Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another exciting adventure of flat mCat - courtesy of LG!

Oh, that mischievous flat mCat!   

Notice that she has been folded and prolly stuffed in someone's back pocket!  On the other hand, the last picture, I am told, is straight up LEGIT!  No photo altering.  I know right?  She's always wanted to go to the horse races!

Thanks for the fun LG!


wendy said...

I love how you accessorize....see I can't even spell it let alone do it well.'
The earrings are great.

Lazarus said...

Thanks for the link mCat (the 3-D version I'm referring too, not Flat mCat...), much appreciated. Always a great time to hang out with Flat mCat, I can only imagine that the fun is multiplied by 10x with the real thing! :) Laz

Valerie said...

That's some alter-ego! ;) That girl knows how to have a great time!!!

karen said...

Oh, you and LG - always up to some kind of fun!

DesertHen said...

Uh oh, what are we going to do with you!? You are out there having way too much fun these days! Stay out of trouble and back off the beer...lol!