Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A list of things I learned about spending New Year's in Las Vegas

What a delightful lil road trip and full of new life lessons

1.  6 hours to LV goes much more fast than 12 hours to Camp Pendleton.

2.  It's much more comfortable driving a long distance in a Honda Accord than a Mini Cooper.

3.  I like having kids/friends in the backseat

4.  If you take enough dramamine, you can actually read a book on the road and the time goes by much faster.

5.  Getting into a secure housing community in Henderson  is harder than Camp Pendleton.

6.  How did people ever find their way without a Garmin?

7.  Staying in a house full of family is the best.

8.  Birthday dinner for Splenda Daddy is the greatest when Chloee wants to sit by him and share his dessert

9.  Always listen to the locals for a good restaurant.  Especially if your nephew is a food whore.

10.  Attending another ward for church is basically useless if you have consumed so much Nyquil that all you do is sleep.

11.  The strip at night on the Sabbath is never a bad idea.

12.  Arguing with a street preacher is the cheapest and most fun form of entertainment.  I could have done it all night long.

13.  There is a ridiculous amount of money spent on and in casino's.

14.  I blew my allotted gambling money (5 bucks) on a bottled water.

15.  I was desperate.

16.  The strip in Las Vegas is absolutely the BEST place to people watch.

17.  Never be too old for a game of hide and seek in the dark.  If you don't play and go to bed instead, you will regret it forever.

18.  Shooting in the desert is much more fun than a shooting range.

19.  My son knows more about firearms than I ever imagined.  And he has taught his daughter every safety precaution possible.

20.  I like big shotguns

21.  Splenda Daddy and I should have taken our own guns.

22.  I don't think I have ever met anyone with more guns than B.

23.  It's one of the many things that endear him to me.

24.  Cleaning all the firearms takes a lot of time and the metal/oil taste in my mouth stays.  It has to be cleared with spicy hummus.

25.  Board games never get old.  Ever.

26.  My nephew is a bigger concert whore than Tiburon is.  And I never believed it could be possible.

27.  It doesn't take much money to spend a few days with family and create some awesome new memories.   It's worth every minute, every penny and I will do it again and again as often as I can.

Happy New Year!!  May 2013 be the best yet!


Mae Rae said...

super jealous of the guns in the desert. I could so rock my camo. I need my license first though, that is step number one.

wendy said...

Holy Charlies Angels look like a Bad "a..." with that gun. What is that anyway.
Looks like something you'd use in a drug in Breaking Bad.

What a great trip. That photo of you and Splenda daddy is super cute.
I love Las Vegas...Maybe B. and I'll have to think of a New Years Eve trip there some day.
People watchin at it's best for sure...WILD !!!
I always allow myself $100 at the poker machines. If I don't break even, or come ahead, I walk away.
Most I've ever made is $275
My horses don't poop dollar bills like I wish they did. that your nephew is a food whore. That's funny.
So many good places to eat there.
Hugs and love

karen said...

What a fin list! You have spoken many truths that I also espouse. Except for the board game part. I'm not a game player. And the guns. I'm not opposed, I've just never shot one. Never had the chance, but you made it look fun.
And yes - the locals always know the best places to eat, don't they? So true.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Pedaling said...

big diff between 6 hr and 12 hr drives....that's for sure!

I'm down for a girls outing of guns and ammo!

Dang, wish I could have been there for that preacher banter!

You are the fun M-Cat--I wanna play!

gigi said...

I wish I could have been with yall! Good times for sure! Happy New Year 2013

tammy said...

Another reason why you should move to AZ, so you can go shooting with us in the desert all the time. We blow up everything from soda cans to cantaloupe.

Glad you could spend some more time with family.

I would have loved to hear you and the preacher man too.

CB said...

The preacher thing just cracks me up! I could picture it!!

Happy New Year!

Kristin Klein said...

Lots of adventures . . . looks like amazing family fun! Best wishes for more to come in 2013 -


DesertHen said...

Now that is a list fun, fun, fun, fun! We do lots of desert shooting around here! Come join us sometime! =)

Jamie said...

So fun, Happy New Year!