Friday, January 18, 2013

Good deed Friday

Sooo, I may have mentioned that my middle son is getting married.

(I know right?  They are so cute)

Anywhoodle.... he is up for a raise, but needs to have some things taken care of on the internetz.....  I won't go into the big long explanation simply 'cause not even I understand it all.  Basically, it would be sweet for him to get a raise in anticipation of his upcoming nuptials.

 He needs some "likes" on his new webpage.


Click HERE (it'll link ya right over)

Click on the "like" button at the top right of the screen.

It will change to "confirm" 

Click the "confirm"

It will add another number to his "like" count.  

He needs  ___ number of "likes", so let's get on it peeps!

And mucho grassy ass to all of you who take the few seconds to help a brothah out!


PS - to my friends on facebook, who have already taken the time to do this - I thank you again!


Amy said...

Looks like I need to keep up on the blog a little more. Congratulations on getting another daughter.

Ann Marie said...


tammy said...

They are very cute. And I will have everyone in my family like his page.

karen said...

Happy to help.

wendy said...

what a fun time coming up....and JUST because you said "grassy ass", I'll DO IT (tee,hee)