Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well lookie what the Swede's dragged in!

A lot packed in a few short days.

Mom and John made a quick jaunt from their mission in Sweden to hit up the youngest sisters wedding.  That means a lot of family, in a short period of time.

We all survived.

First, my brother, his wife (my BFSIL), me and Splenda Daddy took them out for dinner to celebrate a late Mother's day.

Let's get a picture of me with my Mom
ummm..that's too dark - try again

a little better, but still too dark - try again

MY EYES!!  MY EYES!!!  (said in my best Phoebe from Friends voice)

I could tell you a lot of funny things about dinner at the Roadhouse.  Because seriously, if you put me and BFSIL in the same room it gets dicey.    Add in the fact that my mom giggles alot, and well.....that doesn't help.  It encourages us.

I don't think Thomas our server will ever be the same.
I may have accidentally said "Cherry me" when asking for a diet cherry coke.
I may have been obnoxious when fishing out THREE different maraschino cherries from said diet coke.
I may have been my usual difficult order.  (I have to add and subtract a lot of things from my special menu thus inducing a lot of eye rolls)
The following conversation may or may not have happened:
Mom: "I remember when a was younger a friend told me that she wasn't allowed to play with me any more because I swore too much"
Me: "How old were you Mom, like 6?"
Mom: "NO!  I was older.  I think I was 9 or 10"

Yessssssss.......I knew I came by it rightly!  Made my entire night.

Saturday, we all jaunted up to Logan for the wedding festivities.
Warning - Picture overload.  Ignore if you want, just there for my fam.....
(for the record, my camera got dropped and it no longer provides spectacular pictures.  Some of these are a tich blurry)
Simple quick ceremony with a cool candle lighting thingie at the end

Johnny (Michelle's son) as the ring bearer.  So damn cute!

Trying to light the candles.  Note:  don't let the Mormon missionary couple who have probably never used lighters before in their entire lives, be in charge of lighting a candle.

Michelle was a beautiful bride

Me and BFSIL

Sister Mindi and hubby Charles, Chet,........

The wedding party.  Richard's friend, Richard, Michelle and Michelle's friend (I don't really know them obviously)

Me and Michelle.  Of all the siblings, she and I look the most alike.  The other two might have been adopted.  Or me and Michelle were.

Brother and BFSIL's family minus a couple of sons

Savannah, me and Chantelle

Great niece. In both ways of great.  I let her have my camera for a little bit.  I think she has a future in photography

Michelle and my new BIL Richard

More of great-niece's amazing skills

A few of my Logan family

Some more of them

Might have gotten a little goofy with the flower petals

 Lessons learned from the ceremony, brunch and ensuing reception.
1.  Multiple members of my family together in one room can lead to a lot of laughing, some mild inappropriateness, and a lot of diet brown bubbles.
2.  When I tell mi Sobrina not to actually pull the lever and pour the water in my mouth while we take silly pictures, I mean it.
3.  Mi Sobrina is an extreme germ-a-phobe and may have had a slight melt down when I spit the water that I asked her not to pour in my mouth, back at her.
4.  Mi Sobrina and I still love each other.  From a distance.
5.   Cameras left on the tables for guests to take pictures are a bad idea with my family.  I hope they get developed and actually turn out.  I would love to post them.  Gang signs, nostrils, hairy ears, warped faces in water jugs........*shakes head*

After leaving a wake of destruction we headed over to my OTHER sister's house in Smithfield for a little chillin and relaxing since some of the cranky babies needed naps.

And so did the little kids.

Since none of us had eaten all day and were STARVING (sarcasm), we felt it necessary to hit our favorite spot in all of Cache Valley......

The Firehouse!!
John, Mom, Bro and BFSIL (who looks like she has flames coming from her head - awesome)

Great niece and Logan fam

Me and Sis

More family and yet another scarred-for-life restaurant server there in the background.  I should come with a warning sign is all I'm saying.

The Newlyweds, who are now as we speak, in the Bahamas.

I'm not jealous at all.

Thanks for the fun week fam!  The laughs, the pictures, the food and the love!

We need another wedding soon since we have proven yet again, we can survive all in the same room at the same time, for more than a few hours and leave the place still standing and intact.

June 25th anyone??


Garden of Egan said...

I love that you are so sedate and refined and quiet.

Such great pictures. You are all gorgeous and she is a beautiful bride.

Pedaling said...

she looks beautiful!

I love seeing the rest of the M-Cat clan!

Looks like a lot of fun and never boring!

Sue said...

Loved seeing pictures of your mom and John,

You crack me up. Can I just invite you to come to one of our family events just to be the entertainment? You could keep things going, if we start to get boring!!

Congrats to your sis!

" Hit It......." said...

I love that your family is like you; fun and out there! I bet life is never dull.

Looks like a ton of fun. Where were your kids?

karen said...

Nothing better than getting everyone together for a sacred occasion. Especially when everyone is so freaking inappropriate! Sounds like my kind of gathering.

tammy said...

I love weddings and family get-togethers especially when there's lots of laughing. Even after my Grandpa's funeral my family was laughing and telling stores. I liked that. Congratulations to your sister!

Amy said...

Sounds like a funt time. Your sister looked gorgeous and I love her dress.

Love all the fun pictures.

namaste said...

first, i LOVE the title of this post.

mom's story was a hoot! the apple doesn't fall fall from the tree! you two are so cute!

don't let the mormon missionary be in charge of candles with a lighter. haha!!

great pics! :)

wendy said...

I need me some Texas Roadhouse.
Yes, I can imagine it would be traumatizing for the poor waiter/waitress who has to attend your table. (tee,hee)
How cool that your parents got to be there for the wedding.
How many sibling do you have anyway??
I laughed at your parents not being able to use the "lighter" to light the candles.
I can never get those suckers to work either.
Give me a good ol' match anyday.
Family get togethers can be such fun times I think.!!!

Jamie said...

Congrats to your sister. I liked her dress too. I am also jelous of her Bhahma's honeymoon. I need a vacay. Your family sounds soo fun.

Kristin said...

So many adventures in sooooo little time! Love all the pix! Lots of fun :D


Connie said...

Maybe if you give your servers a super big tip, they could pay for therapy!

Looks like so much fun! How nice that the missionaries could make it for the wedding!

Love all the pictures!

AnnMarie said...

I love to see you with your family and your smiling face. It looks like a great time was had by all. Congrats to your sister!

kudos said...

thanks for documenting virtual wedding and fun! Next best thing to being there -- but I know it does NOT hold a candle (lit or not!) to the real thing!!! :D love ya BFC!!!