Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

It's mid October yo.

Like the middle and stuff.  Wow.  Where is time going?  Before you know it, it's gonna be Thanksgiving.  And then Festival time.  And then St Thomas.  And then Christmas.  Holy cow.

Delivered almost all of my Festival letters.  They are letters to local business's explaining what I'm trying to accomplish, why, and soliciting help.  I have to have a pep talk with myself every time I get out of the car and walk into each business. asking for help.

Got some pretty awesome mail today.
Crap I love that girl!!
Her daddy speaks in church on Sunday.  I want to be there SO BAD!  

Not working much lately.  Slow time at the store until the holidays hit.  While I don't enjoy missing the extra cash, I am enjoying slinking back into my warm cozy bed after the gym.  Mmmmm.......

Tomorrow starts fall break for the schools here.  Me and this girl are taking a little ROAD TRIP!!

While I wish we were heading to SoCal, we have to keep on a budget so Logan it is.  
Firehouse anyone??  FAZHOOKIE!!!

Watched the Presidential debate last night.  And then again today.  Why?  Why did I watch it twice?  I wanted to try and watch it with a different approach.  Neither time changed my mind.

November 6th can't come soon enough.  The fighting, arguing, and constant ranting.  It's exhausting me.

Weird to have adult kids living at home again.  Strange.  Not bad.  Just different. My favorite is hanging when we can.  That and the free goodies 'Tana scores at her job.  Nothing better than waking up to find a box on the kitchen counter that says "Melissa - Eat me" and inside are cookies.  Yeah, it's pretty cool like that.

My Yankees are just about through for the season.  Not a good series with the Tigers at all.  And A-Rod?  Needs to go.  Pathetically, he is being paid so much and has too much left on his contract that we will never be able to dump him.  I demand he spend his winter in Florida (like he did several years ago when in a batting slump) and take batting practice EVERY.DAY.  With a batting coach.  One who understands how to help aging players keep their timing.
Still can't bring myself to talk about Jeter's broken leg.  My heart hurts in 10 different ways about it.

And that's all I have to say about that.

An extra dog 24/7 has surprisingly made my house a little calmer.  
I know right?!?
Jack couldn't be any happier.  His best friend here all.the.time!!
In fact, turd has been sleeping with Jace and the kids downstairs some nights. 


On the other hand, Jordan couldn't be more pleased.  She's more than happy to share me, but now finds herself getting more and more alone time since Jack and Jace are always off chasing themselves.  Happy lil furry camper!

Splenda Daddy has been putting in a lot of hours on the upstairs bathroom.  I want to take pictures when  he's got his respirator on, goggles and tool belt, but he threatened my well being if I did.   Trust me, it's hot.
And it will be SO nice to finally have a second bathroom.  Especially, one right off my bedroom.  Yeah, I know - we've lived here 24 years and still only have one bathroom.  Amazing we survived raising the kids.

Do you watch Duck Dynasty?  Oh my funny!  A&E Wednesday nights.  Funniest rednecks ever.  Check it out!

In fact - it's on right now.........

Peace out 



Garden of Egan said...

I for one am thrilled that you will have a second bathroom to call your own. We had a bathroom torn apart for 18 months. Thought I might die.
Howie was the do-it-yourselfer. Traveling, bishoping and stuff kept it from being done.

Ya, October. Not possible.

Didn't know you had adults living with you. It's sorta fun. Everyone of my kids have come home at one time or another.

Pedaling said...

you and your dogs. hehe

time is a flyin' by, isn't it?

i like you.

i'd like to see splenda's working on the bathroom picture, please.

namaste said...

yes, come on november 6. i'm completely over these debates :(

i imagine it must be a bit strange to have the adult kids move back in. i expect that to happen with my youngest when she's graduates college in 1 1/2 years. in the long run, it'll be good for everyone.

my dogs would LOVE to have another dog live with them. but it would NOT make my home calmer. lol! better you than me, girlie! :)

karen said...

Wow, I think you covered everything! New bathrooms are the best. My husband redid one that was disgustingly unusable (it had been the kids'...'nuff said...) and now it's a show piece. I don't even use it because I don't want to mess it up. But now he's not messing mine up and using my shampoo.
I remember one road trip my daughter and I had. It was soooo much fun. Yours sounds like it will be fun.
The recent debate was boring, but I'm kind of enjoying all of the political brouhaha - I know... I'm like the only one who is. But baseball for me is meh. For me to watch a game you have to feed me lots of junk. It just moves too SLOW.
Good luck with the fundraising. I have not forgotten that I owe you a check. Had some things I had to do first. Like buy me some clothes. This week, ok?

tammy said...

Don't you wish you could video tape in church sometimes? I wish you could be there too.

Harley went to sleep with the boys the other night and I was a little offended.

The bathroom is exciting! I want ours redone. Can you lend Splenda out? You can come with him.

DesertHen said...

Love Duck Dynasty! Have fun on your road trip! =)

Mrs. Organic said...

Sweet on the extra bathroom. Sneak a pic from behind, just blame it on the kids.