Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

So much rambling, so little time.

Summer is almost here.  I can feel it.  I love when I can walk out to my car, and it be an OVEN inside.  I can feel the heat soak right into my bones.  Ahhhh.....happiness

My mom is here from Sweden.  They have a small mini break to be able to come to my sisters wedding.  Splenda Daddy, me and TNT will be taking her to dinner for a late Mother's Day.  Kinda fun when you haven't actually seen your mom in like a whole year.

Yeah, so my youngest sister is getting married.  I'm so happy for her!  Dude is a great guy.
Funny thing....she is a practicing Wiccan, so I like to say that the witch is getting married.
She's a team player for having a great sense of humor.
I won't lie, I have called upon her help in the past.  
Once the Thanksgiving Turkey wasn't cooking fast enough.  We asked if she could cast a spell.
Another time, my son was dating a girl that I detested.  I asked for a charm or something.
I've learned a lot about that religion.  I need to learn more.  I like that she allows us to respectfully tease her.  Just as I can take some respectful mormon hassling.  It's all good.

I love diversity.
Especially in families.
Cookie-cutter is boring.

In less than a month, the SoCal kids will be here!   EEEPP!!!  I canNOT wait.  The thought of getting each one of them in my arms and squishin 'em makes me smile.  So many fun things planned.  So many celebrations.

You know you're an empty nester when you have to toss expired milk. Among other expired food items.  And when you look in the fridge and there really isn't anything to eat because no one is begging you to go shopping for food or pestering you for daily sustenance.  Or when you can go an entire week and never walk downstairs.  And rarely using the dishwasher.

So strange.  You'd think after 8 months or so, we'd be use to it.  
Not so much.

It's been two months since we lost Tracy.  I still have her phone number in my phone and oftentimes, see it as I scroll through looking for someone else.  It causes a pang in my heart.  Facebook keeps suggesting I "poke" her.  That hurts.  I finally took down my little slip of paper with my visiting teaching assignments that had her name and phone number to replace it with a new one and new assignments.  My heart ached.

Life is a wonder isn't it?  Full of up's and down's.  Good and bad.
I thank God every single day that I am surrounded by friends and family to celebrate and/or to trudge alongside with.

Especially grateful that summer mostly here!


AnnMarie said...

That picture cracks me up! I love that your kids are almost home to surround you with love (and ask for food...I can't even imagine an empty fridge right now). I can't imagine the pain of the reminders of Tracy. Truly sorry for your pain. Congrats on your sister's wedding!

Sue said...

Love random posts cause that is how life is isn't it?
Nice...that your sis is getting married.
I know the feeling too well of having food to throw away. Not sure how to avoid it. Mark and I go out to eat way too much, that's one of the problems.
Sorry about your friend Tracy.I know you miss her.
One of our dear friends just found out he has little time left. Hate that part of life.
Glad that summer is finally here with warm weather!! Bring on the heat.

" Hit It......." said...

Your sister sounds like a hoot! I like that you like diversity and can think outside the box. You are one of the least judgemental people I know.

I have thought a lot about your friend Tracy. How is her family doing. I have also been thinking about what you said about bad things happening in 3's. I agree...I have one for you.

karen said...

I can so relate to the empty nester food dilemma. Sometimes we literally have no food - mostly because I hate to go to the store - but then it feels so good when we have a fully stocked fridge and pantry. It makes me feel rich.
Where in SoCal are the kids coming from? Have a wonderful time. I'll have my Massachusetts ones here in a couple of weeks, then at the end of June we're off to Denver for the other ones. Why can't anyone live close to me?
I hear ya on the summer thing. I do love my summertime.

Garden of Egan said...

That is so exciting that you get to hang with your mom!
I look forward to wedding photos.

So excited that you'll get your Californians to squish.

Your throwing expired food away......totally weird .

wendy said...

how interesting.. Your sister is a Wiccan. Is it like the movie Practical Magic (tee,hee) Can't wait to see photos of the wedding.

Wonderful that you get to see your mom.
Your arms will be very tired from all the hugging you will be doing ..with your mom...and your Cali' kids.
Ya know, I still have my son Matthews phone number in my phone too. I just can't bear to remove it. Weird.
Our milk always goes sour.

Pedaling said...

yes, post pics of your sister's wedding.

family love is good, all the way around.

Summer is the best!

I still have my dad's cell number in my phone and I haven't deleted his facebook friend from my account...just can't do it-even after 3 years.

tammy said...

I have a few people I'd like your sister to cast a spell on.

So excited for your family! And thanks for the invite. If we weren't going to be at Lake Powell, I'd fly my butt up there.

I lost a cousin and best friend when we were both 25. It took me a long time to stop missing her. I would have dreams about her all the time, and felt like she was trying to tell me something in them.

You should try getting in a car down here in the summer when they're 120 degrees inside. Warm ya right up.

DesertHen said...

I love getting in my hot car and soaking up the heat this time of year! Especially since our office is like an ice box with the new A/C unit installed....~~~~SHIVER~~~

How fun that you get to spend some time with your mom, sister and kids! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Plain and simple, I love diversity! I do my level best to never judge people....just love people! My hubby says its my downfall at times! I would be totally stoked to have a Wican in my family...might come in handy at!

I don't know what to say about Tracy, so I'm just gonna ((((((HUG)))) ya!!!!

namaste said...

yup, we've thrown out bad milk at least once in recent months. congratulations on your little sister's pending nuptials. that must be exciting! and the SoCal kids coming! Woot! so happy for you :)

Jamie said...

Expired millk? We go through 8 gallons a week.
How exciting to have the so cal gang coming home.
You should have been an AZ gal. I am so happy when there is shade and I can avoid the oven I have to drive in this blasted heat.