Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Gosh!  I haven't posted in a really long time.  

Huh.  Not much to say I suppose.

It's January.  It's cold and dreary.  Pretty sure I have S.A.D.  Like 100% sure....... so...... basically January completely blows.

Woke up with a heckuva headache.  Like I don't think I've had one this bad in months.  Bad enough that I texted my boss and said I wasn't coming to work.  In over a year, this is only the second time I've "called in".  It was that bad.

But I got it under control with meds.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for modern medicine.

It is so cold here that apparently there is a new game at my house.  First dog to get to my bed after coming in from outside gets the ultimate snuggle spot.  That spot being on my left hand side, next to the laptop with the heat radiating off. 

Jack wins.  Every time.

He's also discovered how awesome it is to lay on the heated corn bag that is under my covers.  It gives just enough heat to him through the blankets that he's perfectly content to lay totally still and sleep or watch TV (depending on what's on)

One more reason why Jack and I are so bonded.

Happiness is opening my email and seeing that my JetBlue TrueBlue points have been transferred and flights have been booked for March.

Now we begin the baby steppin to March.

A few hours ago, the POTUS signed some 23 executive orders regarding new gun laws.  I've read through them, and for the most part, they seem vague.  Other than re-instating a ban on assault weapons, maxing a magazine at 10 rounds and instituting universal background checks, the rest is pretty vague.  Clearly, I will do more research.

And the cost is 5million bucks.  I thought we were broke?  Where is the money gonna come from?  How do these initiatives stop bad guys from getting guns any more than it did yesterday?

It doesn't.  
But I did lovingly pull my gun out.  Made sure the chamber was clear, removed the magazine and just cuddled it for a minute.  

And then I checked my email again and looked to see that my new Flashbang holster had been shipped. 3-5 business days.  Happiness.

Okay, so it's not really official but since Luke put it on his own blog, I am free to blog it myself right?
Engaged!!!  Okay, he's not officially done the down-on-one-knee asking with a ring (waiting for the ring, which he had custom done to be ready), they are in full swing of planning.  I will devote a WHOLE post to that once that ring is on her finger.  

Not waiting because I don't think it will happen, but I want a picture for the post.  


Oh, and I love her. 

And her family. 

April 19th yo.

My cute visiting teacher gave me a poinsettia for Christmas.  
I can't believe, it's still alive.  I usually kill stuff like that within mere weeks.  This one has made it to mid January.  It has a strong will to keep perserving in spite of it's surroundings and it's misfortune to be in my home.  

Maybe I should start taking bets as to as long it actually lasts.  That could be a fun game to get us through the winter months eh?

That eh was for you Wendy.  
Because I love you so.

With Luke planning on getting married, he's moved back home to save some money.  Smart move!  Weird to have as many kids back home as we do.  
I don't mind.  It's never lonely.  

What will I do when they all leave again?

More importantly, what will Jack do when his best friend Jace leaves?

Anyone know of  a good dog shrink?

I kid.

And finally, I am going to leave you with two links.

Two great blogs that I follow regularly and enjoy the writing and/or commentary on all kinds of different things.

Virtual Mirage's review of Zero Dark Thirty.  Which I still need to see. I'll write my own review then, but for now - his is stellar.


The Old Jarhead's post Keeper of the Flame.  Very thought provoking and worth the time to read.

There it is kids.  Another rambling post.....

Happy Wednesday!


Monique said...

How much of them meds are you taking...

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This post was quite entertaining :)

Nice blog!!

Ann Marie said...

Yay for Luke!!

I love happy news!

I have never heard of gun cuddling.
That was kinda Epic.

I'm too mad to read through the stuff. Vague or not... I know it will make me mad.. so I won't.

And.. I have a poinsettia still alive also. I would have a contest with see who's could live the longest-- but I won't..because if mine even starts looking a little bit pitiful.. I'm tossing it. -- Because you know.. I love to throw things away.. :)

gigi said...

Sorry your weather has been so bad. Hope things can turn around soon.

So excited for your Luke! You really do have some exciting things to look forward to.

The gun thing?? All of it just ticks me off. I can't even handle the news right now! I want to scream often when the news is on so lately I keep it off.

Cheer up and NO S.A.D. no more.

tammy said...

I love much info in so little space.

I hate S.A.D. though. I always had to spend some time in the tanning bed or drive up out of the inversion to help.

I agree with your assessment on the new gun laws. Also, I heard the Sandy Hook shooter didn't even empty his magazines before reloading, but changed like after 5-6 shots, like you do in video games. What are they going to do when these new laws don't change how the bad guys kill? Also, how are the liberals going to feel when a Republican is back in office and he tries to pull the sh!t BO does with pushing his own agenda. Rambling thoughts...

Excited for a wedding! I had a feeling it wasn't far off. That's exciting.

Pedaling said...

big plans in wedding bliss! Congrats!

This inversion and freezing weather stinks!

Under Obama any person in a household with anyone suffering from S.A.D. would be deemed unworthy to own a gun. or say, you have a kid who was busted for pot or something...again, that household = unworthy! Obama is a douche bag!

Amy said...

Totally agree with Pedaling about Obama being a DB. Can't stand him. But anyway...

Gun cuddling is something I confess to doing. I love my gun and the right to have one.