Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yes.  It's me.  I AM the alpha female.

In addition to Jordan and Jake, we also have Jace for the rest of the week while Tuff and Tana get to play in Chloeefornia.

As we bedded down for the night, this ^^ is how it ended up.

At some point in the middle of the night, a thunderstorm rolled through with some loud booms.  Jordan came between Splenda and me (on my left) pawing at me to comfort her.  She normally crawls under the covers but instead, she just wanted to lay between us so I put an arm around her and pulled her in tight.  With her spot now vacated by my head on my right, Jace crawled over, and lay his muzzle on my neck and pushed up against me as close as he could get.  I felt Jack lift his head, presumably to look around at the shuffling of bodies and then back to sleep he went.

A little before 4:00am, I woke up stiff and hardly able to move.  I was curled on my right side with Jordan on that side right next to my face.  Jack was in the small curve made in the upper S (my belly) of my body's turn on my right side and Jace was laid alongside my back.  All three of them as tight to me as they could possibly be.

I wiggled a little to see if I could get any of them to stir.


More wiggling.


I laid there for a little trying to get feeling back into my limbs and telling myself that the situation was ridiculous.  HELLOOOOO!  I'm the human remember?  The one with the bigger brain.  The one with the ability to reason.  The one with the OPPOSABLE THUMBS!

Soooooooo........... after another half hour or so and my alarm started going off, I made my movements bigger and succeeded in getting the dogs to adjust their positions so I could wiggle and adjust mine.  Jordan jumped down rather quickly which then signified to the rest of the pack that it was time to go outside. (she pretends to be alpha - but we know better).

After they saw to their quick needs, I had a few more minutes before I really had to get up so I crawled back in bed.  Jack and Jace were right behind me while Jordan stopped at the trough bowl to work on getting fatter.  Now that Jordan was out of the way, Jace saw his opportunity.

He crawled up on my chest, snuggled his neck right next to mine and then put a paw on either shoulder. Like a pin in wrestling.  He just nuzzled and rubbed his neck against mine affectionately.  Each time I tried to get up, he would push his weight down even harder to hold me down.

I tried a couple of times, giggling that this tiny puppy who can't weigh more than 10 pounds had me pinned and was having his way with me.

When my alarm buzzed again, I realized it was time to stop playing around and get ready for the gym.  As I left, they were all three back on the bed turning circles, fluffing blankets, and deciding which spot was most comfortable to wait in for me to come back.


Apparently he's just not that fun to snuggle with.


Suz said...

Nah, they just know a soft touch when they see one!

karen said...

It's been a while since I've had a doggie cuddle. My husband is allergic to them. But I threaten that when he croaks off I'm going to get me a little dog and let it lay on his pillow. Yes, we have a sick sense of humor...

Teachinfourth said...

Just one of the many reasons I don't have dogs.

Jamie said...

That is hilarrious.They love you. I would not be as nice as you, heck my kids are not allowed to sleep with us, let alone our K-9 friends.

Amy said...

My dog would love all that cuddling. Too bad he has to stay outside.

tammy said...

They really are so funny. My dogs love to sleep with me too. Harley likes to lay so close to me that he's practically underneath me. And when I get up, so do they. No cuddling with the LP either. They will go cuddle up to the boys if they're still in bed, after they get their morning treat.