Monday, May 14, 2012

Me, My Moms, and I

(I hope I can do this when I'm that wicked old)

Actually, I tried hard to get a pic of Splenda's mom while she was holding Ella, but my stupid camera wouldn't cooperate.

I can't get a picture of my Mom what with her being in Sweden and all.

BUT - since we will take both of them to dinner at a later date this month, pictures of them will be forthcoming.  For now, it's all about ME!

Okay, not really.  It's more about my kids and Splenda who did a fantastic job of making me feel special on Momma's day.

Mother's day is usually a hard one for me.  I hate going to church and hearing all the talks about how wonderful mothers are.  All butterflies, kittens and unicorns pooping rainbows.  I would sit there feeling like crap since I was none of those things and likely had yelled at the boys while getting ready for church and may or may not have threatened bodily harm in the process.  So sitting and listening to how wonderful all the other Mom's were was just one big fat guilt trip.  There have been Sunday's where I totally ditched church altogether.  It was that bad.  Besides, ya'll know how I feel about cheesey, lovey dovey crap.  Ick.

I think this might have been the first year that I didn't feel any of that!  Last year I was concerning myself with Chloee and her feelings, and all the years before that I allowed myself to feel responsible for my children's trials, challenges or unhappiness.  Oh how I don't miss that load of BS.

It was a beautiful, low-key kind of day.  Woke up early.  Totally broke the Sabbath and went to the Sev for a low-carb Monster.  Went to church and actually enjoyed and laughed at the talks.  Ate my huge pink frosted sugar cookie they gave to each of the moms, while we sluffed Sunday School and chatted with friends in the primary room.  Hung out with my YW for an hour and then back home to change into comfy clothes and chill for a bit.

Talked to Corb and Kar on the phone and Kar sent me a picture of their gift to me.  They hadn't gotten it sent yet, but I got to see what it is!  eeep!  I love how they know me so well!  It goes right along with the Marine Mom shirt that Tuffy and Montana brought me back from Chloeefornia on their visit.
(yay!   And a great pic of one of my favorite Moms!!)

Luke came home (I dig the fact that he has early church now - just means he gets to our house sooner and can spend more time on the weekends that he comes home), we gathered some things for Splenda's mom and headed to his sister's house where she lives for now.  Other fam was there so it was a great chance to catch up and visit.

After we left, we talked to  Tuffy and 'Tana and met at Jill's grave.  Since Chloee isn't here to place flowers like she did last year, we did it for her.

The video doesn't catch my voice very well (thankfully, since it makes me sound like I have a lisp), but in essence I am telling Chloee that since she couldn't be here, Mimi and Poppa were putting flowers on Mommy Jill's grave for her.  I explained that we picked the colors and the one with the flag because it reminded us of Jill and how proud she was of Corbin after he joined the Marine's.  And that it reminded of of Chloee and her military life right now.  I think Jill would have liked them.  I remember after Corbin graduated from boot camp, she came over to see him and talked with me awhile and told me how she was so proud of him and impressed with him and that she was so happy that he had found something so meaningful to him.  Yeah, I think she would have liked the flower choice.  In a couple of years, when the kids move home, Chloee will be able to pick them herself.

Got a pic of all of us together and then headed back to the comfort of our own home.
Montana, Tuffy, Luke and me- missing our Jillie

While Splenda fixed dinner, the boys, 'Tana, the dogs and I all kicked it in the back yard.  Nothing like soaking up the warm, late afternoon sun.  Love, love, love it!

Dinner was perfection!  All I wanted was 7 layer dip (which is really 6 layers for me).  Nothing else.  Just the dip.  I figure it's a fairly well rounded meal.  Protein, dairy and veggies all in one!  For everyone else, Splenda grilled some chicken and steaks and everything was fanTABulous!

After dinner, we walked to the neighborhood park.  The boys tossed a frisbee around while 'Tana and I wrangled the dogs and made sure they didn't run off.

The icing on the cake was our family night movie.  Yes,  I chose Warrior again.

(image via google)

Yes,  it's now been three times in as many months that I have watched it.
Yes, I love it.
Yes, I will watch it over and over and over.
and Again.

As always, I was spoiled rotten with prizey's.  Funny how each kid knows me so well and gifts me with just the perfect thing!
Angry birds jammie pants, the book Killing Lincoln, diet coke, ding dong, skittles, Crystal light, nail polish and funny cards.

I really do have the best family ever!  The only thing missing was my kids from SoCal.  Sunday Family days just aren't the same without them and especially the holidays.  Two more years canNOT go fast enough for me!

And to my Mom, Splenda's Mom .....your special day's are coming!

Happy Mamma's day ya'll


Jamie said...

Look at that loot. You are spoiled, and you deserve to be.

Just SO said...

That looks (and sounds) like a pretty great Mother's Day.

karen said...

I think it's pretty universal, this hating the Mother's Day program baloney. Amazing they still insist on doing it still, even though most of us just hate it. But you had a great day after all, and I love your prezzies - the "Killing Lincoln" book is really good - enjoyed it a lot. Glad your day was so kick back - that's the way they should be!

" Hit It......." said...

You are one of the best mom's I know. You are real..(none of the fluffy stuff that we all know isn't true). None of us are perfect; we learn as we go.

I am so glad you went and visited Jill. However, I am more impressed with Karalee. This gal has stepped up to the challenge of being a mom. Because of this, Chloe' will grow up feeling loved and secure. I couldn't wish anything more for your cute granddaughter. Hugs!

Pedaling said...

It's been years since I've been to a ward service full of Mothers mushiness...I thought we all just did a regular service now, with a little handout of chocolate or something to all the women...If any mention is made, it's normally directed toward women...not children or that not how it is in your ward?

Well, anyway- your day sound wonderful and it was nice to even get a little personal text from you.

Happy Mother's Day!

namaste said...

that's a nice pic of you guys visiting jill's grave. love the flowers!

you sure got some GREAT gifts! btw, "Warrior" is one of my all time FAVORITE movies. such a great family movie!

i'm glad your Mother's Day was so good!

Connie said...

I ALWAYS laugh at the talks given on Mother's day. I LOVE cheese! (I know you don't)

Your kids DO love you! How wonderful that you were able to relax while the 6 layer dip was being prepared!

We also went to the cemetery before dinner. It's a bitter/sweet experience right now.

Glad you had a good day!

tammy said...

I'm always glad when there isn't any mushy Mom's Day stuff in Sacrament Mtg. What mom really feels like they measure up to perfection? None that I know of.

The highlight of my day was getting to go to RS for a change. That was our ward's gift for all the women, for all the men and YW/YM to take over our callings for us for an hour. We heard an awesome speaker who raised 10 kids after she was divorced all on her own. She talked about trials and triumphs and had us laughing one minute and crying the next. It was so good.

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!

Missy said...

I skip church on mother's and father's day. I cannot control the weeping so I basically out of consideration of others. I am a loud, shaky weeper!!!
Love all the treats!!!

Missy | Literal Mom said...

I think 7 (6) layer dip totally covers all the bases!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the Mother's Day celebration.
Looks like you totally rocked it.
Sugar cookies YUM.

I spent the day in the ER. (sorta glad that I wasn't in church....I have the guilt thing perfected)

Teachinfourth said...

All butterflies, kittens and unicorns pooping rainbows.

Oh, yet another reminder why we are friends...

Sue said...

Glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day. You certainly deserve it.