busy, busy! =)

Pedaling said...

I want a glow pet!
Chloe gets cuter by the minute.
Sure hope that California sun makes an appearance before you leave.

val said...

Yes, Lol on Dave menstrating in the girly car. Have fun!!

tammy said...

I want a Hello Kitty bathroom.

She is getting so big! So glad you're able to be there for her birthday.

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