Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

It's the first presidential debate tonight.  I'm excited. I want a GOOD debate.  I want the moderator to ask hard questions and not let either one of them tip toe around the answers.  In fact, I wish both candidates were hooked up to a zapper machine and the second either one tells a lie, they get zapped.  I think that would be awesome!

Still no concrete answers on the health front.  They know what I DON'T have, so there's that.   Otherwise, I have gained some weight back, able to eat, and getting some energy.  Other than the too often present, nausea - I feel like I'm on the road up.

Which is good because St George marathon is on Saturday.  I've thrown the goal of a PR out the window.  I'm realistic.  If I could pull a sub 4:45, I would be pleased.  At any rate, I am just excited to be running!!  I ran into work today for a few minutes to work on some posters for our Grand Slammers, and in the short time there talked to a few runners getting ready to go down.  The energy is electric!!

Since I missed the General Women's conference for my church (Homecoming Pity Party), I caught up on the webz.  Wow.  Nothing like watching on the laptop, sobbing my eyes out in the privacy of my own bedroom.  If you missed it or are interested, THIS would be the talk to watch.  Not just for Mormon chicks, but for all women - everywhere.  Well done President Eyring, well done indeed.

So the first of my extended, adopted sons had his first child a couple of days ago. I got to hold her last night.  Oh.My.Precious!!  From the little kid running around in his baseball uniform and trading pokemon cards to a Daddy.  Freaking my freak ya'll.  His daughter Blakelee is beautiful and looks just like him,  But with the beautiful part (lol).  To watch him with her made my heart so stinkin happy!

My mom and her husband come home tomorrow from Sweden.  I don't think they want to.  I think they would stay there forever if they could.  But it's just a matter of time before they are jumping into another project of service somewhere.  'Cause that's how they roll.

I started an account on Twitter.  Not feeling the love yo.  Prob because I'm not doing it right, but I found people I like to follow and I love the news updates I get in a quick feed.  I guess it's nice that I don't have to be their "friend" to see what they tweet, I just follow.  But, it's missing the personal touch like Facebook has.  At least IMHO.

Did you catch Bryan Cranston (Walter White) on Leno the other night?  Me either, but my cute Splenda Daddy knew I would want to see it, so he made a point of recording it for me.  Damn, I love that man.  

Splenda Daddy - not Walter White.

Just clarifying.

It's October.  The only redeeming thing about October is baseball playoffs.  And SGM.  That's it.  And we've both come to terms with it.

We invited Tuffy and 'Tana to move in with us for a few months so they could save for a down payment on a house.  Now is the time to buy, they might as well have their money go towards a home than rent.  Even though I vowed I would never let my kids come back, I'm getting excited to have them here!  
Family is good.  Family you love and want to be with is even better!  Next week should be move in week.  Guess I should start clearing some rooms.  And for the record - Splenda and I are STILL empty nesters.  

Just clarifying.

And a random post is not complete without a random picture
(last snuggle in SoCal)

Off to throw something together for dinner and get settled in for the debates - fingers crossed that my guy performs well!


karen said...

Yep, I'm looking forward to the debates as well. I'm even a little nervous - you would think it was going to be me weighing in on the issues. I've settled myself down by making an awesome dinner that I hope LaMar will be home in time to enjoy )he battles LA traffic Every.Day. Not fun. As for the rest - too many acronyms. I have no idea what IMHO or SGM stands for. Does that make me old? And who is Bryan Cranston/Walter White? No idea... *hanging head* So here's to tough debate questions and also to YOU for being able to do your run coming up!

Mrs. Organic said...

Boo for nausea, yea for some gainage. Good luck this weekend.

Bland's said...

Oh I am so glad that you were able to come see Blakes!! It is still so crazy to me that Griff is a dad as well :)

tammy said...

I'm excited for the debates too. Although I know that no matter how well Romney does, the lamestream media will still say he did horribly and claim Obama as king still. They give me a headache.

Sucky about not knowing what's wrong with your stomach yet! I hope they figure it out soon and can give you a course of action to make it better.

I had to watch women's conference on-line too. And bawling...yes.

namaste said...

as you know by now, romney hit it out of the park at the first debate. yay!!

thank goodness tuffy and tanna have you guys as an option to help them save. you're right, family you love to be with rocks! it won't be rosey all the time, but it'll be a blessing for all.

i hope the nausea goes away soon.

Pedaling said...

oh, last night was sure fun!
loved that still shot you posted on facebook! haha

I'm on twitter and don't really get it either- but it is fun to check im and follow what some of my favorites are saying live during the debates and also during conference.
try it this weekend during conference- it's super fun!

wendy said...

Well...since I am posting this AFTER the debate, you must be pleased.
I just realized that there is ANOTHER reason why you hate fall, it is the end of your beloved Yankees.
I bet you will be excited to see your mom !!!
You have lots going on in your life right now, and I am glad to hear you are starting to feel better.
I will go and listen to that talk ---and I'll have to listen to ALL the talks from general conference on the computer ..LATER.
Makes me sad as I like to watch it live.
But THIS weekend is Canadian thanksgivin (Canadian's are wierd) and Barry's mom will be coming to stay with us and we are going to some friends for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.
BUT I will watch...HEY, why don't you just tell me the BEST ones to listen too.

Connie said...

Love the last snuggle picture! Chloee is a real cutie!

Good debate.

Good luck with SGM! I'm excited for you! Wish you could find out what can be done about your health!