Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling

It's Wednesday and STILL January.  I swear to you, that this has been the longest January on record.

I have a lot of things to blog about.  Like the quick road trip to AZ and the amazing people and experiences I had, the newly in-gagged son and fun wedding plans, the amazing chocolate that came in the mail today, SoCal in March coming up, you know....stuff.  There's some thoughts rattling around, I just haven't found the mojo to write.

And I use the term "write" loosely.  We all know I ain't no stellar writer, I just like to scribble stuff down.  

And by scribble, I mean type.  On a keyboard.

More snow here in Utahard!  It needs to stop.  Really.  Over it.  Done.  Not liking it.  Abhorring it actually.

Yes.  I DO realize I live in Utah and it's winter.  We get snow here.  I know that, I understand that.  Doesn't mean I have to like it.

I decided that even though it rained the whole time in AZ, I could totally live there.  I've come to accept the fact that I am a desert rat at heart.

How does one convert one's spouse to be a desert rat?  Ideas?  Anyone?

'member those hot wheels cars we had when we were kids?  Okay, so my brother had them, but we had this really cool town map that we would play cars on, and then this super cool orange track we could race them around on.  'member the tires on those cars?  Slicks that just rolled and rolled and rolled?
That's what my back tires look like on my Cooper right now.  Didn't realize how fast the miles added up.  It's made for some interesting (translate - scary) driving the past couple of days.  It's now parked until they get replaced and I'm back to driving Pete the Pathfinder.  I'm grateful for a friend in the business who is hooking me up with some sweet tires. AND, we get to go shoot guns together too.  Friday's lookin good.

If this stupid snow will stop.

I gave up shoveling years ago when I jacked my back up.  Then we got this new snow shovel that is supposed to be ergonomically correct or something, and the user's back shouldn't ache.

They lie.

I have numerous friends who love their cats.  Don't tell anyone, but my heart is softening ever so slightly.  ICK.  Soft heart?  What the aitch is wrong with me?

Enjoying the Biggest Loser this season.  They have good contestants but more importantly, they have incorporated some kids on the show and focusing on childhood obesity.  Love it!  Even have Splenda Daddy on the bandwagon and watching it with me.

I just realized that we have our "shows" we have to watch together each night.  

I realize that's somewhat pathetic.

Pretty excited for the Superbowl on Sunday.  I follow football very minimally, but this year, what with the fantasy team and all - I've been a bit more engaged.  And as always, we have the best food, all the kids around and generally a great time.  Even gonna skype in the SoCal kids.

I love Skype.

Although, I think I could like Facetime just as much.  Smart phone Splenda Daddy?  Pretty please??

Looking's still snowing


Gonna play paper, scissors, rocks with myself to see if I brave the shovel again.

Peace and blessings, yo


Garden of Egan said...

The earth just tilted on its axis.
I love you more than a hog loves slop.

I say just don't shovel. Really.
It will go away eventually..... In July.

Amy said...

The one good thing about living in my townhouse is that I do not need to worry about snow removal. It gets done for me. Though I really don't mind shoveling.

My dad is trying to convince my mom that she wants to move to a warmer climate. It isn't working.

I only get excited about the NFL when it gets close to the SuperBowl. College football, I like all season long. Go Utes!

Monique said...

As a hater of all things desert I just have one thing to say, DO NOT GIVE IN SPLENDA DADDY!

Soloman said...

How to make Splenda Daddy a desert rat... hmmm...

Perhaps split the difference and agree to live in Prescott or Payson, where you're a couple hours away from the "big city" yet still in cooler climate (5000ft elevation) where you'll get seasons and some snow? Prescott is more “desert” than Payson…

Or... live in The Valley but promise road trips to places such as those and so many more... keep an eye on my adventures (and keep encouraging me!) and you'll see that if you live in The Valley, you can live in the desert and soak all the sun you wish, yet have amazing cooler weather adventures all summer long within a few hours’ drive time. Two hours to Sedona, Flagstaff or Payson, 1 1/2 to Prescott… Show Low, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell not too far either... now of course I'm on the north side of Phoenix so you need to add an hour if you choose Queen Creek or Mesa as your new home, but out there you've got The Superstitions and Salt River and all the lakes a little closer.

Plus, if he's a sports fan... we have all four and decent college teams with ASU here and AU down in Tucson... although I'm done with the Suns and Cards until they prove to me they care about winning…

Kitties are not as “in your face” as doggies… the benefits are that you can leave them for a weekend and not need to have someone watch them… but if you like camping and want to take your pet, or want to take a pet for a walk dogs are much better. They’re all little gifts from God, meant to make life a little better…

Amazing chocolate sounds yummy… I’ll give you my address... send me some! lol…

" Hit It......." said...

I promise I will try to email you the pictures from our trip tonight. Glad you made it to the church after you left my house. Both the hubby and I were worried about you.

Thanks for driving.

Don't soften towards cats...mew yuck!

I have been blowing snow (with a snow blower) and it still is hard. I have decided that snow shoveling is man's work.

tammy said...

I'm with you and Solomon on getting Splenda to move here. I can offer you use of my pool any time. And free dog-sitting. And like Solomon said, there are plenty of cooler areas here that make the summers more bearable. Payson is nice. Reminds me of UT a lot.

I'm so glad you made it safely. I worried about you in that weather.

I loved having our shows we watched together. That was one of my favorite dates. I like to think he'll still watch them with me.

You definitely need a smart phone.

wendy said...

good wramblings!!!
Can't wait to hear more about the AZ trip. I'm not sure I could live there in the 100 degree summers...but ahhhhh, the winters would be glorious. Anything actually to get out of this cold and snow.
Did I hear you say you are softening towards cats???????
I'm ok with them as long as they don't try to come sit on my lap,,or look at me,,,and stuff.
That's is so cool your son is getting married. You'll be a busy momma.
oh...back to son Matt and fam. lived in Prescott, which is about an hour north of Pheonix and it is a little cooler there too. Cool place.
hugs and luv

karen said...

I've been watching Biggest Loser too - it's a good season. I do the stationary bike while I watch - it's appropriate to sweat while they are working so hard, instead of sitting in bed eating ice cream.
You would like FaceTime. I like it because the little girls call me whenever - and they know how to dial me up on the phone or on the computer.
We have our shows too. It's normal. I think. What else are you going to do when it's cold outside? Well, besides *that*...

Mom of 12 said...

Really? I thought this January just flew by! We used skype too when Teach opened her mission call. It was almost like the Drama Queen was right there in the room with us.

namaste said...

i feel like january flew by or maybe i'm just getting older and fighting time. isn't skype the best invention? i love it too. so glad you parked the cooper. bald tires are dangerous in your weather. have fun shooting! :)

CountessLaurie said...

Today is my two cats' birthdays. They are nine. And except for the puking everywhere, I love them heartily.

I have some of the orange track at the house. Come on over, I'll introduce you to the cats and you can play matchbox cars and I will make you an Apple convert. FACETIME rocks.

lilyrose said...

January flew by for me...but I'm older and I swear times goes by faster as you age. I like cats but my hubby doesn't-so we have a mini schnauzer instead! :) My schnauzie can be kind of cat-like sometimes. I love living in AZ in the fall and winter-but summer sucks! I can't get away because we have horses. Maybe someday I can become a snowbird! I say forget shoveling-let someone else do it.

Mrs. Organic said...

I have totally missed reading your blog. Andyour wramblings.

Connie said...

Throw that snow shovel away! If God had wanted us to shovel snow, he wouldn't have invented summer!

I can't believe I read that your heart is softening toward cute little kitty cats! :)